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Ira Levin


Discover the phenomenal talent of the late Ira Levin with this three-book set that includes the infamous and utterly thrilling novel the Stepford Wives, as well as powerful classics A Kiss Before Dying and Rosemary's Baby. With a fantastic ability for creating a dark and sinister underbelly to his novels that loiters beneath the surface, Levin was highly regarded for his writing style and his work is sure to live on for many years. Chilling and unsettling, these are three truly captivating and timeless reads from the author of Sliver and The Boys from Brazil.

Titles in this collection (3)
  • A Kiss Before Dying
  • The Stepford Wives
  • Rosemary's Baby

Product Details

  • Product code: IRAL
  • ISBN: 9781780330105
  • Publisher: Constable & Robinson
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 19.8cm x 12.7cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 4

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"Gripping and exciting but don't read the introduction!" -

First time I read Ira Levin's work, bought the books because I remembered watching Rosemary's Baby ages ago and being impressed by it, was intrigued by what the book would be like... I can now say the film producers did an amazing job at capturing the author's style.

I also wanted to read his very first book, "A kiss before ..." the one that made him famous at the tender age of 24!All three book are amazing, I read them in a flash, one after the other, the somewhat unbelievable situations are portrayed with such a captivating style that one can't help wanting to continue to read and see where it leads...However DO NOT READ the introduction before the books, it gives away too much and spoils the fun! I read it in the first book and regretted it, so I enjoyed the other two better by leaving the introduction after the end, their interesting content are matched by the nuisance of being told ahead of time how it ends, they kill part of the suspense and spoil the reading experience.

Laura, 27/01/2012

"Don't read the intro!" -

Have only read The Stepford Wives so far. I was obviously aware of the general plot of the book, but not the details, which is why I bought this set. However, the introduction spells out exactly what happens, so if you don't know the book and haven't seen the films, DO NOT READ THE SPOILERS IN THE INTRO!Book was generally a good read, although the dated 1970s setting makes for a few choice un-PC comments!

Cat, 10/01/2012

Page turners -

I thoroughly enjoyed these books- perhaps a little too much as I read all three in a week, despite having lots of other pressing things to do! I had never read any Ira Levin prior to buying this set, but really enjoyed all of the titles- a real bargain!

Melanie Palmer, 25/09/2011

"Captivating" -

Read 'Rosemarys baby' as a teenager following the film -was sympathetic but the book is so much better. Also 'Kiss Before Dying' - would be on my top 5 book list ever! And anything by Ira Levin consider great and fantastic. Excited to have them in my life again! I lost my old books. Glad for the great price. Looking forward to reading them again - they are very captivating!

Emma, 06/08/2011