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    Following the success of Mary Berry's first book in the authoritative "My Kitchen Table" series, "100 Cakes and Bakes", the baking expert returns with a new collection of tempting delights. In this compact cookbook, Mary has selected 100 mini bakes perfect for afternoon tea, such as biscuits, pastries, cupcakes and tea breads, and her favourite puddings, including dessert cakes, tarts, pies, cheesecakes and sponge puddings, to provide plenty of inspiration to satisfy any sweet tooth. Including classic recipes and new ideas - all tried-and-tested and photographed - "100 Sweet Treats and Puds" is the perfect companion to Mary's "100 Cakes and Bakes" and an attractive addition to any cookery collection.
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    Ditch the takeaways and learn to make your very own fresh and healthy Chinese food. Learn to make all your favourites dishes, with recipes including Chicken noodle soup, Sweet and sour pork and Singapore chicken, and let your tastebuds be tempted by more unusual textures and flavours, as you choose from an exciting array of dishes, from Duck with honey and lime sauce to Peanut, squid and noodle salad, to Sesame tuna with spicy noodles. With a wide range of dishes including broths, main courses, salads and snacks, you can enjoy Chinese cuisine at any time of day, in your own home.

    Mridula Baljekar

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    Curry has grown to become one of the world's best-loved dishes, whether enjoyed at a restaurant or prepared at home. Delicious and aromatic, they can spice up any meal or occasion. This comprehensive and informative cookery guide begins by examining the history of curries in India and around the world.

    The 150 fragrant dishes that follow are authentic curry recipes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. Each of the recipes is clearly presented with step-by-step instructions and pictures to show the dish at each stage of preparation.

    Whether or not cooking curries is new to you, this book will inspire and delight with recipes that are bursting with spicy flavours, both subtle and complex.

    Giorgio Locatelli

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    In this exquisitely designed and photographed volume, Britain's favourite Italian chef brings forth the work of a lifetime: combining old Locatelli family stories and recipes with the contemporary must-have dishes from his celebrated London restaurants. 'I am an Italian chef who has cooked in Paris and come of age in London,' says Giorgio Locatelli. 'Innovative, imaginative food is what people expect from me, but everything I do has its roots in classical, regional Italian cooking.' This is the book that fans of Locatelli have been waiting for ever since he first made his name at Zafferano. The recent opening of Locanda Locatelli, widely regarded as one of the most exciting restaurants in London, has fuelled interest in this master chef. Locatelli lights up Locanda with his big, welcoming personality, seamlessly marrying style with an all-Italian mission simply to bring people together at the table to share food, relax and enjoy good company and conversation. In the same way, his delight in food shines through on every page of this exciting new book. Whether he is reminiscing about the dishes of his native Lombardy, suggesting a starter combining the simplest and freshest ingredients, or explaining how to make the ultimate risotto, Locatelli transports the reader into his own kitchen to savour the real tastes of Italy. Full of the insight and historical detail you might expect from a food writer, combined with the hands-on expertise of a top chef, peppered with evocative stories, and funny and often outspoken observations on the state of food today, this is the contemporary Italian food bible, from the acknowledged master of modern Italian cooking.

    Luke Nguyen

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    The Mekong is one of Asia's most famous rivers, twisting through gorgeous rainforests and mountains. Join Luke Nguyen as he journeys down the river, immersing himself in the culture and communities of the countries he visits, learning stories and histories from each region as well as sampling and recreating local cuisines. Luke begins his travels in China where he explores the centuries old traditions of the Yunnan Province. He moves to Myanmar where he uncovers some of the country's unique flavours, and then onto Northern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and finally Vietnam, Luke's homeland and the location of this mighty river's floodplains. From China to Vietnam contains over 70 recipes that celebrate popular dishes as well as lesser-known regional delicacies. Sample chargrilled pork grilled in bamboo from Thailand, steamed lemongrass and dill fish from Laos, tea-infused sesame dumplings from China or for the more adventurous, clay-pot cola chicken from Cambodia. With heartwarming stories, breathtaking location photography and stunning images, From China to Vietnam is a must-have cookbook that will be treasured for many years to come.

    Molly Bakes

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    Chocolate is a magical ingredient. Everyone loves eating it. And if you can cook with it, your baking will rise to a whole new level. But - here's an untold secret - cooking with chocolate can be incredibly easy. Here Molly Bakes shares with us 50 of her favourite recipes for chocolate treats that are stylish, playful and totally delicious. They include: techniques (like Chocolate Cups); filled chocolates (like Salted Caramel); iconic choc bars (like Homemade Snickers); classic chocolatey bakes (like the Ultimate Chocolate Cake); no bake treats (like Rocky Road); and seasonal treats (like Fondant-filled Easter Eggs).

    Jeffrey Morgenthaler

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    Bar Book is the only technique-driven cocktail handbook, breaking bartending down into essential techniques that anyone can understand and then applying them to building the best drinks. Like Ruhlman's Twenty, but for home bar enthusiasts, this book teaches techniques, methods and critical thinking. Sixty recipes demonstrate the concepts covered in the text. From renowned bartender and cocktail brain Jeffrey Morganthaler.

