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  • TGSB
    Sarah Ockwell-Smith
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    There are few things as challenging as a young child's sleep - or lack of! This brand new book from the founder of BabyCalm, Sarah Ockwell-Smith, is an indispensable guide for parents, whatever challenges they're facing with their child's sleep.

    From bringing a newborn home to when they're settled in at school, this unique and eye-opening book sheds new light on common sleep problems and, using cutting-edge research and anecdotal information, provides a gentle, no-tears approach to handling a host sleep issues including night waking, bed-wetting and much, much more...

    Perfect for both expectant and exhausted parents, with the help of The Gentle Sleep Book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith sleepless nights will be a thing of the past.
  • BDBK
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    If you suffer from back pain, or know anyone who suffers from this painful symptom, then The BMA Bad Back Book may be able to help.

    Showing how you can take charge of back pain and providing advice for exercises to strengthen your back and improve the posture, the book covers all aspects of back care. There are clear and simple diagrams that show the anatomy of backs and necks, as well as specialised sections that deal with back pain in specific scenarios such as home, work, driving and gardening.

    The highly informative book also provides advice on where you can seek help for a bad back and how you can get the best results from rehabilitation.
  • AYOW
    Dr Ilona Boniwell & Dr Patrici
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    From the food we eat to the activities and pastimes we choose, A Year of Well-being provides 365 simple ways in which we can live happier, healthier and smarter.

    Written by physician and medical journalist Dr. Patricia MacNair and psychologist Dr. Ilona Boniwell, the book shows how you can take control of lifestyle choices throughout the four seasons and is sure to encourage a new positive outlook.

    With postive advice for every day of the year, the beautiful book is full of colour illustrations and is very informative, inspirational and scientifically rigorous!
  • NHRT
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    Natural Healing Remedies & Therapies is a complete practical guide to natural health, relaxation and vitality and is sure to appeal to anyone who is looking to lead a better life and looking for natural solutions.
  • HBQ 9 years +
    9 years +
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    Amazingly detailed and incredibly informative, The Human Body Book & DVD is a fascinating interactive look at what makes us tick.

    This superb hardback explores the inner workings of the body; analysing the nervous system, our skeletal structure and everything else that makes us who we are. With the interactive DVD you can put the human body under the microscope, zooming in on various body parts to observe in fine detail blood pulsing through arteries or muscle fibres twitching.

    An unmissable adventure that analyses symptoms of diseases and details all the body's most incredible processes, this is an invaluable home resource.
  • DEYW
    Dale Pinnock
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    Dale Pinnock - TV's Medicinal Chef and an all-round nutrition expert - reveals the best ways to treat type-2 diabetes in this incredible handbook/cookbook.

    In the book, Dale investigates why diabetes is on the rise and attempts to find out what we can do about it. Importantly, he believes a change in diet can be used to heal type-2 diabetes, while the recipes can be used alongside conventional medicine to help relieve type-1 diabetes.

    The first half of the book finds Dale looking at the physiology and anatomy of diabetes and how the modern diet contributes to this, while the second half provides a selection of recipes that will help you get 'carb-smart'. From an Avocado and Cheddar Omelette with Spicy Salsa to Chicken and Lentil Curry and even Low-GI Cheesecakes for pudding, there's something here to help you avoid - or relieve - diabetes.
  • HANA
    Alice M Roberts
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    Go on a visual journey and discover the biological wonders of the human body with Human Anatomy: The Definitive Visual Guide.

    In the book you'll be greeted by spectacular anatomical images of each of the body's core systems in dazzling detail - from ear bones to lymph nodes - expertly written and annotated to provide essential details on organs and body structures.

    A beneficial resource to anyone studying Biology or Physiology, or for those curious as to how these in-depth systems combine to make the body work, the book is the definitive visual guide to human anatomy.
    Nina Barough
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    This is a total fitness programme from power-walking expert Nina Barough. Keep fit, tone-up and lose weight - walking is the perfect way to achieve optimum health, hassle free. Power-walking expert Nina Barough reveals there is a world of difference between a casual stroll and an energising, body-sculpting power walk. Founder of the annual Moonwalk, Nina explains how this low-impact form of exercise can be done by anyone, anywhere at anytime and her total walking programme will help you achieve health, vitality and weight-loss. This book was made for walking!
  • BIMD
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    With easy-to-understand explanations of over 5,500 medical terms, this fully updated reference dictionary is a useful addition to any family's bookshelf.

    Fully illustrated, the dictionary provides more than just basic definitions with information on how it affects the patient as well as advice on possible treatments also included.

    This resource dictionary will help you know when to seek medical treatment and also provide you with the correct details on a range of anatomical terms, disorders, tests and drugs.
  • ENUM
    Stefan Gates
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    This fascinating, jargon-free guide to E numbers aims to be balanced, entertaining and useful. Rather than scaremongering, Stefan Gates sets out to discuss just how bad our food would taste, how wrong it would look and how potentially lethal it would be if we didn't have E numbers. Listing and analysing all 219 Es approved for use in food, he also talks about naturally occurring Es and how to understand the labelling. An intelligent, intrepid and funny accompainment to the BBC2 TV show.

  • TSFF
    Robert West
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    One of the most popular New Year's Resolutions is to quit smoking and The SmokeFree Formula could have the answer if you have decided to stop for 2015.

