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  • Little Pocket Book of Mindfulness Set - 2 Books - Collection - 9781782493198
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    Enhance your mindfulness and increase your happiness with this set of two pocket books.

    . Anna Black's The Little Pocket Book of Mindfulness will show you how to stop dwelling on the past and forget your worries about the future. Alongside the inspirational advice, it has mindfulness meditations that will help you respond rather than react and deal with stress in more acceptable ways.

    The Little Pocket Book of Happiness offers a more joyous approach to living and thinking. It may help change the way you see the world. Written by Lois Blyth, the charming little book will show how to swap worry and anxiety for joy and contentment and help you unlock the secrets to being happy.
  • SVNT
    Muir Gray
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    By keeping fit, your brain ticking and with some good fortune, you can live a fulfilling and active life well into your nineties. Sod Seventy! The Guide to Living Well can help you along the way..

    Part exercise book, part manifesto for healthier and happier living, the book reveals how to shake off stereotypes, feel empowered and live life to the full as you enter pensionable age. It covers everything from the art of body maintenance to the importance of choosing the right healthcare.

    Written by doctor and health advisor Muir Gray, who is in his seventies and certainly practises what he preaches, the book is completely accessible and practical for anyone in this range. It also features funny illustrations from David Mostyn, a cartoonist from the Beano.
  • NHRT
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    Natural Healing Remedies & Therapies is a complete practical guide to natural health, relaxation and vitality and is sure to appeal to anyone who is looking to lead a better life and looking for natural solutions.
  • SALV
    Dr. Phil Hammond
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    The NHS is one of the UK's most treasured institutions, but in recent years doctors have been overwhelmed with the number of patients coming into GP practices and A&E departments. At the same time, patients often feel embarrassed, intimidated or too ill to ask the right questions.

    In Staying Alive, Dr Phil Hammond helps give you the confidence and the tools to take control of your health care, and shows you in a friendly but authoritative way how to navigate the National Health Service.

    Answering fundamental questions including how to get your GP to listen to you and take your symptoms seriously; how to get hold of your patient records so you can ensure they're correct; how to get a second opinion and, most importantly, how to get better; the book will ensure that you get care that's right for you!
  • BYOU
    Sonya Lennon
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    Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney, presenters of hit RTE show Off the Rails will help you to resolve all your wardrobe conundrums in Your Best You: How to Work What You've Got to Look Great Every Day.

    A self-assessment guide that shows you how you can work what you've got every single day, the book is about you and the steps that you can take towards looking your best. It will help you have a clear and defined picture of what you feel you should be wearing and doing in terms of your body shape and lifestyle.

    The book reveals that if you are clear and honest about these two things, you will then be able to build your wardrobe around them.
  • Make the Most of Your Time on Earth - Paperback - 9780241183328
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    Rough Guides' authors have hand-picked their 1,000 favourite travelling experiences to help inspire yours in the fantastic Make the Most of Your Time on Earth.

    Packed with stunning, full-colour photographs, the book has advice and tips on everything from enjoying breakfast in a Burmese teahouse to witnessing the world's most intense storms in Venezuela. With entries divided into regions, it's easy to find the destination you're after and there are even Need to Know sections at the end of each chapter to offer the practical advice you'll need.

    Buy the book and then book your plane ticket... This is a Rough Guides book bursting with inspiration.
  • MMDE
    Stephanie Brookes
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    In Meditation Made Easy, Stephanie Brookes brushes aside the outdated stereotype of meditation involving sitting in a contorted position by showing how we can all incorporate simple meditation techniques into our ever-increasingly busy modern lives!

    Written in an easy-to-follow format - even for those new to the concept - the book has step-by-step guided meditations that will help calm your mind, body and soul. Among the meditations featured are those for self-healing, relationships and for people who are always on the go!
    Stephanie also provides engaging and insightful information on the benefits meditation can bring to your well-being, as well as advice on how even a very short meditation can help you reduce stress, ease tension and find inner peace.
  • BBTW
    Christina Butcher
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    From elaborate "up-dos" to more casual braids, beautiful buns and traditional twists, Braids, Buns and Twists! is the ultimate guide to creating over 80 classic and modern hairstyles at home.

    Full of luscious photographs, step-by-step diagrams and top knot(ch) tips for success, the book takes the guesswork out of best-loved hairstyles and provides readers with a wealth of information for creating showstopping hairstyles: from trend-setting styles for teens to styles for professionals, parties, casual beach days and much, much more...

