The Home-Made Sweet Shop (Hardback)

Claire Ptak


Learn how to make a wide variety of sweets with Violet Cakes founder Claire Ptak. This book contains over 90 classic recipes for confectionery, candies and chocolates and the tempting treats are surprisingly easy and satisfying to make at home. All the recipes have easy-to-follow instructions and clear step-by-step photographs.

Perfect for dinner parties or home-made Christmas gifts, the recipes include classics such as marshmallows, liquorice and candied fruits.

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  • Product code: HMSS
  • ISBN: 9781903141847
  • Publisher: Anness Publishing
  • Format: Hardback
  • Dimensions: 28.5cm x 23.7cm
  • Pages: 160
  • Publish date: 29/06/2010
  • Book points: 4

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Brill -

I think this is a brilliant find, the fudge is amazing and my children and me can't wait to try out more recipes. Brilliant find and well worth the money.

Rose, 09/05/2013

Variety, and great tasting -

I'll start with the coconut ice, which like many reviewers here didn't work, but I've tried 2 fudges, marshmallow and preserved lemon peel, and all have been great. The Marshmallow was particularly tasty - I've only ever had shop-bought before and this was a revelation.

Sweet making is a very precise thing and requires certain skills that normally only come from practice (preferably with someone who knows), so if a recipe does fail, then I would suggest doing some research online - for instance you would not believe all the little things that might make fudge fail!

Louise W, 13/03/2013

Seriously Disappointing -

I was delighted to find a book that would show me how to make good old fashioned sweets. Sadly I've had one disaster after another. I bake a lot and think I'm pretty good at following a recipe and measuring things accurately but these recipes just haven't worked for me.

I've tried 3 batches of fudge - none of which came out as fudge texture. All batches were binned after tasting the smallest piece.

The nougat stayed a nasty sticky mess and greasy on the outside, even though I used the least amount possible to grease the pan as instructed!!

The honeycomb was delicious but too hard for most people to eat (think I'm blessed with ultra strong molars!!).

The coconut ice wouldn't set at all!

I've decided not to waste any more good ingredients on what have proven for me to be bad recipes from this book. If anyone has a tried and tested reliable sweet making book I'd be grateful for the title.

MichB, 03/01/2013

The good and the bad -

Good - Bonfire Toffee, made this for this year's bonfire celebrations and it received very good feedback from family and work mates. So much so, I've been tasked to make some more. With this in mind planned to make Christmas treats:Bad - Coconut Ice, looked nothing like the photographs and has come out as a very expensive soggy mush.

Irv, 24/12/2012

Excellent Book -

My husband and I have this book as we love sweet things and thought it would be fun to have a go. We have tried several of the recipes and along with the family we have taste tested them and loved them all...

If you want to have a bit of fun and try something different then give it a go. Remember this incorporates some projects that include hot sugar and similar things so do use some common sense when thinking of things to make with the children and make the things that aren't suitable for them yourself and let them enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Becky, 13/11/2012

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