True Blood Collection - 10 Books (Collection)

Charlaine Harris -

Full of all the thrills, romance and drama that made True Blood such a big television hit, Charlaine Harris' series of novels are a must read for fans of vampire fiction. Told through the eyes of small town cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse, this collection of novels details her incredible life; one that she shares with only a few close friends, because not everybody appreciates her gift - the ability to read minds! An enormously popular and exciting series, True Blood has shown once and for all that not all vampire books are written for teenagers!

Titles in this collection

  • Dead Until Dark
  • Living Dead in Dallas
  • Club Dead
  • Dead to the World
  • Dead as a Doornail
  • Definitely Dead
  • All Together Dead
  • From Dead to Worse
  • Dead and Gone
  • A Touch of Dead: The Sookie Stackhouse Stories

Book Details

  • Product code: NTRU
  • Publisher: Orion Publishing Group
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 19.8cm x 12.9cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 9

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"Addicted!!!" -

Amazing series, totally hooked! Im so glad I bought the set as I'm reading them so fast, I just can't put them down. A real bargain and super fast delivery! Do not hesitate to buy ;)

Tammy, 08/05/2011

"Brilliant deal!" -

The price is amazing compared to other retailers, the cheapest I have found so far, also quick delivery. It only took me 2 weeks to read all books as I was instantly hooked and couldn't put them down! I also watch the tv series and think they are both equally as good as each other although the tv show isn't completely the same and has changed a lot of the plots and characters. This didn't matter at all though. I might buy another set for my friend's birthday and introduce her to the best books I have read in a long time!

Sarah, 06/05/2011

"Brilliant!" -

I saw these books just before Christmas and thought they were such a good price, they were in my mum's book so I asked her to order them if she was going to order anything else as I wasn't that worried about reading them at first. I'd completely forgotten about them and my mum hadn't said anything for ages until Christmas day when I opened a couple of presents from my sister and they were these books!! I was so pleased, I started the first one that day. They are so easy to get into, you always know what's happened in the previous books as there are always little reminders. Usually I read light-hearted books but I couldn't put these books down. I would finish one and get the next out straight away. They are full of sex, violence and love. I did see that True Blood was on TV and watched a bit (after reading the books) and I couldn't get into it at all as the characters all looked and sounded different to what I had imagined!! I recommend very strongly that you buy these books! :)

Rachel, 06/05/2011

"Bitten" -

I loved these books! They had me hooked. Fantastic price. Also I would recommend Morganville by Rachel Caine, Twilight & Kitty the Werewolf. All have been brilliant.

Rachel, 27/04/2011

"Love Love Love it!" -

An absolute bargain, cannot keep my head out of them. I ordered on the Thursday, and they came on the Saturday... and it was a bank holiday Friday... Thank You ;-)

Amie, 26/04/2011

"Don't Hesitate to Buy" -

I only ordered these books because I'd seen the TV series, and my first thought when I saw the price was that they can't be that good if they're that cheap. How wrong I was!!! Since they arrived I have been well and truly hooked. If you're in two minds as to buy these books, don't hesitate, you will love them! They work out at just £1 per book which is less than most charity shops charge for a second hand book. I have now read them all, plus the most recent paperback not included in this set and they all look great on the bookshelf together. These have to be my all time best find from the Book People.

Rhonda, 23/04/2011

"*****" -

Too good to be true? Apparently not!!I was very dubious about ordering these as it really does seem too good to be true. However, I ordered on Thursday morning and received delivery Friday morning! They are even the latest version with the characters on the cover! Outstanding value and service!!! This has become my new 'favourite' site.

Sharyn, 08/04/2011

"Loving it" -

I am currently reading through these and loving every minute, they are a must! Especially at £10!!

Sarah Taylor, 07/04/2011

"The real deal" -

Wow I was so happy this morning when I received my delivery and opened the box to find 10 full sized paperbacks with normal sized print inside, not that tiny print other book clubs/shops use on box sets.Super-fast delivery at a great price, the real deal books, and all at a bargain price, wow impressed! Thank you Book People I will be buying again.

Jen, 07/04/2011

"Fangtastic Buy" -

I honestly cannot believe that I have just got these books for £10.00! They are triple that price anywhere else that I looked! So impressed that I ended up buying another set for my friend.

Angie, 05/04/2011

"Wicked" -

I loved them, finding them very hard to put down.

