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Stocking filler books for Christmas 2014

It’s so close to Christmas now that we can almost taste the turkey and all its delightful trimmings. But, we’re guessing, some people may not have had the opportunity to finish their Christmas shopping yet and are on the hunt for some fabulous stocking filler ideas to get it all ‘wrapped up’. Books make ideal stocking fillers and at the Book People we have some brilliant stocking filler books for this Christmas – whether you’re looking for something special, sentimental, awe-inspiring, hilarious or just plain ridiculous. Here are our top 10 stocking filler books for Christmas 2014…

Pocket Dolly Wisdom
Share in the wisdom of the world’s best-loved country queen! Dolly Parton has been a hit-churning machine since her first solo single in 1968, but apart from her hits 9-5, I Will Always Love You and Jolene, Dolly is best-known for her hilarious persona and wittily crafted quotes. With Pocket Dolly Wisdom, readers can revel in the best bits of Dolly’s playful and inspiring attitude to life.

Pocket Dolly WisdomThe Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas
The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas is a charming bedtime Christmas story that children aged 3 and over are sure to fall in love with. The best thing about this stocking filler book, however, is the addition of a beautiful plush toy – so the little ones can enjoy two presents and you’ll only pay for one. Affordable stocking fillers are seldom this cute!

The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas | The Book PeopleMrs. Brown’s A-Y of Everything
Everyone is in love with Mrs. Brown’s Boys, and probably had a viewing or two of D’Movie. For all fans of Agnes and her witty mammy-knows-best knowledge, Mrs. Brown’s A-Y of Everything is the perfect stocking filler. Whether it’s biscuits, The Big Bang, happiness, hairdryers, pandas or piles, you can be sure that Agnes Brown has something hilarious to say on the subject!

Mrs. brown's A-Y of Everything | The Book PeopleChristmas Cracker Jokes
Love them or loathe them, there is nothing more ‘Christmas’ than adorning your paper crown and reading the cheesy Christmas joke that comes out of your cracker. So what better stocking filler than a side-splitting book that is packed full of them? Perfect for the kids to share at the table while you tuck in to Christmas dinner, Christmas Cracker Jokes will make this Christmas all the more hilarious!

Christmas Cracker Jokes | The Book PeopleI Told You I Was Ill
Okay, we admit that this doesn’t sound like the most festive treat to receive in your stocking come Christmas morning, but I Told You I Was Ill is both poignant and funny in equal measure. Providing poetic (yet side-splitting) examples of how we as people can retain their sense of humour and personality until our last breath, the book is a collection of the most fitting famous last words of all time…

I Told You I Was Ill | The Book PeopleOola, the Owl Who Lost Her Hoot!
If a polar bear isn’t the animal your little ones are yearning for this Christmas, all likelihood is that Oola the Owl Who Lost Her Hoot will prove a hit – after all, this Christmas seem to be all about our winged friends after the success of the lovely John Lewis advert starring the ever-so cute Monty the penguin. A charming story with a very distinctive style, the story is perfect bedtime reading for those aged 3+.

Oola, the Owl Who Lost Her Hoot! | The Book PeopleBurgers
Again, this may not sound like the most Christmassy book, but stay with us – Burgers is a doozy! Filled with some jaw-droppingly scrumdidiliumptious recipes for home-made burgers, the book is shaped like a burger too! Guaranteed to get some laughs from the meat-loving relatives this Christmas, Burgers is a hilarious stocking filler book that has a burger for every occasion: from a low-key barbecue to a posh dinner party.

Burgers | The Book PeopleOff the Leash: A Dog’s Best Friend
Entertaining dog lovers of all ages and inspired by his daily Facebook cartoons, Off the Leash: The Secret Life of Dogs was a bestseller for the Book People last year – and we think Off the Leash: A Dog’s Best Friend is even funnier! One of our favourite stocking filler books of this year, the book features some delightful pencil drawings inspired by the relationship between dogs and their owners… aww!

Off the Leash: A Dog's Best Friend | The Book People

Peanuts Guide to Life Collection
Snoopy shares his philosophy; Charlie Brown gives his outlook on life; Woodstock shows his wisdom; and Lucy offers up her cynical life lessons in the four-book Peanuts: Guide to Life Collection. Sharing sentiments on everything from food to friendship, this is a wonderful gift collection for all ages. And with the Peanuts film due in 2015, it makes for the perfect stocking filler book for Christmas 2014.

