James Wong's Homegrown Revolution (Hardback)

James Wong


In Homegrown Revolution, acclaimed gardener and Countryfile reporter James Wong will show you how to grow a completely new range of fruit and vegetables in your own garden. A simple and revolutionary idea, in the book James will show you how to grow an incredible range of edible fruit and veg that is suitable for temperate climates and is tasty, healthy and a great alternative to the humble potato or lettuce. With his trademark enthusiasm, James will show you how to cook and eat the delicious treats on offer too. As the demand for home-grown produce increases, there could not be a better time to try growing your own and this is the perfect guide to help you get started!

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  • Product code: HORV
  • ISBN: 9780297867128
  • Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
  • Format: Hardback
  • Dimensions: 24.6cm x 18.9cm
  • Pages: 272
  • Book points: 6

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Two Wongs do make a right. -

This is the second James Wong book that I've bought and it's another winner. JW provides his own take on gardening from his 'ten commandments', through 'exotic' fruit and veg that can thrive over here onto a range of tasty recipes. A really nice 'alternative-style' book that would make a nice present for any keen home grower.

Aardvark, 18/11/2012


If you like to try something new, this book is brilliant; how to grow, harvest and eat. How to make natural flavours and colours, insecticde and safe slug repellent. I never knew how much food harvest there was in the average flower bed, again what and how to eat - it's all there. A perfect garden to kitchen bible.

Alison, 30/10/2012