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Mary Stewart -

Mary Stewart has had a long and acclaimed writing career. Her novels have been bestsellers on both sides of the Atlantic and she has attracted devoted followers since Madam, Will You Talk? was first published in 1955. This introductory set features ten adventures - from a mysterious ritual murder on the beautiful island of Skye to a legend that becomes frighteningly real in a crumbling palace in the Lebanon. Expect romance, intrigue and plenty of escapism and join a throng of fans as you follow the author's deliciously dangerous path from the idyllic depths of the British countryside to the exotic shores of foreign lands. You're in for a real treat this summer!

Titles in this collection

  • The Ivy Tree
  • Stormy Petrel
  • The Moonspinners
  • This Rough Magic
  • Thornyhold
  • Thunder on the right
  • Madam, Will You Talk?
  • Airs Above The Ground
  • The Gabriel Hounds
  • Wildfire at Midnight

Book Details

  • Product code: MARY
  • ISBN: 9781444735208
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 19.9cm x 25.9cm
  • Pages: Varies
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Mary Stewart Collection -

I agree! Where is Touch Not the Cat? And why isn't there a collection of her Arthur books?

Araba, 30/01/2014

More than pleasantly surprised -

I am only halfway through my first book (Thornyhold) and would thoroughly recommend books by this author based on the quality of this one book alone. Mary Stewart writes seamlessly, I do hate indulgent descriptive passages that slow a book down, my one major bug bear with Jane Eyre for instance! Mary Stewart uses her skill of perception and a warmth that allows you to bond with her characters and be drawn into their world almost instantly, Reminds me of some of my favourite authors, Daphne Du Maurier, Jane Austen and Catherine Cookson. Absolute bargain, I hesitated to buy a full set from an author I had never heard of but I have no regrets so far!

Beth, 10/07/2013

Good But We Want More! -

Dear Book People, please do us another Mary Stewart set and include our three favourites & *please* can we also have Rose Cottage? Not as well known but I love it.

TBP says: Hi Alison, thank you for the feedback. We have brought your request to the attention of the stock team.

Alison M., 01/05/2013

Love Mary Stewart! -

I read these in the 70s when I was 11 or so and they haven't lost their charm - Mary Stewart's writing is evocative and unforgettable - including her Merlin/Arthur trilogy (Crystal Cave) which isn't included here, unfortunately. Still, you've got The Ivy Tree and all the others to enjoy. Wish they'd included Touch Not The Cat - every time I see mosaics or roman ruins I remember this book! Such is the magic that Mary Stewart weaves...

El, 18/03/2013

BRILLIANT - but still missing her best titles! -

This is a fantastic collection - I only discovered Mary Stewart as an adult having somehow missed these when I was younger. They're wonderful - totally transporting you to their time and place. These are the perfect combination between two genres - mystery/thriller and romance. HOWEVER - as other reviewers have pointed out, her three most famous titles are missing from this set - Touch Not the Cat, Nine Coaches Waiting, and My Brother Michael. It would be fantastic if the Book People could put together a set of these three titles - the last comment was almost a year ago, which said that given their popularity it was hoped that more would be stocked in the future. They're all available in paperback now, so it would be wonderful if they were sold as a set of three!

Nicola, 23/01/2013

"42 year old loving the romance x" -

Unlike other reviewers, I'm reading these for the first time and loving it. Definitely of a bygone era but beautifully written, I found I was easily transported to the locations of her stories eg - having been to Crete in my youth (ok so it was "back in the day" but I could def smell the lemons and hear the bugs in the background). A great set at a fantastic price. Thank you TBP.

Tracy, 22/03/2012

"Where oh where?" -

Loved having Mary Stewart's books to read, I first read these books as a teenager, but where, oh where are 'Touch Not the Cat. My Brother Michae, Nine Coaches Waiting?'I'd have happily given up 'Thornyhold' in favour of Touch Not the Cat.

