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  • QIIG
    • £4.99
    • RRP £26.97
    • Save £21.98
    Did you know you have no muscles in your fingers, that coffee isn't made of beans, or that oranges aren't orange? A brilliant set of three collections of the most common misconceptions, mistakes and misunderstandings in 'common knowledge' from the team at BBC's QI, these books will ensure that you not only impress your friends, but win every argument you ever have.

    Based on the show's most popular segment, General Ignorance, the books cover a wealth of topics from history, sport, science, geography and more - and even includes a book dedicated to the most fabulous falsities and fascinating facts from the animal kingdom.

    Sure to delight fans of the much loved show, owning this collection of QI books just like have a quick-reference Stephen Fry on your bookshelf.

  • MRSF

    Alice Maloney

    • £7.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £12.01
    A stunning treat for fans of the critically acclaimed period drama Mr Selfridge, The World of Mr Selfridge is a lavishly illustrated companion to the hit ITV series that fans of the show will adore poring through.

    Following a colourful cast of characters who find their lives entangled with the American department store founder, the book takes fans of the show on a journey through the characters' world and explores the man himself, his relationship with his family, the store and the changing fashions of the 20th century.

    Complete with hundreds upon hundreds of stunning photographs and a foreword by series producer Andrew Davies, The World of Mr Selfridge is a beautiful series tie-in full of the love affairs, class issues, glamour and storytelling for which the show is so much loved.
  • SHCH

    Steve Tribe

    • £8.99
    • RRP £25.00
    • Save £16.01
    Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson, the BBC's contemporary take on Sherlock is one of the biggest shows on TV - and with the long wait until the next series, Sherlock fans will be delighted to find out all the behind-the-scenes secrets in this comprehensive guide.

    Packed with exclusive new material, including interviews with the cast and crew - and a foreword from Sherlock's co-creator Mark Gatiss - the book looks at everything from the initial concept to story and script development and the sets, costumes, props, music and more that have combined to make such a fresh and exciting adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous character.

    Packed with over 500 photographs that show how the drama came to be, the book examines every Sherlock episode aired so far in detail - a must for any fan of this modern retelling of a famous detective.
  • LOFI
    • £2.99
    • RRP £10.00
    • Save £7.01
    Covering some of the most interesting, famous and infamous characters of our generation, The Lives of the Famous and Infamous: Everything you Need to Know about Everyone Who Mattered includes a collection of obituaries that have appeared in popular magazine The Week.

    From the man who convinced Einstein there was a god to the newspaper publisher that brought down a president, the book commemorates those who have created the most memorable moments in modern history.

    Among the figures remembered are the likes of Apple founder Steve Jobs, former prime minister Margaret Thatcher and the esteemed astronomer (not to mention GamesMaster!) Sir Patrick Moore. An endlessly fascinating and very inspiring read for anyone who loves contemporary history.
  • GIDC

    Katherine Sorrell

    • £4.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £15.01
    Packed with practical advice on how to achieve the look you want for your home, Great Interior Design Challenge Sourcebook: The DIY Way to Add Value to Your Home is a reference book that will show you how to fix a number of common household problems.

    From the team behind the hit TV show, the book has affordable solutions for all the common problems - from cracks in walls to creaking stairs, damp patches to draught and leaking roofs to blocked chimneys. The handy book provides step-by-step instructions on how to master the art of DIY, while also giving advice on finding the best workmen for the job if you prefer to get someone in.

    The book also focuses on the planning aspect of transforming your home with information on designing a room layout, choosing a colour and pattern and deciding on wall finishes and treatment all covered. Your house should be a home you can be proud of - and this book will help you make sure it is!

    Mark Logue

    • £6.39
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £1.60
    Tasked with single-handedly turning the famously nervous, tongue-tied Duke of York from his debilitating stammer, an almost unknown, and certainly unqualified, speech therapist called Lionel Logue saved the House of Windsor from certain collapse in the early part of the 20th century.

