Quentin Blake Collection - 10 Books (Collection)

Quentin Blake Collection - 10 Books - Collection - 9781409606734 - Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake -
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A much-loved illustrator famed for his iconic association with Roald Dahl's tales, Quentin Blake is also a brilliant and witty writer in his own right and his stories are an absolute joy.

This fun-filled collection brings together ten picture books that are sure to delight children of all ages. There's the over-ambitious Mrs Armitage, the amazing performance artist Angelo and the famous Mister Magnolia, a man who has so many skills and possessions but only one boot.

These crazy tales and lovable characters are sure to bring joy to any child's bedtime reading. The hilarious books also come feature Quentin's trademark illustrations - a collection sure to be returned to again and again.

Titles in this collection

  • Patrick
  • Cockatoos
  • Snuff
  • Mister Magnolia
  • Simpkin
  • Mrs Armitage Queen of the Road
  • Angelo
  • Angelica Sprocket's Pockets
  • Mrs Armitage on Wheels
  • Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave

Book Details

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  • ISBN: 9781409606734
  • Publisher: Red Fox
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 30.0cm x 23.2cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 9

Customer Reviews

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Lovely, lovely collection! -

Fab stories and super illustrations. These are now firm favourites at bedtime. Excellent value.

Jackie, 17/05/2013

Me and my boy's favourite -

I bought them for the illustrations and also thought maybe my boy (5) can start reading something else other than stories of characters from television programmes. He seems to get warm with the collection after I started telling him how much I like the pictures. He would pick one up from the shelf and starts reading them at breakfast time and finishes them off at bedtime. The collection is a good mix for early readers with repetitive rhymes to build up their confidence to read, followed by interesting stories to keep them interested and wanting to read on!

Alma, 03/05/2013

Fab -

Excellent books worth every penny as noted below. Well done TBP. More of these sets as they are great for party bags too.

Karen, 02/05/2013

"Brilliant" -

Ed (5) loves these books, and I don't mind reading them on a nightly basis - recommend.

Bruce, 10/05/2012

"A feast for eyes and ears" -

This set of books is a real bargain from the Book People. The books are fun to read aloud, and laid out in a way that children can quickly learn to read them for themselves. There are simpler books for younger children, and more complex stories for the older ones. As always, the illustrations are enchanting - lots to look at, masses of detail. Brilliant! I bought these books for my grandson (8) and for my son to use in the German school where he teaches young children to speak and read English in a cultural setting.

Valerie, 09/05/2012

"Timeless Quentin Blake" -

I owned some of this collection when my children were little and can still recite some of Mr Magnolia so when I saw this collection I wanted them for my grandchildren. They love the stories and the wonderful illustrations. The books are staying at my house so "Grandma read me a story" is a lovely opportunity to enjoy all over again.

carol, 04/05/2012

"Quentin Blake" -

Lovely set of books, both my 3 year old and 6 year old love the stories and the pictures, very pleased with the set and from the Book People they were at a very good price too.

karen, 04/05/2012

"Brilliant" -

My two sons are loving this set. My 4 year old laughs out loud and keeps on going to Mrs Armitage and Simpkin and they both ask for the books every night. A really good buy!

Katie, 03/05/2012

"Brilliant!" -

Brilliant collection of books! Funny to read, great pictures, not too long. My 3 year old loves them, especially the Mrs Armitage stories, they have him laughing every time!

Linda, 02/05/2012

"Fantastic value for money." -

I bought this set for my 4 year old grandson. He loves Simpkin, but his favourite is Cockatoos. He has to try and find them all before we turn the page. I can see this collection lasting for some time, as he is likely to go back to them when he is reading independently.The books are of good quality, with high gloss covers and quality paper. The colours are vibrant and very appealing to young readers. I would recommend them to anyone.

Coral, 01/05/2012

"Super smashing great" -

Wonderful collection - briiliant art and stories, would recomend to all, from small people to old people (I'm 50...)....

steve, 01/05/2012

"Great books!" -

This collection of stories are great my 5 year old. Wants them read again and again, excellent value for money!

Sarah, 01/05/2012

"Delightful" -

These books are a delight to read, the illustrations are captivating.

Gill, 01/05/2012

"Quentin Blake collection" -

These books are fantastic, both my son and daughter love these books. Roald Dahl would be proud of his friend, not just for the pictures, but for bringing his type books back to life.

Adam, 01/05/2012

"Quentin Blake" -

Two very satisfied and thrilled grand-daughters aged 3 and 6 ~ and into books in a big way.

Jenny, 01/05/2012

"Great Fun" -

Both my children (aged 2yrs and 4yrs) loved these books - they are fun to read, they both really enjoyed them and the illustrations are great - I would buy more and they would make a great present!

Sarah, 01/05/2012

"Fantastic" -

I recently bought this set for my 4 year old grandson, he loved them all. I have now ordered another set as a present, but may keep them for myself!

Chris, 30/04/2012

"Love it!" -

Can't say enough about these books. What a fabulous buy! You can't go wrong with these. Funny books with interesting artwork. Both my boys are 2 and are big fans!

Amy, 30/04/2012

"Quentin Blake" -

I bought these books for my 3 year old granddaughter and she loves them. My daughter, their mother who is a teacher, is also impressed by them.

