Superphonics Collection - 20 Books (Collection)

Ruth Miskin

(6) 5 years +

Give your child a head start in reading with the highly acclaimed Superphonics reading programme. This brilliant set offers four reading levels - to allow your child to progress as they gain confidence. With lots of illustrations and fun-to-read text, using the Superphonics scheme means that learning to read will not only be an educational experience but an enjoyable one too!

Titles in this collection (1-10 of 20)
  • The Runaway Snail
  • A Goat in a Boat
  • Witchipoo's School
  • White Knight
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Mouse Power!
  • The Three Clares
  • Robot Roy
  • The Big Bath Band
  • The Zebrapotamus

Product Details

  • Product code: XSUPH
  • ISBN: 9780750050524
  • Publisher: Hachette Childrens Books
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 19.2cm x 15.3cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 9

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"Great!!" -

Our daughter has struggled with reading as she has not enjoyed it. These stories are funny and she is able to spell out any words she is unsure of. Anything which gives her confidence in her reading is loved by us.

Helen, 11/08/2011

"Good" -

I love these books they are great and fun to read. I agree with everything Mrs Clark has said however I think it is worth noting that if you are familiar with the ORT or Ruth miskins read&write inc then the first level of these start at around level 2/3.

I dont feel they are suitable for those just starting out but are great for those at the level. The advantage with them starting at a higher level is that they bridge the gap better between graded reading and first chapter books. The books are wonderfully written and engaging.

Zoe, 19/07/2011

"Excellent set of books" -

Excellent set of books which I use as a foundation for home tuition in reading. Each book is colour coded. The 5 colours represent a graded approach to phonic learning. The sounds practised in the rhymes and stories are listed on the back of the book. Inside the book, there is a list of words which will occur. These are phonically a-e, ay, ai. The stories are fun and amuse childen, and they have coloured illustrations. There are also phonic practice lists in each book for work on distinguishing sounds as a separate exercise. Ruth Miskin is a highly acclaimed teacher and author of books concerning literacy. There are other materials similarly graded which support this phonic series wirh exercises, word building taks and spellings. I rate them the most structured series available.

Mrs C A Clark, 06/11/2010

"Great Books" -

Got them for my 5 year old daughter for Christmas and she loves them. They are helping her with sounding out the words and giving her confidence with her reading. Excellent value for money.

Julie, 19/01/2010

"Great value for great books" -

These are fantastic books suitable for all children learning to read (reception - year 2). There is a lot of reading in the hardest books and they have really helped my daughter to reinforce the phonics sounds, particular the harder vowel sounds. Everyone should buy these books!

Eve Sacks, 25/11/2009

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