    The King's Speech is the previously untold story of the extraordinary relationship between Logue and the haunted young man who became King George VI, drawn from Logue's unpublished personal diaries. They throw extraordinary light on the intimacy of the two men - and the vital role the King's wife, the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, played in bringing them together to save her husband's reputation and his career as King.

    Adapted into the Oscar-winning film of the same name - starring Academy Award winner Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter, Guy Pearce, Timothy Spall and Michael Gambon - The King's Speech is an intimate portrait of the British monarchy at a time of its greatest crisis, seen through the eyes of an Australian commoner who was proud to serve, and save, his King.

    Matt Baglio

    • £6.39
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £1.60
    This is the declassified CIA story that inspired the new film from Ben Affleck and George Clooney. Tehran, November 1979. Militant students stormed the American embassy and held sixty Americans captive for a gruelling 444 days. But until now the CIA has never revealed the twist to the Iran Hostage Crisis: six Americans escaped. The escape plot was run by Antonio Mendez, head of the CIA's extraction team and a master of disguise. Mendez came up with an idea so daring and potentially foolish that it seemed destined for Hollywood...and indeed it was. He invented a fake sci-fi film called "Argo" (from the actual name of the CIA mission, a reference to "Jason and the Argonauts"). After announcing the production to the movie industry, Mendez put together a team of real 1970s Hollywood actors, directors and producers - along with covert CIA officers. They would travel to revolutionary Iran under a foreign film visa, and while 'scouting locations' throughout the country they would track down the six Americans who were hiding out. After giving them false identities as part of the film crew, they would spirit them back across the border. One part "Ocean's 11" and another part "Black Hawk Down", Mendez's mind-bogglingly complicated and risky gamble paid off: each escapee was extracted without a shot being fired. Mendez is considered one of the greatest officers in CIA history. The story of this, his greatest mission, has never been told.
  • DWQB

    Jacqueline Rayner

    • £4.99
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £10.00
    Whovians will love testing their knowledge of all things about the Doctor and his 'timey-wimey stuff' with Doctor Who: The Official Quiz Book.

    For over 50 years, Doctor Who has been one of the top-rated shows on the BBC and it continues to go from strength to strength, especially now The Thick of It actor Peter Capaldi has the keys to the TARDIS. This book contains 3,000 questions about the show and covers so many of the Time Lord's adventures - it's brilliant entertainment for any Doctor Who fan.

    Take a journey through time and space and test yourself with these brain-teasing questions!
  • LIST

    Mike Gunton

    • £6.99
    • RRP £25.00
    • Save £18.01
    From an animal's first steps to growing up; finding a home; discovering power; developing a courtship and finally settling into parenthood, Life Story is the latest BBC nature documentary series from David Attenborough and it is truly spectacular.

    This beautiful hardback book is packed with stunning photographs and spectacular stills from the programme and manages to capture some of life's most tender, exciting and dramatic moments, while also giving in-depth information on how animals learn and evolve through life.

    Whether you want to pore over the amazing photography or learn how sharks can help albatross chicks fly and why some chimps make spears, this book reveals all. A great gift for anyone who loves nature or enjoys the show, the book is endlessly fascinating and a startling insight into life inside the animal kingdom.

    Karl Pilkington

    • £8.54
    • RRP £8.99
    • Save £0.45
    '"Why are we here?" The only time I ever asked meself that was on a surprise holiday to Lanzarote.'

    Left to his own devices, Karl Pilkington would be happy with his life just as it is. But now he's hit 40, everyone keeps asking him why he's so reluctant to marry his girlfriend and why he doesn't want to have kids.

    It's time for Karl to face up to the biggest question of the lot - what does it all mean? Karl thought he'd seen it all filming An Idiot Abroad, but now he's off around the globe to learn how other cultures deal with life's big issues.