Leigh, 25/03/2011

"100% value for money" -

I honestly did not believe all 9 books were £10 plus the bonus book but they were. I bought them for my wife as she loves the show and she thinks the books are much better. Thank you so much Book People, it's got me out of doing choirs for a month!

Greg Bready, 14/03/2011

"Could not put them down" -

Read all ten books in about 4 weeks, could not put them down. Way better than the TV series, more details. They are great value for money too at £1 a book. Couldn't do better anywhere else.

Sharon, 14/03/2011

"Extraordinary!!" -

I honestly thought I was being scammed... 10 books for £9.99?? And only £1.75 postage? That's madness!!! Plus these books for between £3.99 and £4.99 each depending which series it is! I received this morning the series of True Blood books with the pictures of the characters and was absolutely amazed!! I can't believe how much I have got for my money! It's incredible! Brand new books at £1 each?! That's stupendous! I have already told my family and friends as I could barely believe it when I ordered!! Took 5 days to arrive but that was over the weekend too so that can't really be taken into account! Arrived in a lovely red box and packaged beautifully! I am so pleased and will definitely be back for more titles! I'm in love!!

Kayleigh, 14/03/2011

"Brillliant!" -

Absolutely LOVED these books and lost sleep with their unputdownability! Passed on to friends who are now also addicted. As soon as I finished the set I started to read them again. Also fantastic value for ten great books, each as thrilling as the last. Chuffed!

Ellis, 08/03/2011

"Fang-bu-lous" -

I absolutely loved these books! They are definitely worth the money. The twists and turns of the stories keep you on the edge of your seat! Excellent! Couldn't put them down.

Ellen, 09/02/2011

"Amazed" -

I read the first book after my mother-in-law dropped it over to me, I found it so gripping and the detail is amazing! After reading the first book of the series I watched the box set of the first series, the television series has missed so much detail out and changed so much compared to what is written.

Holly-Lou, 08/02/2011

"Fangtastic read" -

At the age of 55 I find myself surprisingly hooked on the Sookie Stackhouse stories, whether TV or books. The book detail is so well written I feel I am there. Well done Book People in delivering another great set of books at a price that suits all purses.

Norma Peck, 06/02/2011

"Brilliant" -

I thoroughly enjoyed these books! I read all 10 in less than 2 weeks over Christmas. I couldn't put them down - they are like Twilight for grown ups!!

Rebecca Fox, 05/02/2011

"Amazing!" -

I could not believe this value! Less than a pound a book! It's just unbelievable! I have read the books before but didn't own them myself, at this price I instantly thought YES, with them being such thrilling stories that take you through all the emotions you could want from a novel, and easily rereadable! Truly well written and a gripping plot, really recommended! X

Larissa, 04/02/2011

"Amazing" -

I bought the set of books as a belated birthday present for myself in late December, was pleasantly surprised they came so promptly at such a busy time of year. I found I had got out of the habit of reading for fun many years ago as I started my family. Total turn around as I picked up and read the first of these books, couldn't put them down, literally! Shocked that another review mentions the TV series being better, I am enjoying it too but not a patch on the books. Waiting for the next book to be published with great anticipation. Excellent value.

Sharon, 04/02/2011

"So much better than the TV version" -

The books are so much better than the TV version. I really enjoyed the first 9 books but found the tenth one a little disappointing. I'm hoping for a better eleventh book though. If you like vampire books try the Morganville Vampires, they really are addictive!

Sheila Hoyle, 26/01/2011

"Gripping... not!" -

I love the TV series and so decided to read the books as often I find them so much more imaginative. In this case the writing is not great and the plot and characters are better developed in the TV series. A little disappointing to say the least, not sure if I'll make if through another 9 books. Beware of expectations if you watched the series.

N Wushe, 25/01/2011

"Brilliant read" -

I got this book collection for Christmas, brilliant value and read - found the story lines better than the TV series, although the TV series follows them slightly. I couldn't put them down - like some of the other reviewers, I read them all in 4 weeks, so now I'm reading them again. Housework can wait...

Dereth Heighway, 24/01/2011

"Fab" -

Great! Quick delivery (about 5 days). Got them on Friday & am now completing the final one (book of short stories). Okay so I gave up a lot of sleep this weekend to get the 9 books in, but they are so worth it!

Corina, 24/01/2011

"True Blood Collection" -

WOW. I can't get my head around this deal. I mean you would pay more for each in a charity shop. I was half expecting a flimsy 100 paged paperback for this price, but to get the real deal is great. Thank you Book People. I will be back very very soon.

