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  • BFTR

    Benedict Le Vay

    • £3.99
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    A quirky and fascinating guide to Britain's railways, Bradt's Britain from the Rails is perfect not only as an entertaining armchair read but as a handy guidebook to help readers explore the country at a slower, more enjoyable pace.

    Wonderfully presented, containing clear maps and a new section on 'Britain's Secret Railways', the book is full of fascinating titbits, weird accidents and odd characters - a thorough and humorous collection perfect for commuters and local history fans alike.

    With the number of 'staycations' on the rise and increased interest in lowering one's carbon footprint, this beautiful guide is ideal for those who don't, can't or won't drive or fly.
  • DIVE
    • £6.99
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    Covering the Caribbean Sea, Bermuda, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Indo-Pacific regions, The World's Best Tropical Dive Destinations is a magnificent and comprehensive book that explores and explains the world's finest diving spots.

    With stunning underwater photography boasting a huge variety of wrecks, marine habitats and aquatic species, the book details the type of dive would-be visitors would experience as well as the magnificent sights that will be witnessed - featuring detailed regional maps and travel advice.

    From Eastern and Western Australia to the Bahamas, Mozambique, the Seychelles, St. Lucia, Tobago and beyond, The World's Best Tropical Dive Destinations is not only a stunning guide to some of the most beautiful underwater locations on Earth, but would also be a useful title for those looking to book a diving holiday.
  • GRJW

    Julian Holland

    • £7.99
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    With stunning photography throughout, railway expert Julian Holland's Great Railway Journeys of the World is a gorgeous gift book that showcases some of the most scenic rail routes around.

    Including the likes of the Le Petit Train Jaune in the Pyrenees which features France's highest railway station, the Cape Town to Kimberley route in South Africa that heads across the Karoo Desert and the Trans-Australian railway that contains the world's longest stretch of dead straight track, the stunning photography and in-depth mapping is awe-inspiring.

    Published by The Times, the book is designed in a keepsake hardback format and offers detailed, informative text on the history, geography and present day operations of train journeys from 35 countries across every continent.
  • ERAE
    • £4.99
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    Are you thinking of taking a trip to Europe? We've all heard horror stories about using a sat nav, so the experts at Collins have put together this fully revised guide to Europe - Collins Big Road Atlas Europe 2015.

    Presented in a detailed, spiral-bound A4 format, this European road atlas is sure to come in useful for any kind trip to the Continent (be it business or pleasure) and highlights 16 thorough routes through Europe's major cities, including: Amsterdam, Munich, London, Paris and more...

    Featuring a 1cm to 10km scale, Collins' Big Road Atlas Europe 2015 contains clear and detailed road mapping across the country, as well as detailed and indexed town and city centre plans making it essential for any trip whether you're travelling by car or bike.
  • AIOD

    Hamish Haswell-Smith

    • £6.99
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    Hamish Haswell-Smith casts off in his 41-foot sloop Jandara, armed with his sketch pad and a route of a journey first taken by Martin Martin in 1703. Taking him to 52 different remote islands around the Scottish coast, all that Hamish encountered is beautifully recalled in this memorable book. From Ailsa Craig to St. Kilda, Fair Isle and Bass Rock, Hamish Haswell-Smith expertly, and entertainingly, fills this unique book with natural history, local legend and landscapes, including his very own sketches and watercolours. A classic book telling of a fascinating voyage that's perfect for any Scot, lover of natural beauty, or anyone planning a visit to the stunning Scottish isles.
  • FBRA

    Collins Maps

    • £4.99
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    Are you thinking of taking a trip to France? We've all heard horror stories about using a sat nav, so the experts at Collins have put together this fully revised guide to France - Collins Big Road Atlas France 2015.

    Presented in a detailed A3 format, this road atlas is sure to come in useful for any kind trip across the Channel (be it business or pleasure) and highlights eight thorough routes through France's major cities: Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg and Toulouse.

    Featuring a 1cm to 3km scale, Collins' Big Road Atlas France 2015 contains clear and detailed road mapping across the country, as well as detailed and indexed town and city centre plans making it essential for any trip whether you're travelling by car or bike.
  • AECC
    • £3.99
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    I Never Knew That About England's Country Churches, written by the bestselling author and trivia expert Christopher Winn, will surprise and delight you as you read all about the hidden stories, forgotten pasts and buried secrets that belong to these famous places of worship.

    Did you know that St. Mary's Church Deerhurst in Gloucestershire is the only church in England to have a brass with a pet named on it? Or that All Saints Tudeley in Kent is the only church in the world to have its windows designed and painted by Chagall? You'll be fascinated to hear that the Minster Church of St. Mary at Stow in Lincolnshire has the tallest Saxon arches in Britain too...

    The hundreds of facts included here are just jaw-dropping and the illustrations help highlight some of the most momentous historical changes to happen in country churches throughout England.
  • WAIN

    Alfred Wainwright

    • £20.00
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    A beautiful anniversary edition of all seven of the Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells by the fell-walking legend, A. Wainwright.

