New Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Collection - 5 Books - SLIPCASE - 9780141343150 - Jeff Kinney

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New Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Collection - 5 Books (SLIPCASE)

New Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Collection - 5 Books - SLIPCASE - 9780141343150 - Jeff Kinney

Jeff Kinney -
(18) 7 years +

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This product is now out of stock but we will be getting a NEW Wimpy Kid Collection in stock soon!

Titles in this collection

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Rodrick Rules
  • Do-It-Yourself Book
  • The Last Straw
  • Dog Days

Customer Reviews

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"Amazing books" -

I'm thirteen and I still love them. I can't wait for the new one coming out, it's going to be awesome.

Charmath ( 24/08/2012)

"Wonderful" -

I really love this book and it is very interesting. I would like to encourage Jeff Kinney to do more and continue his fabulous stories. Also I would like to say congratulations to the author.

Jathusha ( 08/08/2012)

"Really funny books" -

I read this series of books when I was younger and they are a really easy-to-read series with lots of cartoon character pictures and lots of humour which absolutely made me laugh out loud! I would definitely recommend these books to some from the age 8-11 years old. :) xx

Natasha ( 06/07/2012)

"Very good!!" -

I am a 10 year old girl, and I love these books. However they would be way better if they had more words in them, and not lots of pictures. Still some pictures, just not as many. But overall a very extraordinary book, but better between the ages of 7-11 years old. It is still suitable for over those ages though, if you don't want a harder book, or just want to chilax! LOL!!!!! Love these books, I've read all of them about 6 times, no exaggerations!!!

K.H ( 22/06/2012)

"Best Buy Ever" -

My 8 year old usually needs some encouragement to read but not since we got these books. Fantastic and worth the wait.

Shirley ( 13/06/2012)

"Amazing!!!" -

These books are brilliantly written for children and have a lot of funny and silly humour.

Millie ( 09/06/2012)

"The best" -

They are the best books I have ever read in the whole wide world and I would love to read the new one coming out now.

Althea ( 20/11/2011)

"Diary of a wimpy kid - 5 books" -

Matthew ( 11/11/2011)

"Amazing" -

This amazing book is not just a funny book, it's an hilarious book. I love it, well done!!

Jodie ( 17/10/2011)

"Finally a book he will read!" -

My son is 10 and to say he is a 'reluctant reader' would be an understatement. However, I bought him this book and he actually sat down and read the whole thing within a week. This is the first book he had read all the way through and enjoyed every minute. He's hidden his copy from his younger (bookworm) sister and wants to read it again! Quick! Get the next ones posted out to me before he loses the bug!

H Banks ( 15/10/2011)

"Cool book" -

Rodrich rules, was an amazing book because it was funny and silly. WELL DONE!!!

Enes ( 14/10/2011)

"Rodrick Rules" -

Brilliant, fantastic, amazing, glorious, wonderful.

Wimpy Kid ( 13/10/2011)

"My 8 year old loves 'em" -

My 8 year old is what you would describe as a reluctant reader, but is totally taken with these books and is reading them happily on his own (unheard of in our house!!!) I think they are a bit American (e.g trash can and garbage) but explained the terminology and were fine!! Great value too - am looking at getting the latest ones and you pay as much for one as the set!

Andrea ( 10/10/2011)

"Brilliant books" -

I love these books, I would recomend you to buy them. They are very cheap as well.

Claire ( 06/10/2011)

"Remarkable" -

Brilliantly funny and silly.

Bobby McPeake ( 02/10/2011)

"Rodrick rules" -

If I could rate it 1,00000000000 I would!

Irem ( 25/09/2011)

"Brilliant books 5 star +" -

Absolutely fantastic books! My children, 6 and 8, both love these books. Also, you won't get the price wrong at the Book People!

Lovereading ( 15/09/2011)

"Essential reading, for boys especially" -

My 8 and 10 year old sons have read all of these and love the humour. Popular books at their school too. They can relate to the main character but fortunately not too closely.

Louise ( 09/09/2011)

  • Our price £ 6.99
  • RRP £34.95
  • Save £27.96

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