Hilary, 17/03/2012

"The extra 3 books we want are all NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK" -

Note to Sarah Wall:Please note the other post that advises the 3 missing books we all want are now available in paperback. If you were to provide these as a new 3-book set at the other poster suggests, I would buy this immediately. I also agree with the other poster that I'd happily dispense with Thornyhold. In contrast, although some posters have suggested more of Mary Stewart's Merlin series, personally I never enjoyed these parts of Mary Stewart's work and would be less likely to buy these. But the 3 we all want now that they in paperback? Send me an email or put them on the site, I'll be there buying them like a shot as soon as they are there.Hoping you will follow this up.Many thanks.Regards,Karen

TBP says: Hi Karen, thanks for the feedback. This collection has been very popular so we will be hoping to feature more Mary Stewart titles in the future.

Karen, 16/02/2012

"Pure Pleasure!" -

A fantastic collection; I particularly love Wildfire at Midnight. However, like other reviewers, I'm disappointed that Touch Not The Cat is missing; a real page-turner!

Tracey, 09/02/2012

"Why doesn't anyone write like this nowadays?" -

Like another reviewer I read most of this collection as a teenager, mostly borrowing them from my local library. So I welcomed the chance to actually own them and re-read them. They are just as enjoyable as I remembered and so well written that it reveals much modern publishing as the rubbish it often is!However - I agree that it is regrettable that there are three of Mary Stewart's best books missing from the collection and, looking at a rival's website, I see they are all now available in paperback. So come on Book People - now's your chance to put together another 3-book collection for all us Mary Stewart fans! AND - her Merlin trilogy is also due to be re-published in February.....

Hils T, 31/12/2011

"Lovely vintage feel" -

I really enjoyed these books with their very vintage (1950s?) feel. They don't seem dated, they just depict a very different world. Each book is stand alone with a different heroine so it doesn't stretch the credibility too much and the happy endings can be permanent. The heroines are strong feisty characters motivated by concern rather than nosiness. There is also some lovely writing, I'm no judge but I think the quality of writing is good.

Liz, 14/12/2011

"Terrific" -

Like the other reviewers I initially read Mary Stewart as a teenager. I loved them then and I am enjoying reading them again. Great heroines and exciting men. Nine Coaches Waiting and Touch Not the Cat are two of my favourites that I hope I will be able to read again in the future. However, I say to everyone read and enjoy.

Jackie, 30/10/2011

"Easy to read" -

These aren't my usual genre but at the price I decided to risk it and I'm so glad I did. So far I've read two of them in as many days. Very easy to read, I am thoroughly enjoying them. they remind me of the woman's weekly serialised fiction I used to read with my mother years ago.

val, 18/10/2011

"3 books missing?" -

Me and my best mate, Kath, loved Mary Stewart novels as teenagers, but my three favourites are not here - "9 Coaches Waiting", "Touch not the cat" and "My Brother Michael". Hey, Book People, any chance to taking on board the feedback here and adding these books. You could replace Thornyhold for a start...

TBP says: Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, one of these titles is a hardback and so was not suitable for this set. We think these are ten of Mary Stewart's best books and we hope you enjoy them.

Sarah Wall, 05/10/2011

"Revisited my youth" -

I agree! Why did you miss out Nine Coaches Waiting and My Brother Michael, two examples of Mary Stewart at her best?

Denise, 01/09/2011

"Fantastic collection!" -

I had reminisced about these books with my daughters - great to re-read them. However I must agree with the other reviewers - Thornyhold is definitely one I would have left out in favour of either Nine Coaches or My Brother Michael. Fantastic collection though and great value!

Erica Miller, 19/08/2011

"Still as good as ever" -

Still as good as ever.Like Heather, I read these books as a very young teenager, and they still read well. However, I would have left out Thornyhold in favour of either Touch not the cat or Nine coaches waiting (doubly strange, as the latter was given as a taster chapter at the back of one of the books in the collection).

Anita Thomas, 03/07/2011

"Very Nostalgic!" -

I read the majority of these books as a teenager and re-reading them again is a treat. Mild mysteries with compelling heroines, charismatic men, some good, some bad, set in stunning locations. The two newer books maintained the style. A great collection, at a bargain price, but why miss out Nine Coaches Waiting and Touch Not The Cat, which were my two favourites!

Heather Gower, 18/06/2011