    Alan Dunn

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    Cake decoration is an art that can turn your everyday baking into a beautiful display of skill and creativity. With the right instruction anyone can learn how to create marvellous designs following fun, quick and innovative techniques. Alan Dunn's "Creative Cakes" covers a variety of cake decorating methods, ranging from more elaborate designs to several simple and straightforward ideas that can be followed by the amateur cake decorator with ease. The featured concepts are suitable for a variety of occasions, including wedding, engagement, anniversary and birthday cakes and a special section guides the reader through simple step-by-step instructions for elegant and stylish flower decorations. If you are looking for the most inspired and innovative cake decoration ideas, this book will exceed your expectations.

    Jamie Oliver

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    "Jamie's Kitchen" is the ultimate guide for people who love great food and want to cook. It's packed with clear, no-nonsense advice and inspiration, as well as over 100 brand new recipes from the cookery course and the restaurant. Jamie's approach is honest and easy - this is not a heavy duty 'cook like a professional' book, weighed down with facts, figures and techniques. Jamie guides you through different cooking methods - from poaching and boiling, to char-grilling and pot-roasting. He encourages you to have confidence, a sense of independence, a laugh and - importantly - to be the boss in your own kitchen.

    Melanie Wagner

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    Hello, Wine is a stress-free wine education in short form, delivered in bytes of information, accessible recommendations, and tasting party menus. This chunky handbook package, written by Master Sommelier Melanie Wagner, with 60 watercolor illustrations by Lucy Engelman, explores the world of wine in 12 chapters in a way that's neither too technical or over simplified to appeal to a young audience just getting into wine.

    Weight Watchers

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    Sexy, fun and colourful this book is what 50% of the female population crave - a book of reminders, tips and ideas to sustain them between WeightWatchers (and other slimming programmes) meetings. This is not preachy or bossy but a great book to keep in your handbag or your desk drawer and dip into at moments of weakness. What to do on holiday, parties, lunches, going out with friends - at home all day? Here's how to take your mind off eating the wrong things. Here are incentives to get you moving instead of snacking.

    Wendy Sweetser

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    With 450 recipes in a whopping 600 pages, this book has so much juicy (and slushy and smoothie) goodness! Drink up from morning till night, with breakfast ideas that go beyond orange juice; fizzy and fun party mocktails; junior choices kids will love (served with cool decorations); as well as healthy options, creamy indulgences, winter warmers, summer coolers, and more. Daily juice programs target health and diet and a three-day detox program makes cleansing your system simple!

    Antoinette Savill

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    New edition bringing together the full range of recipes from Antoinette Savill's Sensitive Gourmet books. Also includes a new selection of 25 ultra low fat options. Antoinette Savill's previous titles broke new ground in creative, cosmopolitan cookery for people suffering from sensitivity to wheat, dairy or gluten. Now both the Sensitive Gourmet and More From The Sensitive Gourmet are available as one book. All those with lactose and wheat sensitivity, coeliac disease, asthma and eczema or chronic fatigue will find the book invaluable. Over 200 recipes cover the entire range of dishes. From light savoury snacks and soups, to meat, fish and vegetables dishes for dinner parties through to naughty puddings, cakes, and fresh home-made breads.

    A. S Dagnell

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    Mary Berry is one of Britain's most respected and well-loved gurus of the kitchen. The undisputed Queen of the Aga has been the focus of many television shows and regularly contributes her expertise on "Woman's Hour." The recent hit BBC show "The Great British Bake Off" has once again put Mary back into the limelight and has reignited a passion for baking across the nation. Inspired by domestic science classes at school, Mary took a catering course at her local college before gaining a qualification from the Cordon Bleu school in Paris. After a stint working for the Electricity Board where she demonstrated to new owners of electric cookers how to operate them by cooking a Victoria sponge, and then as editor of "Housewife and Ideal Home" magazine, Mary published her first cookbook, "The Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook," in 1970 and hasn't looked back since. As well as cookery books, Mary has collaborated with her daughter Annabel to produce their own range of dressings and sauces which as now sold worldwide. But her personal life has also been touched by tragedy, as her son William was killed in a car accident at the age of just 19. With over 70 cookbooks under her belt, there is no doubt that Mary Berry is one of Britain's most successful cookery writers. Awarded the CBE in 2012, her gentle personality and classic family cooking style are a remarkable contrast to some of the more outspoken celebrity television chefs--just one of the reasons why, even after over 40 years in the industry, she is so well loved. This is her fascinating story.

    Valentina Harris

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    Discover the delights of the world's best-loved cuisine with authentic recipes from the Alpine villages of Piedmont to the sun-baked fishing towns of Puglia. This is a collection of five stunning books that encompass the world-famous regional cuisines of Italy.

    Providing a fascinating overview of the area, its varied landscape and history, and the local produce and culinary traditions, the book features delicious recipes that cover all the classics, as well as lesser-known specialities.

    Packed with 325 inspiring Italian dishes, such as Bucatini with Amatriciana Sauce from Lazio, Classic Ragu Bolognese from Emilia-Romagna, Risotto with Chianti from Tuscany, Sardinian Foccacia Twist, and Panna Cotta from Piedmont, this collection allows everyone to share the Italian joy of cooking.