Peanuts Guide to Life Collection | The Book PeopleBabybel Cookbook
Everyone loves cheese, and everyone knows that adding cheese to a meal instantly makes said meal 400% better – that’s where this book comes in! Babybel Cookbook is packed with full-flavour recipes that are not only inventive, but very tempting indeed! And it is shaped like the world’s favourite round cheese, too, so it will receive a chuckle or two when it’s unwrapped on Christmas morning! Ba, ba, ba – ba, ba, ba-rilliant!

Babybel Cookbook | The Book PeopleSo, that rounds up our pick of the best stocking filler books for Christmas 2014. We hope you find something your friends, family and loved ones enjoy. If you need any more inspiration for gifts to buy boys, gifts to buy girls, secret Santa gift ideas or anything else book related this Christmas, visit the Book People’s Christmas Shop!

Happy reading, and merry Christmas!

The Great British Bake Off grand finale

Series five of the Great British Bake Off ends tonight (Wednesday 8 October 2014) with the BBC One show’s grand finale, but if any would-be bakers would like to see themselves in the famous tent next year, at the Book People we have all of the Great British Bake Off books you will need to build on your baking knowledge to create sensational, show-stopping bakes – whether you’re a cooking connoisseur or beginner baker.

Great British Bake Off: Big Book of Baking

Whether you’re a ‘savoury person’ or have an unsatisfiable sweet tooth, the step-by-step recipes – complete with mouth-watering photographs – in this Great British Bake Off cookbook (that ties in with the latest series) will help you to make sure every single one of your future bakes is a success. With 120 original recipes to choose from, from Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry as well as the bakers, this book is the must-have recipe book for all GBBO fans!

Great British Bake Off: Big Book of Baking | The Book People

Paul Hollywood’s British Baking

Paul Hollywood cookbooks are always Book People bestsellers and we expect Paul Hollywood’s British Baking recipe book to be no different. With easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions guiding bakers every step of the way, the much-loved artisan baker shows readers the secrets behind each of his trademark Paul Hollywood recipes – including Bakewells, Bannocks, Welsh Pies and much more! – so that you can try them for yourself and treat friends and family.

Paul Hollywood's British Baking | The Book People

Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect

The nation’s best-loved baker, Mary Berry has adorned the screens (and kitchens) of the British public since the 1970s. With Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect, classic Mary Berry recipes of the past are in no short supply – but here, readers can enjoy 100 brand-new step-by-step recipes from the Great British Bake Off judge. And by following Mary Berry’s Keys to Perfection and Top Tips for each dish, you’re as good as guaranteed perfect results (and no soggy bottoms!).

Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect | The Book People

Paul Hollywood’s Bread

One Paul Hollywood book isn’t enough for you, eh? OK, here’s one more…  Paul Hollywood’s bread recipes are second to none and with Paul Hollywood’s Bread, readers are treated to recipes that transform the basics – for example, a basic white bloomer – into picnic delights using unlikely ingredients such as white chocolate and raspberry. Or if you’re looking for something a little more savoury, how about creating stilton and bacon rolls with a delicious celery soup or baking fluffy crumpets?

Paul Hollywood's Bread | The Book People


So, regardless of whoever the winners or losers may be tonight on the Great British Bake Off final, you can create your own winning bakes at home with the help of these brilliant Great British Bake Off books. Or if your baking needs stretch further than the expertise of master bakers Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, visit our Great British Baking category to find more tasty baking books.

On your marks, set, BAKE!

The Book People Week of Wonder: Our favourite fictional fairies

N.B. We thought it important to title this blog “Our favourite fictional faries”. Fairies ARE real, at least in the magical world of a child’s imagination. So no, we haven’t lost our minds… not just yet anyway!

The Book People’s Week of Wonder is now well underway – a week of amazing deals, book offers and competitions sprinkled with a little bit of fairy dust. To celebrate, we would like to do a countdown of our favourite fairies from literature: the nice ones, the silly ones and the downright nasty ones!

Peter Pan | The Book People

Tinker Bell – Peter Pan (Peter and Wendy)

First introduced in J. M. Barrie’s Peter and Wendy (later renamed Peter Pan), Tinker Bell is a fairy who mends pots and kettles and, though sometimes ill-behaved and vindictive, at times she is helpful and kind to Peter Pan – for whom she holds romantic feelings for. Due to her size, Tinker Bell is unable of holding more than one feeling at a time, which can make her quite a difficult personality to associate with. But in our experience, the difficult characters are the most fun to read about – way to go Tinker Bell!

