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  • JUIC

    Liz Earle

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    A fast and effective way to ensure amazing health benefits - from weight loss, improving your skin and vitality to boosting your immune system - trusted health, beauty and well-being expert Liz Earle offers a plethora of delicious recipes in her new book Juice.

    Giving the lowdown on her favourite ingredients, reasons why home-made juices are so much better than shop-bought ones and tips on inner-cleansing diets, detox programmes and much more, the book is a wonderful tool for ensuring you get your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals in a mouth-watering way.

    Packing in your daily veg and fruit has never been so easy!
  • GGGN

    Olivia Williams

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    Those who love London will enjoy finding out how Mother's Ruin became the 'spirit' of the nation's capital in Olivia Williams' fascinating Gin Glorious Gin.

    Providing a vibrant, cultural and original history of London as seen through the prism of gin, the book will take you through the underbelly of London via the 'Gin Craze' - showing how it's evolved with the city from the days of the Empire through to today's cocktail bars!

    Compelling and fully up to date, the book is sure to make anyone who loves gin grin.
  • ESAJ
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    Easy Smoothies & Juices: Simply Delicious Recipes for Goodness in a Glass includes over 100 fantastic recipes for easy-to-make smoothies and juices. A tasty way of ensuring you get your five a day, this handy book includes plenty of colourful and appetisiing photographs and step-by-step instructions for making delicious drinks such as Apple Lemonade, Lemon Cheesecake Shake, the Wake Up and Go Juice and Passion Fruit Rum Punch.

  • THDK

    Ben McFarland

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    Written by drinking experts Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham - the Thinking Drinkers, an award-winning journalistic duo - this hilariously entertaining and informative book delves into the history of the world's favourite tipples, the development of the world's best-loved alcoholic drinks and much more...

    From the humble - yet distinctly undervalued - ale through to complex fruit-based cocktails, rum, gin, cider, tequila and whisky to name but a few, Thinking Drinkers: The Enlightened Imbiber's Guide to Alcohol is a well-informed and hugely entertaining collection of anecdotes, weird shenanigans, celebrated drinks, important characters and weird-and-wonderful recipes that are sure to delight any budding imbiber or teatime tippler.

    Following the pair's mantra of 'Drink Less but Drink Better', the book's fascinating facts, beautiful photography and laugh-out-loud illustrations will mould readers into instant experts and
  • BARI

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    Do you love coffee? Have you ever wondered how baristas make those great designs on top of your cuppa? If so, this is the book for you!

    From a beautiful sunrise to a festive Christmas tree, the instructions in this book have been conjured up by one of Australia's champions in 'coffee art' and will help you present your coffee in style - whether you dream of being a barista or just fancy adding something extra to your drinks at home!

    As well as the instructions for spectacular coffee designs, the ring-bound book has pull-out recipes for coffee cakes and biscuits - your approach to making coffee will never be the same again!
  • OCPW

    Oz Clarke

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    Meticulously updated year on year by former West End star Oz Clarke, Oz Clarke Pocket Wine A-Z 2015 is an encyclopaedic yet honest guide to over 4,000 of the world's top wine producers and their 7000 fine wines. Now in its 23rd edition, this bestselling wine guide makes for the perfect gift for the wine connoisseur in your life.

    Organised into an easy-to-use A-Z format, this completely updated wine guide covers wines, producers, grapes and regions all over the world. Known for his phenomenal palate, irreverent style and clear enthusiasm for fine wine, Oz Clarke's new wine guide even offers readers alternative wines to try out based on their current favourite tipples - in typical Clarke style.

    Detailed vintage charts, country and producer indexes, facts, comparisons and recommendations from Britain's most popular wine writer all feature in this fabulous book. And this year it's better than ever!
  • MYOD

    Susy Atkins

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    Learn to mix your own thirst-quenching concoctions with Susy Atkins's excellent hardback guide, How to Make Your Own Drinks. With information on all the equipment you'll need to get started, this clear and practical guide offers a simple breakdown of how to mix up your own cordials, wines, infusions, liqueurs and healthy juices, using a range of delicious natural ingredients.