    Madhur Jaffrey

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    A revised and updated edition of Madhur Jaffrey's classic Indian cookery book.

    As well as recipes, she includes comprehensive background information on spices and seasonings, equipment, authentic preparation techniques and suggested menus.

    Simona Hill

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    In this title 85 recipes are included, each low in fat and cholesterol and suitable for everyone. Light and flavourful desserts include custards, whips, jellies, compotes and brulees, with a chapter on ices, granitas and sophisticated sorbets. Each recipe contains less than 5g of fat per portion and is calorie-counted to help you keep track of your daily intake. A comprehensive introduction provides advice on choosing low-fat alternatives to standard ranges, and ways to reduce the amount of saturated fat in your diet. For those with a sweet tooth, desserts are often the undoing of good intentions to stick to a low-fat diet. However, if dessert is an essential part of mealtimes, then planning ahead and building up a repertoire of low-fat treats that can be made quickly and easily is the answer. This appealing volume features 85 delicious, low-fat recipes that are guaranteed to satisfy any sweet cravings. All are shown with step-by-step instructions and photographs and many use standard storecupboard ingredients, and can be rustled together in minutes. Best of all each recipe contains only 5 grams of fat or fewer per portion, so that you can enjoy the foods that you like the most. Illustrated with 425 colour photographs, this book is a must for every diet-conscious cook.

    Jeremy Pang

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    In Chinese Unchopped, acclaimed teacher, TV chef and School of Wok founder Jeremy Pang demystifies the secret traditions of Chinese cookery, revealing the core techniques that bring the authentic flavours of traditional Chinese cooking into your own home.

    Opening with the Chinese Kitchen essentials, Jeremy outlines everything you need to know to set up a workable Chinese kitchen. All the necessary equipment such as cleavers and woks is covered, along with a dazzling array of ingredients that make up the Chinese pantry, with tips on which to buy when starting out. Above all though, the focus is on preparation - the key to unlocking successful Chinese cooking with its often lightning-quick cooking processes.

    Jeremy's ingenious 'Wok Clock' sorts your prepared ingredients into the right order for rapid cooking with stir-frys and sautees.Once you've covered the essentials, Chinese Unchopped moves through six chapters outlining the fundamental techniques in Chinese cooking, including stir-frying, deep-frying, steaming, poaching and braising, roasting and double cooking.

    Frederic Du Bois

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    Gin-tonic, the drink of the eighties, is more hip than ever before. Bars, clubs, gin menus in restaurants - gin is everywhere. This book answers all the questions that gin lovers could possibly have. Richly illustrated, it covers the history of gin and the gin families with their distinct characteristics and flavours. Nowadays there are over 150 sorts of gin and 20 sorts of tonic water. What to choose and what to add next to the tonic water and gin? With foodpairing and accompanying dishes. Last but not least an overview is given of the most famous gin bars worldwide.

    Jamie Oliver

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    Ever since working at the River Cafe for Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray, Jamie Oliver has had a serious passion for Italian food. Now, ten years later, Italy and its wonderful flavours continue to have a major influence on his food and cooking. In "Jamie's Italy", Jamie travels this famously gastronomic country paying homage to the classic dishes of each region and searching for new ideas to bring home. The result is a sensational collection of Italian recipes, old and new, that will ensure Italy's influence reaches us all. Jamie's book will transport you to Italy or at least bring Italy home to you.

    Jody Vassallo

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    Coeliac disease is a medically diagnosed life-long condition that results in a permanent intolerance to gluten.

    However, those with the skin condition known as dermatitis herpetiformis also need to eat gluten-free foods.

    This book offers great-tasting gluten-free recipes not only for everyday staples but for Christmas celebrations and parties too - including walnut muffins and pizza melts...

    Oz Clarke

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    You can't hold all the wine information you need in your head, but with this handy guide you can be sure it is available whenever you want it. Indispensable as ever, Oz Clarke's now classic Pocket Wine Book is meticulously updated each year. This is the 21st edition and the book has more information, more recommendations, more facts, passion and opinion than any other comparable guide to wine. Organised in an easy-to-use A-Z format, the entries cover wines, producers, grapes and wine regions from all over the world. For optimum browsing, the guide includes a handy country by country index as well as a full producer index to help you find over 4000 of the world's top wine producers and their wines. Detailed vintage charts with information on which of the world's top wines are ready for drinking in 2013, can be found on the inside front and back covers. New for this year is an extra 8-page colour section to add extra sparkle to the 2013 edition.

    Emma Summer

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    Create fresh and delicious meat-free menus with these mouth-watering recipes for soups, starters and appetizers, salads, main courses, side dishes and desserts

    Fiona Dunlop

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    Explore some of the world's most vibrant and flavourful food with this delicious collection of classic and contemporary Mexican dishes. From the traditional favourites, including Tortilla Rolls in Tomato Sauce, Chilli Bean Soup and Slow-cooked Pork, to innovative new dishes such as Artichoke & Clam Soup and Fig Tarts.