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  • SFGU

    Elizabeth Foley

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    If you've always felt a bit embarrassed at your precarious grasp on the plot of Othello, or you haven't a clue what a petard - as in 'hoist with his own petard' - actually is, then fear not, because Shakespeare for Grown-ups is the essential book for anyone keen to deepen their knowledge of the Bard's key plays and sonnets.

    Perfect for parents keen to help with their children's homework and casual theatre-goers and readers who want to enhance their enjoyment and understanding of the Shakespeare's most-performed plays, the book covers everything from the historical context of his writing to the key themes, his less familiar works and much, much more.

    With lively, in-depth chapters on all the key works including Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, Antony and Cleopatra, Richard II, Henry V, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Merchant of Venice and Macbeth, Shakespeare for Grown-ups is the only guide to the Scribe you'll ever need.
  • CRPM

    Jane McMorland-Hunter

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    Classic Readings & Poems for Weddings, Christenings, Funerals and All Occasions will help ensure you have the right words for every important life event.

    Hand-picked by Jane McMorland Hunter, the book features everything from familiar favourites to lesser-known, yet no less stunning, pieces that can mark anything from a birth to a death; an engagement to a retirement and a wedding to a memorial service.

    Among the poems and readings are works from the poets Longfellow, Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson as well as famous writers like William Blake, Wordsworth and William Shakespeare. There are also Apache prayers and Irish blessings, as well as quotes from books and speeches that mark moments of new life, unions, loss and solitude.
  • Vintage Poetry Collection - 3 books - Collection - 9780099595588
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    Featuring 'a visionary genius', 'the greatest poet since Shakespeare' and some of the best poetry from the Bard himself, this three-book collection offers up some of the best poetry from William Blake, W. B. Yeats and William Shakespeare.

    Shakespeare's sonnets were haunting, lyrical and often breathtakingly beautiful, and the anthology featured here showcases everything from his most famed work - 'Shall I compare three to a summer's day' - to his lesser-known poems that deserve more exposure. With an introduction from Germaine Greer, this is a must-have for anyone who appreciates one of the masters of the English language.

    Selected and introduced by Patti Smith, the eccentric William Blake is another genius who specialised in powerful and symbolic poetry, while the extensive W. B. Yeats collection reflects the turmoil, fervour, traditions and revolutions around the turn of the 20th century.

  • ECHB

    Samuel Beckett

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    After a wait of 80 years, Echo's Bones, Samuel Beckett's intended end-piece to his debut collection of short stories, More Pricks than Kicks, is published for the first time.

    Originally requested - and subsequently rejected - by his editor, it continues the story of Belacqua, the protagonist of More Pricks than Kicks' ninth story Yellow, as he enters the afterlife. Covering themes of science, philosophy, religion and literature, the text offers a darkly humorous take on human nature.

    A gothic fairy tale that shows the development of Beckett as a writer, this hardback edition belongs on the bookshelf of anyone who wants to find out more about the evolution of Samuel Beckett's writing.
  • JUBL

    Carol Ann Duffy

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    To mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy brings together a dazzling array of contemporary poets to write about each of the sixty years of Her Majesty's reign in Jubilee Lines. Established poets such as Simon Armitage, Gillian Clarke and Wendy Cope all contribute, alongside some of the newest young talent around, and every poem addresses a moment or event from their chosen year - be it of personal or political significance or both. This brilliant hardback offers a unique portrayal of the country and times during the Queen's reign. An unforgettable commemoration.


    Philip Larkin

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    Larkin's final collection of poems shows, as does all his best work, his ability to adapt contemporary speech rhythms and everyday vocabulary to subtle metrical patterns and poetic forms. Many of the poems in the collection, which includes some of his best-known pieces ("The Old Fools", "This Be the Verse", "The Explosion", and the title poem) show the preoccupation with death and transience that is so typical of the poet. Rather than words comes the thought of high windows: The sun-comprehending glass, And beyond it, the deep blue air, that shows Nothing, and is nowhere, and is endless. - from "High Windows".