    The pages have been freshly reproduced from the original artwork and then printed and bound to match the first-edition books as closely as possible. Completely unabridged or edited, the maps and text are just how Wainwright wrote them too.

    There simply is nothing quite like Wainwright's guides, and having been treasured by generations of keen walkers, this set makes a wonderful gift for a new enthusiast. Perfect for walkers and lovers of the Lakeland Fells, as well as those who simply love stunningly presented books.

  • AURT

    Authors vary

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    From the train that broke the world speed record to one of the most famous locomotives on the planet and those steam engines that are still considered the finest ever seen in Britain, this three-book set will satisfy any train enthusiast!

    Written with passion and insight by Andrew Roden, Flying Scotsman tells the story of a beautiful train that has lived a highly exciting - and varied - career on rail tracks around the world. Interviews from those who have been involved with the Scotsman over the years add a personal touch, as the book asks about the enduring appeal of this magnificent machine. Also written by Roden is The Duchesses, an examination of the fantastic engines that are widely regarded amongst Britain's finest engineering achievements.

    Written by Don Hale, How the Blue Streak Broke the World Speed Record describes how a steam locomotive reached a top speed of 126mph on the East Coast main line over 70 years ago.

  • CFTW
    • £4.99
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    Full of up-to-date information on over 300 national, regional and provincial flags, Complete Flags of the World is an essential, instant-reference pocket guide to the flags from around the globe from the experts at DK.

    Telling the story behind each flag, going as far as to explain the meanings of the differing colours, symbols and insignia, the book - with its topically woven cover - provides readers with everything they need to know about the history of flags, from Armenia to Zimbabwe. A perfect pub quiz partner.
  • FIND

    National Maritime Museum

    • £6.99
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    Accompanying the National Maritime Museum's exhibition that coincides with the tercentenary of the first British Longitude Act, Finding Longitude reveals the link between ships, clocks and stars - one which combines technical creativity, scientific innovation and commercialism.

    One of the great successes of the Georgian era, longitude helped people determine a ship's east-west position while at sea. Illustrated with archive documents throughout, the book looks at how finding longitude managed to capture the imagination of an entire nation - everyone from astronomers to instrument makers, politicians, seamen and satirists were intrigued.

    A very accessible and highly informative hardback, this detailed and fascinating book shows just how the longitude problem was solved.
  • POLE

    Garth James Cameron

    • £3.99
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    One of the most successful polar explorers of his generation, and the first man to unquestionably reach both the North and South Poles, Roald Amundsen was a world-renowned explorer with a passion for flight.

    Whilst on a rescue mission to the Arctic in 1928, Amundsen and his team's plane mysteriously vanished - believed to have crashed in fog in the Barents Sea, with only a petrol tank and wing float ever found of the wreckage.

    In From Pole to Pole: Roald Amundsen's Journey in Flight, Garth James Cameron explores the feats in aviation in which Amundsen was involved with vivid detail and passionate intricacy. Including an adventure to the North Pole in a biplane, which he barely survived, and an analysis of the circumstances surrounding this famous adventurer's death, this book is ideal for any budding adventurer, aviation enthusiast or reader with a keen interest in modern history.
  • PAOW
    • £11.99
    • RRP £75.00
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    Featuring 193 pages of detailed physical and political maps, this is a revised edition of Philip's Atlas of the World.

    The unique combination of relief colouring and hill-shading gives an exceptional portrayal of landforms and this brand new edition comes complete with an informative World Geography section too, featuring maps, diagrams and detail about key topics such as climate change, geology, trade, agriculture and population.

    Urban-area and city-centre maps are also included, from Dubai to Venice, as well as spectacular satellite views, illustrated flags, an 84,000-name index plus plenty more practical and informative elements that make this atlas one of the best (and most stunning) you can buy.
  • LBOL

    • £2.99
    • RRP £6.99
    • Save £4.00
    An great purchase for both a visitor to, and resident of, the city of London and its surrounding area, this pocket-sized atlas displays an extensive area of coverage and shows the centre of London at an extra large scale - so you can find and navigate to exactly where you want to be quickly and easily. For such a little book, the maps are exceptionally clear and the colour coding makes finding any location a breeze...

    Featuring a fully updated tube map, tourist information spots and shops, hospitals, hotels and schools all pin-pointed, as well as the landmark Olympic Park, this book is bursting with information but is presented in a slim and compact format - making it ideal for those on the move and for slipping into a backpack or pocket.