Nick, 23/01/2011

"True Blood Collection" -

I read the first one and then I was halfway through the second one when I realised that I didn't have the rest of the series. I ordered these and I thought it was amazing for the price (which they are) and the reviews saying it was such a quick delivery. Now 4 days later I'm on the last chapter of the third one (which I couldn't wait to read and went out and brought) and they still haven't arrived. I live in England so this is just a warning for people who want this series in a hurry I would still completely recommend these books though and for the price it is amazing!!!!!

jemma, 15/01/2011

"Serious?" -

OMG! Are you being serious that all of the True Blood books are on here for 9.99! :o That is soooo good! I own three of them but now unfortunately I have to order them off of here as well :L

Mongo ;, 12/01/2011

"Great value... fantastic books!" -

Delivered really quickly and the books themselves are fantastic. I saw the same set of books in a high-street store for £40 so this is a real saving. I can't believe the books are so cheap - this is not even slightly reflected in the quality. I loved them... sad I've now finished them all in the space of 4 weeks!

Niki Hindmarsh, 10/01/2011

"Super!!!" -

Really good books, that were at an amazing value!!!

Megan, 08/01/2011

"Quick delivery & great value!" -

I ordered the True Blood set of 10 books yesterday afternoon and they arrived this morning. I am really pleased with that service because I recently had problems ordering the same set of books from The value is excellent too!

Kevin G, 07/01/2011

"The best vampire books" -

These books for me have been the best reads. I would recommend these to anyone if you like vampires or not.

Becky-Louise, 04/01/2011

"Amazing value" -

"This is AMAZING VALUE for money, all of the first ten books for under ten pounds. They arrived really quickly, very well packaged and in mint condition. Very, very happy! Thank you!

Terri, 11/12/2010

"Unbelievable price!" -

These books are fabulous, so much better than the TV show! I thought I was doing well getting 3 for 2 at my local bookstore, the value is incredible.

Lynette, 07/12/2010

"Better than TV" -

These books are Brilliant! Far better than watching the series on TV. Charlaine Harris is a fab author and really draws you into the story. Amazing price for brilliant books!

Jackie Robinson, 21/11/2010

"Great Value for Money" -

Great value for money! Haven't yet read them but will be soon.

Jodie, 18/11/2010

"Brilliant!" -

Completely hooked! I'm on the 7th book already and can't put it down!!!

Zoe, 16/11/2010

"Great read" -

I loved reading these books, they totally suck you in. The best series I've read in a long time.

Bridget McCrory, 09/11/2010

"Brilliant price" -

It was the TV series that sparked my interest, however some parts were a little hard to 'swallow' as it were. Then I saw the amazing deal on books and thought it would be a way to get into the storyline. Well I picked up the 1st book only a few days ago and have been doing very little else since. Talk about additive reading! I am mainlining a book a day. There are a few continuity probs and around the 4th and 5th book the action lulls a bit. But damn by All Together Dead, Harris is back on her game. If your looking for your vamp/were/shifter/telepath.... lit lite, this is your buy.

Jo, 24/10/2010

"Great value, great series" -

Completely hooked on this series. Charlaine Harris has created a captivating supernatural and fantasy world in which to set these mysteries. We have a strong female lead character with a mind of her own and independence - which sometimes leads her into trouble; a recognisable modern day world where vampires really exist and as the books go on, the world opens up and becomes richer for it. The TV series based on the books is accurate enough to be very enjoyable but different enough to interest people like me who have read all the novels. The Twilight series is really aimed at young, pubescent girls; this series is far more grown up and adult in style and theme - the characters are older, have more life experience and their own problems! Plus, this series was started a few years before Twilight (there are similarities) - not knocking Twilight, just saying that if you want something a bit more grown up than teenage angst and unrequited love, read the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

ZJBM1, 16/10/2010

"Wow! Unbelievable price for books these good!" -

Well, I ordered these books on sunday night and they were waiting at my house for me today when I got in. Unfortunately, they are a stocking filler for me for Christmas so I have to wait, but an unbelieveable price for books these good!

Jake, 14/10/2010

"The best vampire book series" -

I read the books before the televised series started and loved them all! Charlaine Harris describes everything down the last detail, that helps the reader to visualise the scene better.

Rachel Ternent, 13/10/2010