    Carol Ann Duffy

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    Carol Ann's new collection -- her first since Rapture -- and since she was made Poet Laureate. 'Carol Ann Duffy is the most humane and accessible poet of our time' Guardian 'Part of Duffy's talent besides her ear for ordinary eloquence, her gorgeous, powerful, throwaway lines, her subtlety is her ventriloquism ...From verbal nuances to mind-expanding imaginative leaps, her words seem freshly plucked from the minds of non-poets that is, she makes it look easy' Observer 'Nobody is ever going to need to be told how to enjoy a Carol Ann Duffy poem' Evening Standard 'Carol Ann Duffy is a poet who covers the stormy waterfront of desire, devotion and despair ...As always, she manages the rare feat of building on traditions, forebears, allusions while stirring and shaking the emotions with muscular, unpretentious force' Independent 'You can't classify Carol Ann as a love poet or a comic poet or a political poet because she is all these things and so much more' Sunday Times

    Philip Larkin

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    "The North Ship", Philip Larkin's earliest volume of verse, was first published in August 1945 and reissued in 1966 by Faber. The introduction, by Larkin himself, explains the circumstances of its publication and the influences which shaped its content. This is the first thing I have understood: Time is the echo of an axe Within a wood.

    Jon Stallworthy

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    There are almost as many definitions and different sorts of love as there are poets. Edited on the assumption that any poem which speaks of one human's desire for another is a qualifying factor, "The New Penguin Book of Love Poetry" is a rich and diverse anthology which ranges through time and fashion. Passion, urgency, simplicity, heartbreak and renunciation are all here in a volume that superbly represents 'man's changeless responses to the changeless changing seasons of his heart'.

    Matthew George Walter

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    This anthology reflects the diversity of voices it contains: the poems are arranged thematically and the themes reflect the different experiences of war not just for the soldiers but for those left behind. This is what makes this volume more accessible and satisfying than others. In addition to the established canon, there are poems rarely anthologised and a selection of soldiers' songs to reflect the voices of the soldiers themselves.

    Emily Berry

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    "Dear Boy" is the dramatic and inventive debut by Emily Berry. These characterful, intelligent and darkly witty poems explore lives lived strangely in unusual worlds, through a series of deft and seductive soliloquies. In a collection with a taste for ventriloquy and wickedness, and a flair for vocal cross-dressing, the balance of power is always shifting in an unexpected direction - an ingenue masquerades as a femme fatale, a doctor appears more disturbed than his patient, and parents seem more unruly than their children. Eccentric, intimate, arch, anxious, decadent and sometimes mournful, the book's confiding, conversational voices tell stories recognisable and refracted, carried along by the undercurrent on which the collection ebbs and rides: the anguish and energy brought about by a long-distance love affair, which propels and terrorises and ultimately unites the work. "Dear Boy" is an irresistible and enlivening collection by a new poet of startling and various gifts.

    W. B. Yeats

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    This selection of the works of W B Yeats, includes the final book from the unfairly neglected narrative poem "The Wanderings of Oisin" and a number of lyrics from Yeats' work as poetic dramatist. It breaks new ground by allowing the reader to engage with a dozen poems in alternative versions; in many other cases it provides significant variants, so that Yeats's struggle to revise his poetry can be experienced with unusual immediacy.

    Jon Stallworthy

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    There can be no area of human experience that has generated a wider range of powerful feelings than war. Jon Stallworthy's classic and celebrated anthology spans centuries of human experience of war, from Homer's Iliad, through the First and Second World Wars, the Vietnam War, and the wars fought since. This new edition, published to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, includes a new introduction additonal poems from David Harsent and Peter Wyton amongst others. The new selection provides improved coverage of the two World Wars and the Vietnam War, and new coverage of the wars of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

    James Bentley

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    Some Corner of a Foreign Field

    Ana Sampson

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    Our rolling fields and verdant countryside have ever inspired some of the finest verse by our most cherished poets, and the very best are brought together in this thoughtful and enjoyable collection. Green and Pleasant Land features such best-loved poets as Keats, Larkin, Shakespeare, Hopkins and Wordsworth, who effortlessly conjure relaxing and nostalgic images of a better time and place. Be transported to a more lush and vibrant world with this celebration of all the beauty of our language and land. The perfect addition to any poetry lover's collection.

    The British Library

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    'A dog is prose; a cat is a poem.' Jean Burden Cats have fascinated, amused, infuriated and inspired writers for thousands of years. This magnificently varied anthology, including poems by Emily Dickinson, Walter de la Mare, Oscar Wilde and Thomas Hardy, features fluffy kittens and belligerent toms, moggies snoozing by the fire and feral tormentors of mice and birds. Gracefully ageing fighters dream of past glories; a hungry cat in wartime works her wiles; tragedy strikes in a tub of goldfish; memories of lost friends are cherished; and Yeats' mysterious Black Minnaloushe turns his long, lingering gaze on the Moon. Drawing on poems from more than five centuries, The Cat And the Moon celebrates the diverse moods and qualities of these most intriguing creatures.