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  • Beatrix Potter Audio Books - 23 CDs in a Tin - Collection - 9780723259879 - Beatrix Potter
    BPQ Toddlers
    Beatrix Potter
    • £20.00
    • RRP £91.77
    • Save £71.77
    • Just 87p per book
    Read by some of the country's leading actors, every one of Beatrix Potter's stories and rhymes is featured in this delightful CD selection.

    Beautifully packaged in a handy zipped tin, the 23 CDs are ideal for bedtime, playtime or for soothing listening on car journeys.

    Parents and children alike will love these enchanting recordings as they reacquaint themselves with the classic tales of Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle and all the other timeless characters that have delighted children for over 100 years. Running time 7 hours
  • AIWJ 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £4.99
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £10.00
    Written by Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is one of the most famous books of all time.

    Popular with generations of readers, this interactive-play edition lets children get involved in the story themselves as they put together seven jigsaws of the most famous scenes.

    With Helen Oxenbury's beautiful illustrations and the classic characters all featured, this is a present to have any child heading to Wonderland.
  • Paddington Audio Collection - 10 CDs - Collection - 9780007584314 - Michael Bond
    PACB 7 years +
    Michael Bond
    7 years +
    • £14.99
    • RRP £40.00
    • Save £25.01
    • Just £1.50 per book
    Michael Bond's Paddington Bear books have delighted children and their parents for over 50 years. In this wonderful Paddington audiobook collection, read aloud by none other than Stephen Fry and Jim Broadbent, Paddington gets into all kinds of hilarious trouble - with the best of intentions, of course.

    Featuring the classics A Bear Called Paddington and More About Paddington alongside newer stories Paddington Here and Now and Paddington Races Ahead, the collection will delight young children as they join Paddington on his extraordinary misadventures.

    Presented in a sturdy keepsake box to keep the included 11 CDs safe in the car and on the bookshelf at home (and anywhere else they can be enjoyed!), this collection of Paddington Bear audiobooks will keep children entertained for hours and hours.
  • Miffy Bag Collection - 6 Books - Collection - 9781471144875
    MIFF Toddlers
    • £5.00
    • RRP £29.94
    • Save £24.94
    • Just 83p per book
    This six-book collection, presented in a gorgeous cloth bag, will introduce young readers to one of the most popular and appealing children's characters around - the lovable bunny, Miffy.

    Written by Dick Bruna, all the books are presented in beautiful hardback and follow Miffy as she drifts off to sleep; enjoys a snow day; celebrates a birthday; starts at school; welcomes a new baby; and enjoys a day at the zoo.

    Full of familiar situations and eye-catching illustrations, Miffy will quickly become a favourite with the whole family.
  • The Gruffalo Anniversary Edition Set - 2 Books with CD - Collection - 9781447279426 - Julia Donaldson
    GANN 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £4.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £15.01
    • Just £2.50 per book
    Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's The Gruffalo is now established as one of the great children's books and children's characters of recent times. To celebrate his 15th anniversary, this set brings together the original book and The Gruffalo's Child alongside a CD so the whole family can listen to the stories together!

    Rhyming text, iconic illustrations and much more combine as you follow the brave mouse as he walks into a deep, dark wood... He comes face to face with an owl, a snake and a hungry Gruffalo. The sequel, which is just as charming and sure to be a bedtime favourite, finds the Gruffalo's child disobeying her father's warnings as she ventures out into the snow - will she come across the Big Bad Mouse?

    Enduring favourites that have become a childhood staple, the Gruffalo can be seen on stage, screen and in various real-life forests, but this is where it all started. Simply fantastic picture books for any little one.
  • Thomas Classic 70th Anniversary Collection - 26 Books - Collection - 9780603571626
    TCLA 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £24.00
    • RRP £207.74
    • Save £183.74
    • Just 92p per book
    Ever since 1945, Thomas the Tank Engine and friends have been delighting and entertaining children with their incredible adventures. This 26-book collection brings together The Rev W. Awdry's classic, original stories in one big, beautiful box.

    A beautiful keepsake for children to proudly display on their bookshelves, the colourful books are all presented in hardback and will introduce readers aged 3+ to the likes of Thomas, Gordon, Henry, James and Edward.

    Timeless tales that will be enjoyed as much by parents and grandparents as they will the children they're being read to, this is an amazing gift to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Railway series.