    With seasonal options and plenty of handy hints and tips, this well-written guide takes all the fuss and bother out of creating your own refreshments.
  • SMOO

    Wendy Sweetser

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    Packed with fresh and delicious ingredients, tips on top flavour combinations and techniques for preparation and preservation, Smoothie Heaven is the ultimate guide to help you make mouth-watering beverages at home! From the fun and fruity Strawberry-Banana to the calm and creamy Green Tea or the tempting Truffle flavour, every smoothie you concoct will be heavenly with this handy little guide. Whether you simply want a refreshing drink, a filling snack, a perfect pudding or even an entire meal, Smoothie Heaven combines fruit, veg and a few sweet treats in inspiring ways to blend together exactly what you're after for any occasion or craving.

    Stuart Walton

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    This title presents instructions for making hundreds of cocktails and drinks, including all-time favourites such as the Dry Martini and Grasshopper, and more unusual drinks such as the Blue Hawaiian and Passion Punch. It includes a guide to the types of drinks and mixers available, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. A techniques section explains how to measure, mix and pour drinks, with step-by-step photographs showing how to frost a glass, use a cocktail shaker and make decorative fruit twists. With a useful guide to terminology to help you tell the difference between a chaser and an aperitif, a fizz and a frappe, and many more. This title includes alcohol and nutritional breakdowns so you can plan your drinking. It features gorgeous colour photography throughout. This beautiful volume is an essential reference for every home bartender, covering a vast array of cocktails and drinks. There are instructions for making both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, accompanied by glorious colour photographs. All the cocktail favourites are featured, as well as some more unusual drinks to try. At the back of the book is a guide to the different types of alcohol and mixers available, including spirits, liqueurs, fortified wines, beer and wine. There is also a fascinating history of alcohol, plus a useful guide to bartending equipment, glasses, garnishes and tricks of the trade. Practical advice is given on how to prepare a party, together with information about alcohol and health, including tips for safe drinking and avoiding hangovers.

    Juliet Harbutt

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    From tasting the greatest grapes to creating the perfect cheeseboard, this two volume collection is a definitive guide to the ever-changing character of cheese and wine. It offers a fascinating world tour of wines, from Bordeaux to the Barossa Valley and a guide to the greatest grapes: tasting the top 12 varieties. From the vine to the glass: production techniques are explained and the best ways of storing and serving your wine. The definitive illustrated guide to fabulous cheese of the world, each entry in the visual catalogue details colour, texture, taste and provenance, from the creamy Brie de Meaux to the aromatic Stilton. It includes over 70 internationally renowned classic and contemporary cheese recipes.

    Moniek Smit

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    The Belgium & Netherlands Coffee Guide 2012 is the definitive guide to the top 100 coffee venues in Belgium and the Netherlands. From cutting-edge newcomers to enduring favourites and hidden gems, the cafes and coffee bars included in this book represent the thriving coffee culture of these regions. This guide features detailed profiles of the best coffee bars from Groningen to Brussels, authoritative coffee ratings and colourful maps to help readers discover the finest coffee in Belgium and the Netherlands.

    Jane Parkinson

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    A chatty and informative guide that gives you the lowdown on wine and how to make the most of it. Wine & Food offers a fresh look at the global wine scene with detailed information on more than 20 grapes and styles. Understanding storing and pouring wine, and what food to serve it with teaches you exactly how to pick the right wine every time. The way we buy wine, serve it, enjoy it and match it with food has changed enormously in the last decade, so start with the basics at The Bar where you'll find all the latest information on glasses, equipment, storage, temperature and trends on the current scene. Head to The Cellar for taste and flavour notes on reds, whites, rose, fizz, fortified and dessert wines, from Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Port to Chardonnay, Sherry and Champagne help you to decide which style is best for you and what to drink it with. Once you've discovered all the detail you need on your wine, head to The Store Cupboard for an exploration of how to pair it with food. With sections on meat, fish (you really can pair red wine with fish!) , veg, spice, sauce and cheese, including four cheese flights for entertaining, you'll be prepared to enhance your dish with no more than a pour. Also included are nine myth-breaker experiments, including a Same Wine Different Glass Test, The Truth About Tannin and Sensory Sake Tasting, that really bring the enjoyment of drinking wine to life.