    Find out how Karl copes as he...Has plastic surgery in LA - Models for a Japanese life drawing class - Helps deliver a baby in Bali Have his experiences changed him? Find out in this hilarious new book.

    Karl Pilkington's The Moaning of Life has been chosen as a World Book Night book for 2015.
  • OWIL

    Paul Merton

    • £4.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £15.01
    The long-awaited autobiography from one of our nation's best-loved comedians, Paul Merton reveals all in his warm, witty new book, Only When I Laugh: My Autobiography. Best-known for his appearances on BBC's Have I Got News For You and as the former host of Room 101, the book tells the fascinating story of Paul's life.

    From his working-class upbringing in Fulham to spending over 25 years upon the television screens of millions of viewers, the book bares all: from schools days; run-ins with nuns; his meatpacking job; taking acid; and his attempts to break into the world of comedy. But life wasn't all laughs... Paul, too, sustained a terrifying manic episode which here is observed with sensitivity and honesty - an ultimately uplifting chapter of his life.

    Brilliantly written and immensely witty and enjoyable throughout, Paul Merton's autobiography, Only When I Laugh, is equally as thoughtful as it is entertaining. A must-have book for any fans of comedy!
  • ANSF

    Peter Jefferson

    • £3.99
    • RRP £16.99
    • Save £13.00
    Spoken every night on Radio 4, 'And now the Shipping Forecast' must surely rank among the most famous words spoken on the radio - and this book from famous presenter Peter Jefferson provides an affectionate memoir of the science and BBC programming behind the forecast.

    With plenty of anecdotes from Peter himself, the book answers the questions many people may have asked as they have listened in - from how the forecast was put together to how the shipping areas were chosen and the historical events that have happened in them, alongside details of the technology used.

    A much-loved part of the British cultural landscape for many decades, this book will appeal to those who enjoy listening to the poetic beauty of the Shipping Forecast as they drift off to sleep...

    Levison Wood

    • £12.66
    • RRP £18.99
    • Save £6.33
    Now a major Channel 4 series. His journey is 4,250 miles long. He is walking every step of the way, camping in the wild, foraging for food, fending for himself against multiple dangers. He is passing through rainforest, savannah, swamp, desert and lush delta oasis. He will cross seven, very different countries. No one has ever made this journey on foot. In this detailed, thoughtful, inspiring and dramatic book, recounting Levison Wood's walk along the length of the Nile, he will uncover the history of the Nile, yet through the people he meets and who will help him with his journey, he will come face to face with the great story of a modern Africa emerging out of the past. Exploration and Africa are two of his great passions - they drive him on and motivate his inquisitiveness and resolution not to fail, yet the challenges of the terrain, the climate, the animals, the people and his own psychological resolution will throw at him are immense. The dangers are very real, but so is the motivation for this ex-army officer. If he can overcome the mental and physical challenges, he will be walking into history...
  • MCCC

    Greg Wallace & John Torode

    • £9.99
    • RRP £26.00
    • Save £16.01
    MasterChef Cookery Course offers keen culinary readers comprehensive and enjoyable lessons in cooking excellence, without the cost and time restraints of an evening or day course. Inspired by the TV show, you can become a MasterChef by learning the very basics and going on to tackle truly ambitious menus through the book's expertly written and full-colour illustrated pages.

    Find out which equipment and cupboard stocks you can't live without, the perfect staple recipes from roasting and baking to making your own need-to-know sauces, and then show off your expertise with over 120 classic dishes.

    With advice from John Torode and Greg Wallace, you are encouraged to add your very own flair and creative taste preferences to every dish you go on to cook, making them unique and show-stopping each time they're served.
  • UKUL

    Gavin Pretor-Pinney

    • £3.99
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £11.00
    The ukulele has been enjoying a renaissance period in recent years: taking pride of place in trendy indie rock, top-ten pop songs, unforgettable (not through lack of trying) television ads and YouTube mega hits. And with the help of The Ukulele Handbook, readers can learn everything they need to master this eccentric, inexpensive hobby instrument.

