Michael Connelly - The Bosch Collection - 10 Books (Collection)

Michael Connelly -

Featuring the exciting detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch, this collection of crime-writing genius Michael Connelly's novels is a must for crime fiction fans, and will appeal to readers of James Patterson and Dennis Lehane. Bosch was born the son of a prostitute and named after a 15th century painter. Orphaned when his mother was murdered, he grew up in Los Angeles, had a stint in Vietnam and forged a career in the LAPD. With a single-mindedness for doing the right thing, he's a man with a mission - to "speak for the dead"! This set includes ten hard-hitting cases starring the brilliant maverick detective.

Titles in this collection

  • The Last Coyote
  • The Narrows
  • Trunk Music
  • A Darkness More Than Night
  • Angels Flight
  • The Concrete Blonde
  • The Black Ice
  • The Black Echo
  • Lost Light
  • City of Bones

Book Details

  • Product code: BOSC
  • ISBN: 9781407235585
  • Publisher: Orion Publishing Group
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 17.8cm x 22.3cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 9

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Michael Connelly Collection -

Harry Bosch is such an easy character to get into and the tales take you along a sometimes bumpy ride but all books are thoroughly entertaining and you will want to read the rest of the series.

Wendy-Woo, 18/04/2013

Bosch Collection -

Who could not fall under the spell of Bosch and his analytical mind? This collection is gripping, exciting and leaves the reader wanting more. Each book stands alone, although also builds on the previous novels. The characters are believable. Connolly cleverly invites the reader into the story as if they are there on the scene too.

Carol, 09/04/2013

Best buy 2013! -

I got hooked on Michael Connelly novels via a more recent novel (Nine Dragons) so when I saw these I had to buy them and wasn't disappointed. His first is every bit as good as the latest, and I would recommend them to anyone. Good gripping storylines mean you can't put them down - oops, no decorating done again! I love the way there's that extra little information that just helps set the scene... A must if you like crime novels, a real bargain too. Come on buy them for your man on Father's Day - you'll even get some peace then.

Chappers, 11/03/2013

Wonderful -

These are so good that you'll want to read them all one after the other, but my advice is to read at least one book in between and then you'll enjoy these all the more.

AG, 20/02/2013

Wonderful -

I have only read four so far and have just stared the fifth and I recommend them highly. I am a huge fan of this genre and yet never read a Michael Connelly prior to buying this set. Thank you Book People for introducing me to Harry Bosch.

Jackie, 06/02/2013

Bosch collection -

A good collection of books to keep the husband happy and quiet. He hasn't put them down since I purchased them.

Carole, 26/10/2012

"Great books" -

I have read 9 so far and am reluctant to begin the final one of the set because I don't want them to end. Thoroughly enjoyable, but I shouldn't read them at night because I want to read just one more chapter, then another and another. Harry is ruining my sleep. I hope there will be more collections in the future.

Annie, 25/09/2012

"Very good indeed" -

The books arrived in a weeks' time. Well packed and in good condition. 10 books for less than 10 pounds. I think it is a very good price. Finished one book only - very good indeed.

Bala, 21/09/2012

"Bosch Collection" -

I have just finished the collection (plus had to buy The Poet and Blood Work, as although not Harry, made sense to read before The Narrows!). Now must get the rest of the books he has written as totally unable to put the books down once started. Absolutely the best!

Gillian, 13/09/2012

"I love Harry Bosch" -

I love Harry Bosch - I'm so mad that this is available for so little money! I have the whole shelf apart from Trunk Music which I've read but must have loaned out!! A great buy - you won't regret it.

Sue, 24/06/2012

"Totally pulls you into another world" -

Fantastic.....Only read 5 so far but he is now my fave crime writer. Characters are so good and the writing is brilliant. Keeps you interested and turning your pages. A really good offer too.

Michelle, 07/04/2012

"Great follow-on!" -

I had just read all your Kathy Reichs selection and was very down with the thought I had come to the end of the reads. The next books were the Bosch books, and they are very very different but also excellent and I am one book away from the end of those - unexpected twists and turns, something of a Columbo in his character. Unique plots and as the Reichs books, you just need to keep reading. I just hope that we get more selections in time!! The test of a great read to me is that you physically miss them when they are finished......Bosch and Reichs do that for me!

Shirley, 06/04/2012

"BOSCH - the best" -

Having recently retired, I have been once again after many years spending many happy hours reading. Much of this is within the Crime/Mystery genre, something I have neglected after following the Graham Greene/John Steinbeck/Hemingway/etc. type of output. Some recommended crime writers I find are good but none compares with Connolly. A joy to read and to immerse myself in Harry Bosch's world is truly a real pleasure!!

Roger, 04/04/2012

"A Gripping Great Read" -

Completely new to Detective Bosch and already on book 7 of the set. Fabulously paced & gripping plots. As soon as I've finished this set, I'm off to hunt down the remainder of Michael Connelly's books. Highly recommended.

Marilyn, 16/02/2012

"Excellent" -

Fabulously good reads!

Prash, 01/02/2012

"One of my fave writers" -

Michael Connelly, one of my fave writers. Shame I have all of these but it is a great chance to buy and fall in love with Harry Bosch.

Terry, 17/01/2012

"Absolutely First Class" -

I too already had all the books in this set and still have a couple to read, I rate Michael Connelly top of the pile when it comes to this genre. I guarantee if you like crime/thriller novels you will not be disappointed.

Andy, 07/01/2012

"Enthralling reading" -

Unfortunately I read all these books before this offer. Connelly had solid experience as a police reporter in Los Angeles at the time the stories are set, so writes from personal knowledge, so the books are educational in that respect. I tended to get through each book in a day or two and thoroughly enjoyed them. You might like to spread the reading out to keep up the freshness.

Brian, 06/01/2012