    Tim Hampson

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    Your drinking companion to over 1,700 beers from around the world. The Beer Book is a comprehensive guide to the best beers in the world, exploring more beers than any other book. Beer, the drink to taste, savour, talk about and travel for. Explore its astonishing variety and rapidly expanding new tastes - thirst-quenching lagers, "meal-in-a-glass" stouts, peppery white beers, tangy fruit-based brews, and classic ales and bitters - with this updated guide to every good beer in the world. Tim Hampson, Chairman of the British Guild of Beer Writers, takes you from Brazil to Slovakia, Japan to Belgium, to features every significant brewery in every significant brewing nation. Visit over 800 breweries, such as Guinness or Kronenburg and read detailed tasting notes for over 1,700 beers from a team of local specialists. Whet your appetite with five beer trails with trail maps that take you round key beer regions to experience the best breweries and brewpubs. With this updated edition of The Beer Book (previous ISBN 9781405333016) you can discover all the best beers of the world, which brands of beers to try and how best to enjoy them, with brews that are anything but 'a pint of the usual'. It is a perfect gift for beer lovers.

    Tristan Stephenson

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    Preparing a first-class cocktail relies upon a deep understanding of its ingredients, the delicate alchemy of how they work together. In The Curious Bartender, Tristan Stephenson explores and experiments with the art of mixing the perfect cocktail, explaining the fascinating modern turns mixology has taken. Showcasing a selection of classic cocktails, he explains their intriguing origins, introducing the colourful historical characters who inspired or created them. Moving on, he reinvents each drink from his laboratory, adding contemporary twists to breathe fresh life into these vintage classics. Stay true to the originals with a Sazerac or a Rob Roy, or experiment with some of his modern variations to create a Green Fairy Sazerac topped with an absinthe 'air' or an Insta-age Rob Roy with the 'age' on the side. Also included is a reference section detailing all the techniques you will need, making this an essential anthology for the cocktail enthusiast.
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    You can enjoy excellent wine without breaking the bank. 1000 Great Wines That Won't Cost a Fortune tells you everything you need to know about how to enjoy wine without hurting your pocket. Go on a wine tasting journey across the globe with an extensive team of wine writers, all experts in their own regions. They'll introduce you to 1000 great-value wines from the world's best wineries but focusing on the more affordable end of their wine lists. You can expand your knowledge with features on the most popular grape varieties and tips on how to get the most out of your bottle, from food and wine matches and correct serving temperatures to the right glassware to use. Practical advice will also help you host your own wine-tasting event and navigate restaurant wine lists with confidence. 1000 Great Wines That Won't Cost a Fortune, now in paperback (previous ISBN 9781405361644), is perfect for any budding wine connoisseur who enjoys wine but cares about getting great value for money.
    • £17.09
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    An innovative, captivating tour of the finest whiskies the world has to offer, brought to you by bestselling author and whisky connoisseur Tristan Stephenson. Tristan explores the origins of whisky, from the extraordinary Chinese distillation pioneers well over 2,000 years ago to the discovery of the medicinal 'aqua vitae' (water of life), through to the emergence of what we know as whisky. Explore the magic of malting, the development of flavour and the astonishing barrel-ageing process as you learn about how whisky is made. In the main chapter, Tristan takes us on a journey through 60 distilleries around the world, exploring their remarkable quirks, unique techniques and flavours, featuring all new location photography from the Scottish Highlands to Tennessee. After that, you might choose to make the most of Tristan's bar skills with some inspirational whisky-based cocktails. This fascinating, comprehensive book is sure to appeal to whisky aficionados and novices alike.

    Katherine Bebo

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    What could be more fun than inviting the girls round for a night of fun and laughter? Be the hostess with the mostest with this collection of fun, flirty, and frivolous cocktails. Pink Drinks is chock-full of cocktail recipes distinctly designed with women in mind. Featuring fabulous recipes for blended drinks, mixed drinks, fruity drinks - any and every cocktail you desire, all in fiesty and feminine shades of fuscia, cerise and crimson. On a hot summer's night, try a refreshing berry caipiroska or an elegant pomegranate Martini. What could beat a classic Cosmopolitan or a Kir Royale? And for the morning after, there are plenty of non-alcoholic recipes to get you feeling refreshed. Try the rose petal and lavender dream milkshake or the strawberry, rhubarb and basil frappe. A wealth of bartending tips are also included to give you the know-how to make the perfect cocktail for your friends every time, whether shaken or stirred.