Pocket Science Collection - 24 Books (Collection)

Usborne -
(11) 7 years +

A great way of quenching little ones’ thirst for knowledge, the Usborne Pocket Science Collection includes an amazing 24 books that provide the answers to frequently asked science questions in a clear and colourful manner. Parents will find these useful little books to be a great relief, with tough questions such as ‘what makes it rain?’ and ‘where did Dinosaurs go?’ being answered accurately and clearly by Usborne. A wealth of fascinating information that we could all learn a thing or two from, this set is perfect for inquisitive minds.

Titles in this collection

  • Science Experiments with Light and Mirrors
  • What Makes it Rain?
  • Where Does Electricity Come From?
  • What Makes a Flower Grow?
  • What Makes People Different?
  • Where Did Dinosaurs Go?
  • Where Does Rubbish Go?
  • What's The Earth Made Of?
  • Why do People Eat?
  • How do Animals Talk?
  • Science Experiments with Air
  • What makes a Car go?
  • Where do Babies come from?
  • What's Inside You?
  • What makes you ill?
  • Science Experiments with Magnets
  • Why is Night Dark?
  • What's Under the Sea?
  • Why do Tigers have Stripes?
  • What's out in Space?
  • What's under the Ground?
  • How does a Bird Fly?
  • How do Bees make Honey?
  • Science Experiments with Water

Book Details

  • Product code: POCK
  • ISBN: 9781409526841
  • Publisher: Usborne Publishing
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 13.6cm x 13.4cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 9

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"Tiny writing. Badly laid out" -

The books have so much infor crammed into such a small page. It is not a pleasure to read. Looks so scrappy.Not an easy; enjoyable read. Hard to get to the bloomin' point.

Sarah, 29/10/2011

"Cute books" -

I bought it for my son's 7th birthday party as party bag fillers. Excellent value! Highly recommended.

Deepika, 22/09/2011

"Ideal" -

Small books, packed with concise information and realistic experiments. Will last the test of time.

Liz King, 14/09/2011

"Informative" -

Most of these books are very good but you need to be careful with some of the titles. A few of the books are not suitable and would be more appropriate for much older children.

TBP says:

Thanks for the feedback, we've now increased the age range on this title.

S Wilder, 03/08/2011

"Very good buy indeed!" -

I bought these little books for my son's 9th birthday to put in party bags. We love them! They have really great pics and the writing is great for older kids. Though I did take the book about how babies are made, out!!The rest are great to give away! I can recommend these books as brilliant, and great value for money.

Angie, 18/07/2011

"Informative but old fashioned" -

I ordered these books to go in my daughter's party bags. The front covers look very modern and up to date. However, when you open the books the pictures remind me of books I used at school 25 years ago.I also think the books would be suited for perhaps age 7+ and not age 5+.Despite this, very informative books, especially for inquisitive children.

Amy, 28/06/2011

"A real bargain!" -

I bought these books for my 4 year old son as he is alway asking me questions about how things work and the world around us. The books are colourful and engaging. My son is a bit of a clean freak and the book 'What makes you ill?' has proved really helpful in explaining to him that our bodies can fight off most of the germs we come into contact with. The weblinks are also good. I've taken out the one about Where do babies come from? for now, as we haven't had that question yet. However, the book will prove very useful when we do.

Rebekah, 14/06/2011

"Excellent value" -

Excellent value, ideal size for packing in a suitcase for holiday read. Grandson thought they were very informative.

Cheryl Bradbury, 28/05/2011

"Great!" -

Lovely set of books. Ideally suited to ages 5-9 years, each book is filled with a wealth of information, displayed in an attractive way. Excellent value for money.

Pat, 28/05/2011

"Excellent value" -

Excellent value. Yes, they are small, the clue to their size being in the title! The advantage of this is that they don't swallow up masses of space on your child's bookcase. Small is beautiful!

Mary, 12/05/2011

"Fantastic information books but a shame they're so small" -

I bought these books to read with my 6 year old son. They are an ideal set of information books which answer the kind of questions which children have. However, very disappointed at the size of the books. They are not much bigger than Mr Men books and therefore the text is very small. This will make them more difficult for my son to read on his own should he want to.

Lucy, 28/04/2011