    Jan Morris

    • £8.79
    • RRP £10.99
    • Save £2.20
  • ROAT
    • £2.99
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £7.00
    Philip's Compact Atlas of Britain is the ideal atlas to help you keep track of where you are and where you are going. Coming in a handy compact size, the maps featured on the 287 pages clearly mark service areas, roundabouts, multi-level junctions and speed-camera locations. The book also distinguishes between roads above and below 4 metres wide in rural areas, something that will come in very useful for drivers of wide vehicles. Scenic routes are highlighted for leisure users and the maps show upland and highland areas as well as National and Forest Parks, and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • TVDB

    Fergus Fleming

    • £4.99
    • RRP £16.99
    • Save £12.00
    Compiled by acclaimed historian Fergus Fleming, The Traveller's Daybook invites you to cross oceans, deserts, mountains and ice-caps and embark on a tour of the world in 366 quotations. This anthology ranges widely across time and place, from Christopher Columbus' 'discovery' of the West Indies in 1492 to Wilfred Thesiger's wanderings in Arabia's 'empty quarter' in the 1940s. Covering many exotic destinations, each quoted extract is accompanied by a brief commentary that introduces the writer and the context of the excerpt. Covering the whole calendar year, including leap years, these 366 journeys are often lyrical, witty, tragic or bizarre - but always entertaining.
  • SBBW

    Christopher Somerville

    • £2.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £10.00
    One of Britain's best-loved walking journalists and personalities, Christopher Somerville shares his personal favourite walks throughout the country in Somerville's 100 Best British Walks.

    From Cornish cliff paths to moody Essex marshes, the book is a treasury of anecdote, observation and description, as well as a comprehensive guide to walking your way through Britain. The walks are laid out by region with illustrations, maps and easy-to-follow directions.
  • LIEC

    Jerry White

    • £4.99
    • RRP £25.00
    • Save £20.01

    Jerry White's long-awaited finale to his acclaimed history of London over 300 years, London in the Eighteenth Century describes how, after rising from the ashes of the Great Fire, England's capital city was very much a new city. The 18th century was one of expansion, scientific genius, blossoming reason, civility, elegance and manners and was also an age of starving poverty and exquisite fashion, of joy and despair and of sentiment and cruelty. Everything was complicated by class and this tremendous portrait introduces us to the men and women, shopkeepers and prostitutes, street-robbers and thief-takers as they play out the drama of the times.

  • VENG

    Roy Strong

    • £3.99
    • RRP £17.99
    • Save £14.00
    Free from nationalism, chauvinism and political bias, Roy Strong offers a vision of England that is inclusive and relevant for everybody living in the country today - an appreciation of the beauty of the English countryside, a love of nature and gardening, and a celebration of the dramas of Shakespeare, the paintings of Turner and the music of Elgar.

    Looking beyond stereotypes, this passionate and celebratory hardback offers some interesting answers to the present crisis of English identity.
  • GAPY


    • £2.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £10.00

    The Gap Yah Plannah is the ultimate guide to your gap year bantering. Grab your lashmina and get ready to chunder. So, you didn't get the grades, and you've decided to take a gap yah. Well, this is the gap year guide for you. Or, you massively love life and want to have a cheeky beer in loads of waard places around the world, and have decided to take a gap yah. This is the gap year guide for you, too. From budgeting for your time away (mummy and daddy's credit card) and what not to bring (respect for the law - that only inhibits your fun), to how to say 'vomcano' in Spanish, this is the absolutely essential spiritual, political and cultural guide to making the most of your gap yah.


    Adrian Searle

    • £18.75
    • RRP £25.00
    • Save £6.25
    A follow-up to the highly successful Look Up Glasgow, this book explores the UK capital's extraordinary rooftop architectural heritage, hidden in plain sight. Featuring stunning full colour photography spanning North, South, East, West and Central London, helpful and informative annotations and occasional verse from some of the city's leading poets, it will prove a delight for residents and visitors alike.

    Tom Quinn

    • £8.99
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £6.00
    "Britain's Best Historic Sites" takes the reader on a journey around this ancient land, detailing over 80 of the most important and fascinating of Britain's historic remains from 8000BC to the 20th century. From excavations of everyday life found in forgotten highways and Roman villas to areas of great spiritual significance, such as stone circles and medieval churches, as well as sites that were key to the Industrial Revolution, this book uncovers the amazing heritage that can be found across Britain. It features sites that include: Stonehenge, Wiltshire; Castlerigg Stone Circle, Cumbria; Callanish, Isle of Lewis; Fishbourne Roman Palace, West Sussex; Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland; Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset; Lindisfarne, Northumberland; Tower of London, London; Dover Castle, Kent; The George Inn, London; and, Ironbridge, Shropshire.

    Sarah Woods

    • £8.99
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £6.00
    This is a guide to around 50 of the most beautiful and historic spa destinations in Europe, taking in day spas, getaway spas and medical spas. Unlike so many spa guides, this title focuses on destinations with natural spas, where wellness treatments have been a part of the heritage and culture for hundreds of years. From Bath to Budapest, "The Spa Lover's Guide" examines the fascinating history and curative powers of the spa towns, explaining what makes each special and giving detailed information on individual venues and the range of treatments on offer. It includes Feature boxes that give essential booking and price information. As well as spa treatments, a range of suggestions for things to do in the local area are given for each historic destination.