    Featuring a revolutionary approach from Professor Robert West, the book contains advice that can apply to all smokers on all occasions. It takes a look at some of the quitting methods available and reveals which are the most effective, before combining these with a personalised formula that can work for all levels of smokers.

    Drawing on more than 30 years of research, Professor West not only tells you how to combat cravings and avoid putting on weight, he also provides advice on nicotine patches, e-cigarettes and whether it's better to cut down or go cold turkey.
    Peter Fermie
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    This title includes information from treating cuts, sprains and bandaging in an emergency to making decisions on headaches, fevers and rashes: plus all you need to know about the long-term health and fitness of your family. This title is packed with over 1100 photographs, artworks, diagrams and illustrations, all in colour, specially commissioned to teach essential first-aid techniques and to show symptoms clearly. It provides information on how to cope and care in an emergency - from splints, simple bandages and slings to resuscitation and life-saving technique, all shown step-by-step. It tackles the health issues that will affect your family all the way through their lives. It provides quick-reference boxes that identify the most obvious symptoms of an illness, while the text analyses possible diagnoses and appropriate responses. The first half of the book is packed with a wide range of information on every aspect of first aid and life saving, with special sections on babies and toddlers; outdoor safety and travel; and, planning a safe and secure home. Informative flow charts, symptom lists and warning boxes are featured, and background information explains how to stay healthy and prevent accidents. In the second half of the book hundreds of medical conditions are examined, discussed and diagnosed. Practical and jargon-free advice is given on every type of illness, from everyday complaints such as colds, headaches and fatigue, through to serious conditions including strokes, kidney stones and Parkinson's Disease.
    Pippa Keech
    • £7.64
    • RRP £8.99
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    An authoritative manual that brings all the safe accessible and reliable first aid information you will need together into one handy volume. Understanding at least the basics of first aid is a vital skill that everyone should master, and this book is the perfect teacher. This fully illustrated, comprehensive guide provides expert, up-to-date information on the safest and easiest ways to prevent and deal with all kinds of problems and emergencies. It includes chapters that cover special life-saving techniques, problems specific to babies and small children, outdoor safety, safety tips for active hobbies or travelling abroad, and how to avoid accidents and dangerous medical situations, complementary therapies and alternative treatments and solutions.
  • WORK
    Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy
    • £2.50
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    Written by Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy, Total Home Workout is an inspirational book that aims to get you in shape, whether you're a keep-fit fanatic or a fitness phobic.

    According to the book, all you need is 20 minutes of focused exercise a day to reshape your body. Simple exercises and routines that easily fit in with your lifestyle are included, enabling you to see the results of your workout quickly.
    • £11.99
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    Find a fitness workout that works for you with the home fitness bible. Whether you want to fit into your skinny jeans, brave a swimming costume in six weeks or squeeze in some exercise during your lunch break, "The Fitness Book" will help you find a workout that fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle. From stretching to strength-training and yoga to Pilates, over 500 exercises are covered plus questionnaires and tests help you identify the perfect workout for you. Tips on motivation and advice on healthy eating will keep you on the right track when the going gets tough. Easy to follow, enjoyable and achievable, "The Fitness Book" is your own gym membership for life so cancel your costly subscription and find a routine that really works for you.
    Elizabeth Hufton
    • £5.99
    • RRP £9.99
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    Running is one of the most popular activities worldwide, and provides an incredible feeling of achievement as well as offering an enjoyable and accessible way to get fit. This superb book is an ideal reference guide for beginners, with easy-to-follow advice and guidance on getting started, staying motivated, and improving your performance. To help you begin to run, the first part of the book provides practical advice, including basic health checks, progressive walk/run programmes, a six-week plan of running for fitness, and exercises to build up strength. Appropriate clothing and equipment, stretching exercises and warm-up routines are described. Once you have achieved a certain standard you may want to try an event, and there is a special section devoted to explaining what kinds of events are suitable, from a 5K walk/run to a marathon. With over 300 photographs and illustrations, including step-by-step instruction, this expert book is essential reading for anyone who wants to begin and to improve their running. This title is the perfect introduction to one of today's fastest-growing and most popular activities, full of tips to help you stay motivated. It provides a fascinating insight into the world of running and its history, with a survey of the greatest runners and famous races. It includes start-up advice on basic health checks, running kit and footwear, core strength training and stretching exercises, and more. As you develop your distance and running skills there are progressive walk/run programmes and guidance on building up miles and hill running. It contains expert advice on pre-run and post-run nutrition, and entering and training for events. Clear and instructive step-by-step photographic sequences throughout make it easy to start and keep running.
    Chris Jenner
    • £8.49
    • RRP £9.99
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    How to manage your arthritis by becoming an expert patient. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of disability, affecting areas in and around the joints and bringing misery to a staggering 10 million people in the UK and 46 million in the USA. Arthritis occurs not just amongst older age groups but across all age ranges, and impacts hugely on the lives of sufferers and their families. Dr Chris Jenner's easy-to-read and highly informative book shows that much of the suffering experienced as a result of this painful condition is unnecessary. Starting with a no-nonsense look at the condition itself, Dr Jenner focuses on the many ways in which arthritis can affect daily life and leads the reader through the variety of options available to sufferers. He shows how the effects of this potentially debilitating disease can be minimised so that quality of life is restored.