    Individual book dimensions: 102 x 139mm
  • FMPJ 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £4.99
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £10.00
    Ever since it was first published in 1986, Jill Murphy's Five Minutes' Peace has been a favourite with children and parents alike. With a theme that is completely familiar to every parent and humour that appeals to all ages, it was made for sharing!

    Now, the classic picture book has been revamped to include seven 12-piece jigsaws throughout the pages. Ideal for helping children develop their hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills, the book retains the original text so toddlers can read and play at the same time as they enjoy the story and piece together the striking original artwork in jigsaw form - copying it from the image hidden underneath the puzzle.
  • Dick Bruna's Christmas - Hardback - 9781471121128 - Dick Bruna
    DBCH 3 years +
    Dick Bruna
    3 years +
    • £4.00
    • RRP £10.00
    • Save £6.00
    With its gold-embossed cover, this gorgeous 50th anniversary edition of Miffy author Dick Bruna's Christmas will delight anyone lucky enough to receive it.

    Retelling the Nativity story in an iconic style, it's a wonderful treat for this time of year and is sure to become a favourite with all the family.
  • Acorn Wood Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781447270928 - Julia Donaldson
    AWSC 3 years +
    Julia Donaldson
    3 years +
    • £4.99
    • RRP £14.97
    • Save £9.98
    • Just £1.66 per book
    The team behind the Gruffalo, author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler, are responsible for some of the most popular children's books around. This set of three tiny board books, displayed in a beautiful slipcase, is perfect for sharing with children aged 1 and over as the books introduce the joys of reading and some soon-to-be familiar characters.

    All the books have flaps to lift, while the eye-catching artwork and rhyming text will be enjoyed as parent and child read through them together. Set in and around the joyous surroundings of Acorn Wood, Rabbit's Nap finds Rabbit determined to find out who is keeping him awake, while Hide-and-Seek Pig finds Pig trying to discover where Hen is hiding - will your child be able to help him?

    Fox's Socks is another fine, funny story and this time Fox just can't find his socks anywhere - are they under the rug or inside the clock? By lifting the flaps, you'll be able to find out... A delightfully interactive treat from a very talented duo.
  • Peppa Pig Bag Collection - 10 Books - Collection - 9780723296768
    PIGB 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £10.00
    • RRP £49.90
    • Save £39.90
    • Just £1.00 per book
    Book People favourite Peppa Pig stars in the ten exciting story books featured in this great collection, which also comes with a cute Peppa-themed bag to carry them all around in!

    Your young Peppa fan will be delighted as they read all about Peppa getting to grips with a new computer, Peppa and her friends playing football and the entire Pig family heading on a camping trip!

    Bright and bold with familiar characters and simple stories to follow, the books included here are sure to delight fans of the Channel 5 and Nick Jr. TV show.
  • PBCP 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £6.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £6.00
    With its lovable main character Pip and charming storyline, Fiona Boon and Clare Fennell's The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas will quickly become a festive favourite - and the beautiful plush toy that comes free with the board book makes it a great gift too!

    Pip is excited about the big day and can't sleep. When he hears a jingling sound, he can't resist following it... it must be a sleigh! Soon, Pip is lost but comes across a magical sight - Santa and the elves' village!

    But when he discovers Dancer has broken her leg and Santa needs eight reindeer for the sleigh to fly, it's up to Pip to be brave and step in to save the day... A charming bedtime story with a soft toy that will quickly become children aged 3 and over's new best friend!

    Please note the format of this book is a board book.
  • St Clare's Collection - 9 Books - Collection - 9780603571671 - Enid Blyton
    EBST 7 years +
    Enid Blyton
    7 years +
    • £8.00
    • RRP £62.91
    • Save £54.91
    • Just 89p per book
    Featuring all nine books from the wonderful St Clare's series, our Enid Blyton St Clare's Collection contains the multi-million-selling author's six original stories paired with Pamela Cox's three fabulous continuative tales.

    When twins Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan finish their time at the elite school Redroofs, they expect, like their friends, to go on to the similarly elite and very expensive secondary school Ringmere. But their parents have different ideas for the twins as they find themselves attending St Clare's. Furious at their parents' decision to not send them to Ringmere, Pat and Isabel promise to be as difficult as possible at their new school...

    Eventually making friends at the school, the series follows the comic capers of the twins as they play tricks on unsuspecting classmates and teachers.