    Starting with the history of the ukulele, the book provides a timeline - from its conception in 1879 to today - along with a ukulele hall of fame on ukulele legends. Then the book moves on to the practicalities: the anatomy of the ukulele; which ukulele to buy; how to play the ukulele; how to strum, pick and read chords charts; and (importantly!) tune the strings - complete with how-to instructions and illustrations. And once these skills are mastered, readers will be ready to move onto to the included songbook!

    Beautifully presented and equally ideal for those who have and have never played an instrument before, The Ukulele Handbook by ukulele superstars Gavin Pretor-Pinney & Tom Hodgkinson is the only ukulele book you'll ever need.
  • GTOS

    Gino D'Acampo

    • £7.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £12.01
    A hugely popular chef who has provided us and our customers with some of our favourite Italian recipes of recent times, the Book People is proud to give you the chance to grab a copy of Gino's Italian Escape: A Taste of the Sun - the second tie-in book to his hit TV series.

    Heading throughout his home country - from the waterways of Venice to the hills of Tuscany - Gino presents 100 truly delicious dishes using traditional Italian ingredients. From a Florence T-bone Steak to a Piedmont-style Pizza and much more including pasta dishes, soups, seafood, salads and desserts, this gorgeous cookbook will help bring the flavours of the real Italy into your own kitchen.

    A must-have for fans of Gino and Italian food - delicious!
  • HUNI

    Brian Cox

    • £5.99
    • RRP £25.00
    • Save £19.01
    A spectacular new book from the nation's favourite scientist, Professor Brian Cox, Human Universe takes readers on a journey through time and space in an attempt to uncover and understand the universe's greatest wonder of all - humankind!

    Revealing how time, physics, chemistry and an amount of luck contributed to the creation of a species capable of not only acknowledging but also questioning its own existence, the book combines stunning photography and innovative computer-generated imagery to tell humanity's story - from the Big Bang through to the potential fate of of species.

    Told with Professor Brian Cox's trademark down-to-earth romanticism and lyrical approach, Human Universe bridges the gap between cutting-edge science and a child-like sense of wonder. A fascinating book sure to satisfy those with the unquenchable thirst for knowing where we came from, how we think, where we're going and if we are alone in the universe...
  • KBUI

    Graeme Thomson

    • £5.99
    • RRP £19.95
    • Save £13.96
    One of the most talented, influential and highly respected - not to mention enigmatic, elusive and private - pop stars on the planet, Kate Bush is a compelling, brilliant artist.

    After 35 years away from the stage, Kate made her return to the live arena with a run of shows at Hammersmith Apollo in 2014 and this in-depth biography aims to respectfully discover more about the very private woman behind the world-famous songs like Wuthering Heights and seminal albums The Dreaming, Hounds of Love and The Kick Inside.

    Drawing on both a wealth of research and over 70 new interviews with those who have worked with and known Kate throughout her special career, Graeme Thomson's Under the Ivy not only examines her music and its global impact but also Kate's former rejection of live performances, her key relationships and her recent output which has delighted millions of music fans.
  • GBSP
    • £8.99
    • RRP £25.00
    • Save £16.01
    An accompaniment to the hit BBC series presented by Claudia Winkleman and judged by Patrick Grant and May Martin, The Great British Sewing Bee: Sew Your Own Wardrobe is a practical sewing book brimming with fantastic projects, including a core of wardrobe essentials including a pencil skirt, easy T-shirt top and a wrap dress.

    Menswear and retro garments are also included, as well as a fun selection of designs for babies and small children.

    Dress sizes range from 8 to 18 and the book is full of inspiring photography so you know exactly what you're looking for - and the included pattern pack, containing five full-size pattern sheets, makes creating your wardrobe even easier.
  • SATK
    • £6.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £13.01
    Every week, James Martin invites some of the world's best chefs to cook up fantastic dishes live on BBC One's Saturday Kitchen - and this cookbook presents sensational seasonal recipes for suppers that you can make at home!