Pinocchio | The Book People

The Fairy with Turquoise Hair – The Adventures of Pinocchio 

It isn’t only Jiminy Cricket (in the Disney film at least) who is on hand to guide Pinocchio on his misadventures; the Fairy with Turquoise Hair (also called the Blue Fairy) from Italian author Carlo Collodi‘s The Adventures of Pinocchio is just as helpful in pointing the puppet in the right direction to help him avoid inevitable peril. She’s also kind enough to turn Pinocchio into a real boy at the end of the book – what a lovely thing to do!

Sleeping Beauty | The Book People

The Wicked Fairy Godmother (Maleficent) – Sleeping Beauty

A best-loved folk tale and favourite story (retold not once, but twice by Walt Disney), Sleeping Beauty is a classic! The Wicked Fairy Godmother – or Carabosse, or perhaps Maleficent – is a very nasty piece of work. Not best-pleased about being left off the guest list for the young princess’s christening, the Wicked Fairy Godmother decides that eternal sleep for the princess is a fair retaliation – a bit over the top if you ask me! But now Disney have given her a backstory in the live-action movie starring Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, she does seem to have been given a bit of a bad rep - poor thing!

Cinderella | The Book People

The Fairy Godmother – Cinderella

Hands up those who wants a fairy godmother! Wouldn’t it be amazing! Cinderella seems to do alright when her fairy godmother arrives: she gets a night out on the town, a lovely dress, glass slippers (GLASS SLIPPERS!), a pumpkin carriage and gets to dance with a handsome prince. Sure, everything doesn’t go according to plan in the beginning, but the story would be a bit boring if Cinderella got her ‘happily ever after’ a few pages in.

Five Children and It | The Book People

Sand Fairy – Five Children and It

Alright, alright! Not a fairy per se, but you’d be surprised how few fairies of note there are in popular literature – this list was proving quite difficult to fill. When Robert, Anthea, Cyril, Jane and baby (poor little tyke isn’t even given a name – sad face!) find the Sand Fairy, they are granted three wishes of their choosing. But, as you can imagine, the wishes do not quite go according to plan… Certainly the ugliest of our top fairies but most definitely the most entertaining of the bunch, Five Children and It by E. Nesbit is one of our favourite books at the Book People.

A Midsummer Night's Dream | The Book People

Oberon - A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Now, if anyone can expertly combine aristocrats, workers and fairies in Athens it’s William Shakespeare – how that premise came to mind we’ll never quite grasp, but A Midsummer Night’s Dream is certainly Shakespeare’s best-loved classic. Oberon is the most nobel fairy we have on our list, he’s King of the Fairies – quite the accolade! Oberon and his wife Titania have a few arguments which affect the weather – due to them being so powerful – which is quite cool. He’s also a bit of a trickster: he makes his wife fall in love with a weaver with the unfortunate name of Bottom – this guy’s outrageous!

True Blood | The Book People

Claudine Crane – Sookie Stackhouse Series (True Blood)

Sookie’s fairy godmother from the popular book series that was later turned into TV’s True Blood, Claudine Crane is a little bit special, and we’ll tell you why: not content with being a mere fairy, she’s working her way up to becoming an angel – now that’s one driven individual! Helping Sookie out through some of her scrapes, Claudine is a kind and caring – and very, very attractive – character: a classic fairy, but with a bite more ‘bite’!

Do you agree with our favourite fairy choices; or have we missed out a very important literary fairy? Join the conversation on Twitter, like us on Facebook or tag us in your fairy-mad capers on Instagram and let us know who your favourite fairies are.

Mr. Men books are back! And Little Miss books are too…

Roger Hargreaves’ best-loved, tickly, clumsy, happy favourites, the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters, are back with a bang this Christmas at the Book People.


Mr. Men & Little Miss | The Book People


First published in 1974, Mr. Tickle was the first (and, in our opinion, the best!) Mr. Men character to make his way to the page, transporting young readers to the wonderful world of Misterland – and now the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters are here to entertain a whole new generation of little ones, and they’re going to love them!


Whether you’re looking for stocking filler ideas for children, or even if you are looking to buy a Christmas present that is a little grander, our Mr. Men and Little Miss book collections will make the ideal Christmas gift for any little boy or girl (and parents will love reading them too).


For just £32.00 (that’s a tickle-tastic 64p per book!) from, the complete collection of Mr. Men books will keep young readers entertained night after night as they share it with Mum or Dad. And with an RRP of £149.50, with the Book People you’ll be saving a whopping £117.50 on this Mr. Men story collection.