    Packed with the pace, fun and wit of her Malory Towers and Naughtiest Girl series, our Enid Blyton St Clare's Collection is essential reading for all budding Blyton-ites and children aged 9 and above who love a good prank!
  • Little Miss: The Complete Collection - 37 Books - Collection - 9780603570537
    LMCC Toddlers
    • £18.00
    • RRP £110.63
    • Save £92.63
    • Just 49p per book
    Everyone loves the Mr. Men and Little Miss stories. They've been bestsellers and firm favourites with children ever since Roger Hargreaves first introduced them in the 1970s - and with his son Adam Hargreaves taking over the mantle, they still entertain young readers and families around the world today.

    Back by popular demand, our Little Miss Collection contains 37 books featuring familiar characters like Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Bossy and Little Miss Naughty. Fun-packed stories that are a delight to read through together and share, they'll make sure bedtime reading is full of laughter.

    Coming in a delightful display box, this collection also includes more recent additions to the Little Miss family - including Mr. Bump's equally clumsy sister Little Miss Whoops, the rather festive Little Miss Christmas and the simply adorable (and brand new) Little Miss Hug!
  • Holly Webb Kitten Stories Collection - 10 Books - Collection - 9781847157096 - Holly Webb
    HWKS 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £8.00
    • RRP £49.90
    • Save £41.90
    • Just 80p per book
    Delightful stories starring a litter of beautiful kittens, these books from Holly Webb are sure to warm any young cat-lover's heart and are perfect for newly independent readers.

    Throughout the books your young reader will get to meet Ginger the Stray Kitten, Smudge the Stolen Kitten and Sky the Unwanted Kitten, while other stories look at those young cats who have to show bravery in difficult situations.

    With simple plots and beautiful jackets, this is a lovely collection for all little readers aged 7+ who have a soft spot for felines.
  • Cut! Colour! Create! Collection- 2 Books - Collection - 9781909244771
    CCCR 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £4.00
    • RRP £15.98
    • Save £11.98
    • Just £2.00 per book
    With over 80 fun projects between them, this set of two paper-model-making books will provide hours of creative fun for children aged 7 and over.

    Using their endless imagination and design skills, they can transform the simple templates into colourful, fun 3D models of favourite animals and vehicles - from awesome off-roaders and cool supercars to tiny beetles and a ferocious shark!

    A great way to keep creative children happily entertained on rainy days, with these books all kids will need is pens, pencils, a glue stick, some scissors and their artistic flair.

    Please note: the models in these books require cutting out. Parental supervision is recommended.
  • Jeremy Strong Collection - 7 Books - Collection - 9780141365800 - Jeremy Strong
    JRMS 7 years +
    Jeremy Strong
    7 years +
    • £6.99
    • RRP £41.93
    • Save £34.94
    • Just £1.00 per book
    Jeremy Strong is one of the funniest authors writing in children's fiction and this is his series about Streaker, a dog that can run as fast as a whirlwind.

    Unfortunately, Streaker hasn't been trained well and her high jinks are driving people mad... Young readers will be racing through the pages to find out what she does next!
  • Where's Wally WOW Collection - 6 Books & Jigsaw - Collection - 9781406337495
    WWNJ 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £8.00
    • RRP £40.00
    • Save £32.00
    • Just £1.33 per book
    Have you found Wally yet? This six-book collection of everyone's favourite elusive hero also comes with an 80-piece jigsaw puzzle.

    Presented in a shiny, sturdy and stylish slipcase, it's a great gift that will get anyone's brain ticking as children aged 5 and over look for Wally and his friends Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard and enemy Odlaw.

    Martin Handford's books have had families searching for the stripy-shirted hero for years now (there are even things to spot on the jigsaw!), this will provide hours of search-and-find fun for new and old Where's Wally? fans.
  • Malory Towers Collection - 12 Books - Collection - 9780603571640 - Enid Blyton
    EBMT 9 years +
    Enid Blyton
    9 years +
    • £10.00
    • RRP £83.88
    • Save £73.88
    • Just 83p per book
    Enid Blyton is one of the most successful and best-loved children's authors of all time and we're very excited to bring Book People customers this complete collection of her wonderful Malory Towers books, which have been given cool and contemporary new cover art to introduce them to a whole new generation of young readers.

    Telling the story of Darrell Rivers, her friends and the trials and tribulations of their time at the famous boarding school, the books are full of drama, tension and adventure, as well as plenty of cheeky mischief that will delight young readers.

    A great series for keen new readers to get stuck into, we can guarantee they won't be able to put the books down.
  • Mad About Animals! Collection - 10 Books - Collection - 9781408342572 - Various
    RIJS 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £9.00
    • RRP £69.90
    • Save £60.90
    • Just 90p per book
    There's a rumble in the jungle and a commotion in the ocean in this collection all about awesome animals.