    Featuring dishes from the likes of James Martin himself, Tom Kerridge, Tom Kitchin, Ken Hom, Michel Roux, Jr, Rick Stein and Bryn Williams - a who's who of celebrity chefs, we're sure you'll agree - the easy-to-follow cookbook shows how you can make restaurant-quality dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen with no specialist equipment.

    With chapters dedicated to each season, among the recipes you'll find are Antonio Carluccio's Ravioli with Mushrooms and Artichoke Salad for spring, Angela Hartnett's Linguine with Red Mullet, Chilli and Garlic for summer, Henry Dimbleby's Sole Satay Heart and Martin Morales' Mushroom Quinotto for winter.
  • GMAS

    George Clarke

    • £4.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £15.01
    The perfect partner for fans of Channel 4's Amazing Spaces show, George Clarke's More Amazing Spaces is an exciting collection of extraordinary small builds from all over the United Kingdom and beyond.

    Packed with stunning photography and the stories behind these most impressive and unlikely of conversions, the book explores the inventive features of each of the stunning transformations - including The Luxury Narrowboat, a Mobile Cinema, a Lamretta Tuk-Tuk and much, much more...

    Food for thought for those who may be considering their own small-space conversion, or those who simply love the show, George Clarke's More Amazing Spaces is a compilation of innovative visions where the ordinary is transformed into something truly extraordinary.
  • ARWW
    • £7.99
    • RRP £25.00
    • Save £17.01
    To mark the centenary of the start of the First World War, BBC's the Antiques Roadshow filmed a series of special episodes at the Somme. In this beautiful book, Antiques Roadshow: World War I in 100 Family Treasures, readers are introduced to some of the most telling tales and incredible family keepsakes from the Great War.

    Featuring fascinating and moving stories from the much-loved BBC show, and describing how they fit into a wider history of the War, the fully illustrated book paints a vivid picture of the extraordinary circumstances that ordinary people were thrown into by the onset of World War I.

    A stunningly presented insight into early 20th century life in Britain, Antiques Roadshow: World War I in 100 Family Treasures will make a unique and poignant addition to the bookshelf of any wartime historian or anyone with a keen interest in the British institution that is the Antiques Roadshow.
  • FIMO

    Darren Henley & Sam Jackson

    • £3.99
    • RRP £11.99
    • Save £8.00
    Written by the managing directors of Classic FM, 50 Moments that Rocked the Classical Music World is a fun, eclectic and informative guide that takes in key events ranging from the first ever musical instruments through to the video game soundtracks of today!

    The 50 events have clearly shaped the way we play and listen to classical music today and the book is full of insight that will fascinate and appeal to both classical aficionados and those who have just fallen for the beautiful sound.

    Among the key events Darren Henley and Sam Jackson cast their expert eye over are the introduction of musical notation and the invention of the printing press, the Three Tenors triumphant performance during World Cup Italia 90 and the advent of composing on computer, which was quickly followed by the Digital Download Revolution.
  • HBBC

    Lorraine Pascale

    • £4.99
    • RRP £25.00
    • Save £20.01
    Famous for her simple and delicious dishes, bestselling TV chef Lorraine Pascale is back with the tie-in book to her new BBC2 series How to Be a Better Cook.

    Sharing her secrets of good knife technique, quick tricks, outstanding presentation and much more, Lorraine's warm and gentle approach to cooking is both encouraging for beginners and challenging enough for even for the most confident of chefs. And her new methods for favourite dishes are sure to spark a little culinary inspiration, too.

    Whether you're aiming to impress guests with chic snacks, feed the family with effort-free, hearty dinners or satisfy your own sweet tooth with delicious desserts, Lorraine Pascale's new book, How to Be a Better Cook, is the ultimate fully photographed companion to help you cook in style!