But if your children are more fans of the Little Miss characters, have no fear – we also have the complete Little Miss Collection of 37 books for just £25 and a stunning Mr. Men and Little Miss Glitter Box Collection: a Mr. Men box set featuring new and exciting Mr. Men and Little Miss stories for a (Little Miss) splendid £19.99, saving you over £40 on the price of this collection on the high street.

Fun ideas for celebrating Roald Dahl Day

Hoorah! Roald Dahl Day is nearly here!

A fantabulous, splendiferous author of children’s stories, Roald Dahl has captured the imagination of millions of children world wide, spanning multiple generations of readers. On 13 September (Roald Dahl’s birthday), we celebrate his legacy: the works of this world-famous children’s author and the great man himself.

Roald Dahl Day


If you have little ones who are reading Roald Dahl books now (or if you have a soft spot for the world’s greatest storyteller), you may want to find out what things there are to do to celebrate Roald Dahl Day? Well, we have some phizz-whizzing ideas to get you started…

1. Read a book by Roald Dahl… of course!

This suggestion kind of goes without saying. With 15 books to his name that are recognised as children’s classics (he has far more, of course), pick up yourself one of Roald Dahl’s books and read it to yourself or your little ones. With famous tales including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, George’s Marvellous Medicine, Matilda and Fantastic Mr. Fox – along with the more grown-up rhymes for older children, stories and autobiographical writings – there is something in Roald Dahl’s jumpsquiffling gloriumptious collection of books for everyone.

Matilda | Roald Dahl | The Book People

2. Turn yourself (or your kiddle) into an Oompa-Loompa

A little orange face paint; a nice green wig – voila! You could even make some Willy Wonka-inspired chocolate treats for yourselves. Popping candy is a great addition to your simple, homemade rice crispy cakes to give them a great big dose of the Wonka-factor! Also, for making tasty treats it is important to make sure they have tremendous crodscollop - an absolutely great flavour! You can even visit the Puffin Books YouTube channel, where you’ll find a smorgasbord of Wonka-inspired treats from some of the nation’s top chefs.

Oompa-Loompa | Roald Dahl | The Book People

3. Pay a visit to the Roald Dahl Museum

What better way to celebrate the books of Roald Dahl than to visit the award-winning Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire? Create your own Wonka Bar, discover jumpsquiffling facts about your favourite Roald Dahl characters, take a guided tour of the village with your very own Oompa-Loompa or Mr. Willy Wonka himself and learn all about Gobblefunk: Roald Dahl’s own language (which you may have noticed we have tried to embrace within this post). Roald Dahl day is the perfect time to learn all there is to know about Roald Dahl.

Roald Dahl Museum | The Book People

4. Vote for your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Cover on Facebook

Celebrating 50 years since its first publication, Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has seen many different covers in its time, including the best-loved covers of his principal illustrator Sir Quentin Blake. On the Roald Dahl Facebook page this week, you can vote for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory edition that you own for your chance to win a copy of the classic children’s book signed by Quentin Blake and Joseph Schindelman: the first person to illustrate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You can cast your vote here: *Winners will be chosen on Roald Dahl Day and posted by the official Roald Dahl Facebook page.

*The Book People is in no way affiliated with this competition and its associated prizes.

Roald Dahl Facebook | The Book People

5. Catch a West End show

Demand is high for tickets, but if you book in enough time you’ll be able to engross yourself in the theatrical majesty of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Matilda: The Musical in London’s West End. Both absolutely delightful, and the later produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company with music from the wonderful Tim Minchin, either would prove to be a real treat for yourself and the kiddies on Roald Dahl Day.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory | London West End

6. Watch a Roald Dahl-inspired film

There are lots of really good films inspired by Roald Dahl books and if you haven’t seen any of them before we’d certainly recommend it – even if the books are better. Our personal favourite would have to be Matilda, which is directed by and stars Danny DeVito as Matilda’s less-than-lovely father Mr. Wormwood. There are also the two – yes, TWO – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory films that you can enjoy (the second of which is directed by Tim Burton and stars Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka), along with The Witches, an animated version of The BFG, James and the Giant Peach and the Wes Anderson-directed Fantastic Mr. Fox (which stars George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe and Owen Wilson). Hours and hours of Roald Dahl Day entertainment!

Matilda | Mara Wilson, Danny DeVito

Hopefully this will provide you with some ideas for how to celebrate Roald Dahl Day. Remember to tag @thebookpeople with any photos showing you and your children enjoying the day on Twitter or Instagram – or post them along with any questions or ideas for other parents to our Facebook page.

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