    There's something funny going on in Monkey Business; things are getting crazy in Farmyard Hullaballoo; and there's a wonderful rhyming adventure to enjoy in the hilarious Elephant Pants.

    With appealing artwork and bouncing text, the books provide great bedtime reading and there's a gorgeous bag to keep them all in.
  • 10-Minute Tales Collection in Tin - 8 CDs - Collection - 9789881341105
    TMTC 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £4.99
    • RRP £29.99
    • Save £25.00
    • Just 62p per book
    10-Minute Tales is an audiobook collection sure to keep any child aged 3+ happily listening and entertained - whether you're heading on a long journey, looking for a bedtime read or having a stay-at-home day...

    Presented in a gorgeous embossed tin, the 8-CD collection is full of 24 stories that all have stunning sound effects and immensely appealing, original background music.

    With animal stories, adventure stories, fairy tales and much more, your child won't know where to start - but we guarantee once they have decided they'll return to these again and again. A perfect audiobook collection.
  • SXH2 3 years +
    Sebastien Braun
    3 years +
    • £6.49
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £6.50
    Santa's snoring away, getting some well-earned rest in before his big trip - and it's your child's job to ring his alarm clock and wake him up, to make sure he's ready to deliver presents to all the good children. After all, there's so much still to do before Christmas Day!

    This is a fabulously noisy, sparkly, behind-the-scenes look at Santa's world as he prepares for the big day. With lots and lots of things to spot on every page and six festive sound buttons to add to the festive fun, Santa's Noisy House is a Christmas book that will be enjoyed over and over.
  • Julia Donaldson Audio Collection - 10 CDs - Collection - 9781447253235 - Julia Donaldson
    GFCD Toddlers
    Julia Donaldson
    • £9.00
    • RRP £40.00
    • Save £31.00
    • Just 90p per book
    The Gruffalo has become one of the most loved children's characters of all time and this 10-CD collection brings him, and many of his equally brilliant friends from Julia Donaldson's collection of books, to life in audio format.

    Perfect for long journeys and for keeping children entertained whatever the weather, among those delivering the soothing, rhyming stories are Imelda Staunton, Alexander Armstrong and even Julia Donaldson, the author of the books herself!

    A Squash and a Squeeze is a charming story; while Room on the Broom is hilarious; and The Snail and the Whale is quite rightly regarded as a children's classic. There is even the Gruffalo Song and Other Songs included, a CD which contains some of Julia's very own fun-filled action songs for children aged 3 and over.
  • Aliens Love Underpants Christmas Collection - 5 Books - Collection - 9781471121852 - Claire Freedman & Ben Cort
    UNDC 3 years +
    Claire Freedman & Ben Cort
    3 years +
    • £7.99
    • RRP £34.95
    • Save £26.96
    • Just £1.60 per book
    Featuring a funny festive tale starring the aliens as they meet - and fall in love with - Panta Claus, this is a five-book collection that will have your children laughing their pants off!

    Pirates, Aliens, Dinosaurs... they all love Underpants - and so will you with this funny collection that comes in its own stylish cloth bag adorned with the beloved Aliens Love Underpants characters.

    Written by Claire Freedman and illustrated by Ben Cort, these bold and bright picture books are sure to entertain any toddler as they discover just how funny aliens find underpants and how they saved the world; join the Pants Pirates on their quest for the Pants of Gold; and enjoy some prehistoric pants-based pandemonium in Dinosaurs Love Underpants.

    This is a rip-roaring collection of books that are just perfect for reading together.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Collection - 9 Books - Collection - 9780141363790 - Jeff Kinney
    MPYK 9 years +
    9 years +
    • £9.99
    • RRP £62.91
    • Save £52.92
    • Just £1.11 per book
    Zoo-Wee-Mama! We love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series here at the Book People and we know your children (and you!) will too. A series of books about Greg Heffley's misadventures in life, they're sure to make kids laugh out loud and will even encourage young reluctant readers to pick up a book.

    This slipcased collection contains books 1-8 in Jeff Kinney's bestselling series alongside a do-it-yourself book which will encourage children to start writing their own diary. Throughout the books, Greg has to deal with all the issues that affect any child's life - embarrassing families, flaky best friends (hi, Rowley) and ever-increasingly awkward school situations...

    This is a stunning set of hilarious, award-winning books for children aged 9 and over and it deserves a place on any young reader's bookshelf.