    Written by global hairstyle blog Hair Romance's Christina Butcher, Brains, Buns and Twists! is a comprehensive and inspirational guide to taking your hairdressing skill to a more professional level.
  • HERB
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    This comprehensive yet easy-to-follow guide provides simple instructions for mixing and preparing herbs and traditional remedies to aid in relieving common ailments. In an oversized, beautifully presented format featuring over 750 colour photographs, the book also contains a 235-herb dictionary with short descriptions, medicinal and culinary uses, and cultivation tips. Readers interested in home remedies will find this an absolutely vital resource for the bookshelf as it explains 40 often-experienced conditions on clear 1-2 page spreads, so you can find the exact symptoms to match your 'patient' and the reliable solution to help cure it.
  • SMLL
    Suzie Baldwin
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    A guide to keeping and caring for poultry and lifestock on a small scale, Suzie Baldwin's The Smallholder's Handbook is the perfect guide to living the Good Life - whether you're an expert or just getting started.

    With her friendly tone, Suzie offers help and advice to anyone who is interested in this increasingly popular way of life. From setting up and keeping hens and quails to ducks, pigs, sheep, goats and cows, it has all the advice you need for rearing and raising these animals. There is even a section on beekeeping so you can extract your own honey!

    The book also offers advice on cultivating your land, all the essentials you'll need to keep the animals and tips for farrowing, lambing, kidding and calving.
  • JUIC
    Liz Earle
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    A fast and effective way to ensure amazing health benefits - from weight loss, improving your skin and vitality to boosting your immune system - trusted health, beauty and well-being expert Liz Earle offers a plethora of delicious recipes in her new book Juice.

    Giving the lowdown on her favourite ingredients, reasons why home-made juices are so much better than shop-bought ones and tips on inner-cleansing diets, detox programmes and much more, the book is a wonderful tool for ensuring you get your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals in a mouth-watering way.

    Packing in your daily veg and fruit has never been so easy!
  • TGSB
    Sarah Ockwell-Smith
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    There are few things as challenging as a young child's sleep - or lack of! This brand new book from the founder of BabyCalm, Sarah Ockwell-Smith, is an indispensable guide for parents, whatever challenges they're facing with their child's sleep.

    From bringing a newborn home to when they're settled in at school, this unique and eye-opening book sheds new light on common sleep problems and, using cutting-edge research and anecdotal information, provides a gentle, no-tears approach to handling a host sleep issues including night waking, bed-wetting and much, much more...

    Perfect for both expectant and exhausted parents, with the help of The Gentle Sleep Book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith sleepless nights will be a thing of the past.
  • DEYW
    Dale Pinnock
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    Dale Pinnock - TV's Medicinal Chef and an all-round nutrition expert - reveals the best ways to treat type-2 diabetes in this incredible handbook/cookbook.

    In the book, Dale investigates why diabetes is on the rise and attempts to find out what we can do about it. Importantly, he believes a change in diet can be used to heal type-2 diabetes, while the recipes can be used alongside conventional medicine to help relieve type-1 diabetes.

    The first half of the book finds Dale looking at the physiology and anatomy of diabetes and how the modern diet contributes to this, while the second half provides a selection of recipes that will help you get 'carb-smart'. From an Avocado and Cheddar Omelette with Spicy Salsa to Chicken and Lentil Curry and even Low-GI Cheesecakes for pudding, there's something here to help you avoid - or relieve - diabetes.
  • BOIL
    Elaine Stavert
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    Whatever the weather - be it blistering heat or shivering cold - the elements can take their toll on your complexion. But with the hints, tips and recipes contained here, you can keep yourself in the pink! The simple step-by-steps help you make delicious beauty aids at home!
  • FREM
    Norman Shealy, MD, PhD
    • £4.00
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    With over 300 food remedies that will help prevent and cure common ailments, the latest book from C. Norman Shealy, founder of the American Holistic Medicine Association, is an essential addition to any household.

    Presented in an A-Z format, the book takes you through almost 300 superfoods and gives them a nutritional breakdown including their special properties - it features everything from age-old treatments like honey for sore throats through to oranges for vitamin C. There is also a wealth of in-depth information on more recently acknowledged superfoods, such as blueberries and kale...

    With simple tweaks to your everyday diet, you can live a far healthier and happier life - and The Illustrated Food Remedies Sourcebook can help you!
  • COMD
    Neil Sinclair
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    Neil Sinclair, ex-Commando, qualified childminder and full-time dad to three young troopers, provides a training manual for new recruits to fatherhood in Commando Dad: Basic Training.

    In no-nonsense terms, the manual will help dads-to-be plan for their baby trooper's arrival by showing them how to survive the first 24 hours, how to prepare nutritious food and how to deal with baby's hostilities, as well as giving advice on how to keep little ones entertained in various ways.

    An indispensable training guide that will make a great gift for any fathers-in-waiting, it covers how to look after babies from birth to when they're 3 years old.
  • UMMU
    Joel Rickett
    • £2.00
    • RRP £7.99
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    Written by How to Avoid Huge Ships and Whitstable Mum in Custard Shortage author Joel Rickett, and featuring Spencer Wilson's dazzling illustrations, H is for Hummus: A Modern Parents' ABC is a great picture book for any 'middle-class and proud' parent. With the traditional ABC books (A is for Apple, B is for Bear, C is for Cat etc) no longer reflecting the busy lives of today's toddlers, this book will provide them with far more useful and contemporary terms - A is for Allergy, B is for Babyccino, C is for Controlled Crying...

    A delightfully silly and refreshingly honest picture book that covers all the pains and joys of today's parenting. It's sure to strike a chord with sleep-deprived mums and dads everywhere and makes an entertaining little gift for the thoroughly modern parent.

    Please note this title contains adult themes that may not be appropriate for children.
  • EWTE
    Rachel de Thample
    • £4.99
    • RRP £14.99
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    We all strive to (or at least like to think we do...) eat our five recommended portions of fruit and veg every day, but sometimes it can be a lot harder than it sounds. That is, until now! Rachel de Thample, food editor for Abel & Cole, makes making delicious, nutritious food effortless in her brand new healthy cookbook, Five.

    An inspiration treasure trove to delightful dishes, in this healthy recipe book you will find a plethora of healthy-eating recipes including Fig, Almond and Orange Blossom Water Muffins; Wild Spring Spaghetti; Carrot Cake Scones; and much, much more besides - each with clearly flagged fruit and vegetable portion numbers (some of which even offer a full five portions!).

    Working for the likes of Marco Pierre White, Heston Blumenthal and Peter Gordon, Rachel knows a thing or two about flavoursome foods. We highly recommend this book for all those looking to embrace a healthy lifestyle.
  • YOME
    Zest Magazine
    • £2.00
    • RRP £9.99
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    Giving you the tools to progress from a beginner to a pro within the comfort of your own home, Yoga Made Easy is a clear guide from Zest Magazine that can be beneficial to people of all shapes and sizes. Yoga is known for improving health and suppleness and is hugely popular in health clubs, gyms and village halls up and down the country. This step-by-step guide means that you don?t have to step outside to reap the benefits ? instead relying on the excellent photography and explanatory labels that will talk you through your own tailored program.

  • GFJW
    James Wong
    • £6.99
    • RRP £20.00
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    We've all learned how to master growing beautiful-looking fruits and vegetables, but have you ever been disappointed with the flavours of the produce you've spent so long treating with the utmost care and attention? That's where James Wong comes in!

    By following his groundbreaking scientific tips and techniques, your fruit and veg yield will benefit from measurable improvements in flavour and supercharged quality and health value of all your home-grown harvests. Plus, you'll find 36 simple recipes for making the most of your new flavour-packed produce.

    Published in association with the Royal Horticultural Society, James Wong's new book, Grow for Flavour, gives you the techniques to maximize flavour while minimizing the effort involved.
    Paul Dolan
    • £7.99
    • RRP £9.99
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    As a Professor of Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics, Dolan conducts original research into the measurement of happiness and its causes and consequences, including the effects of our behaviour. Here he creates a new outlook on the pursuit of happiness - it's not just how you feel, it's how you act. Happiness by Design shows that being happier requires us to actively re-design our immediate environment. Enough has been written on how to think happy. Happiness by Design is about how to behave happy and how to incorporate the most recent research findings into our everyday lives.
  • MFYB
    • £3.99
    • RRP £14.99
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    Many parents love to keep a record of their baby's eventful first year in the big, wide world and whose illustrations are better to accompany these incredible pictures and notes than We're Going On a Bear Hunt's Helen Oxenbury's?

    Featuring her famous babies - stars of picture books for over 30 years - this is a wonderful book to remember precious moments forever. A brilliant gift for new parents!
  • SYPW
    • £4.99
    • RRP £16.99
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    If you have - or know anyone who has - a wedding coming up in the near future, How to Style Your Perfect Wedding will help them with all the planning to ensure the day is as spectacular and unforgettable as all weddings should be! Even if you're just helping to plan the day with a friend or family member, it will become an invaluable resource...

    Written by the experts at DK, the book covers everything from themes to ideas for a bridal shower and even how to add hand-made touches like bespoke bouquets to the occasion. The book also provides in-depth information on dress shapes and how you can incorporate traditions from different cultures around the world into the big day.

    There are also step-by-step projects to help you tailor a wedding to a couple's personalities and variations on the projects make sure it can be unique!
  • MLKB
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    The perfect gift to let your mum know that you love her, Mums Are Like Buttons: They Hold Everything Together is full of poignant and inspirational quotes about mothers.

    Beautifully illustrated, the book shows how the relationship between children and mothers is strong and special all over the world and across different cultures. From Jewish, Persian and Irish proverbs through to quotes from Louisa May Alcott, Jeanette Winterson and Fay Weldon, this is a heart-warming anthology sure to bring a smile to her face.

    Perfect for letting your mum know just how how much you love her!