B K, 30/04/2012

"A real treat" -

Completely brilliant. So much fun to read. An absolute delight and would recommend for all ages!

vibha, 30/04/2012

"Fun for children (and adults!)" -

Bought these for my 4 year old nephew, he loves them. The stories are sufficiently absurd and funny to appeal to a pre-school child and the illustrations are of course superb.

Georgy, 30/04/2012

"Worth every penny" -

Apart from being beautiful to look at these books are delightful to read aloud to small children and read alone up to grandparent age!

Alex, 30/04/2012

"Ideal present" -

Quentin Blake never disappoints and this set of books will make an ideal present for a child.

Joyce, 30/04/2012

"A delight" -

This collection is a delight both for children and parents to enjoy. My five year old daughter loves reading them both with and without us and loves finding new things in the illustrations every time she sees the books. We have enjoyed them so much we bought and extra set to give as presents to her friends at their birthday parties. The price making them an amazing extra to whatever the normal present would be.

Anne, 30/04/2012

"We love them!!" -

I bought them for my son who is in reception year and starting to read more complicated words on his own. He LOVES these books. I love these books, the illustrations are gorgeous and a pleasure to read at bedtime if he can't be bothered to read them himself!A great price for a great pack of books. Thank you Book People!! :)

Kay, 30/04/2012

"Quentin Blake Collection" -

Excellent value set of books. Great stories by a wonderful author. Have been reading them to my class of 7 year olds who have thoroughly enjoyed them.

Karen, 30/04/2012

"Great set" -

There are a few toppers in this collection and my children aged 2 and 4 enjoy reading them.

Suzanne, 30/04/2012

"A Wonderful Collection" -

I purchased these books for my 2 year old son and he loves them. His favorite at the moment is Mrs Armitage, although he does enjoy all of the titles. I would highly recommend these books to anyone. The illustrations are, naturally, fantastic and they are great for reading to your little ones while they look at the pictures. I'm sure we will have many years of enjoyment out of these books.

Claire, 30/04/2012

"True classics" -

As Quentin Blake is one of my all-time favourites I knew this collection would be a hit with my four year old. He knew some of them from the library and owns his own copy of Mr. Magnolia. The illustrations combined with the imaginative stories are simply wonderful. We love Patrick - quite magical and Simpkin with the easily copiable rhymes: most names can be substituted for Simpkin! Mrs Armitage is one of the best comic characters for young children and it is hard to decide which one of her three stories we like the most! If I ever get really rich I want to buy a Quentin Blake piece of artwork. This collection has confirmed to me just how great he is and my favourite children's illustrator.

Jacqueline, 30/04/2012

"Quentin Blake collection" -

This collection is excellent value for money. Beautiful illustrations of the characters and easy stories for children to follow. These are always enjoyed by the children at storytime.

Debbie, 30/04/2012

"Quirky and fun!" -

These books are wonderful - my daughters (now 27, 26 and 19) all loved Mr Magnolia so I bought this set for my grandson (3). He loves them all, especially Mrs Armitage. Brilliant for reading together with lots to stimulate discussion - highly recommended!

K Warburton, 30/04/2012

"QB collection" -

Great value terrific stories, Mrs Armitage has proved a huge favorite with 3 year old grandaughter who is reluctant to have any other story at bed time at the moment. Wonderful illustrations and fun to read. Slowly moving on to Mr Magnolia. More please.

Penny, 30/04/2012

"Quentin Blake set" -

My son is 6.5 and says they are "awesome". As a parent I've tried a fair few sets (Dinosaur Cove, Horrid Henry etc) to get him interested in books to read alone and this has been the first that he has chosen to read. They do not have lots of text (it is therefore not overwhelming) they have an unusual, fun story and are, of course, beautifully illustrated. I was beginning to despair on finding a genre that would get him going. I read to him and his 4 year old sister (who also enjoys the books a lot) and later found him reading a different one from the set by himself - I could have cried! Horrah for Quentin Blake and the Book People. Thank you!

Justine, 30/04/2012

"Lovely set" -

I bought this set for my nephew. There is an excellent range of books, from the very simple to the more complex longer story. The illustrations are brilliant classic Blake. I had to wrestle this back from my six year old son in order to hand it over. Great value too.

Nicola, 30/04/2012

"Awesome books, awesome value!" -

Beautifully drawn books, ideal for bedtime. My 2 year old loves them, as do my friends children! Ideal for birthday/Christmas presents!

Michelle, 30/04/2012

"Fantastic set of books - great value!" -

Lovely range of stories illustrated in Quentin Blake's inimitable style. Good quality and great value for money. Can't wait to read them to my twins!

jess, 30/04/2012

"Fantastic value!" -

I bought these books for my son's first birthday. I was recommended Mr Magnolia as my nephew loved it when he was little. To get all 10 books by the fantastic Quentin Blake for the amazing price of £10 was incredible.The stories and illustrations are just beautiful, also the books are a great size to read to little ones, not too small to share! They come in a handy zip bag perfect for travelling, I am very pleased with my purchase, thank you Book People!

Delia, 30/04/2012

"Quentin Blake collection" -

What beautiful stories and illustrations. Stories on everyday happenings, why couldn't I have thought to write these? How truly true and simple they are, really beautiful and really funny too. I have read loads of childrens books in my time (I'm a nanna @ 74yrs) My grandchildren love them. I will never part with them. Thank you

Ruby, 30/04/2012

"Fantastic" -

These books are so worth every penny, The books are wonderful, you will have hours of fun.

bubbles5, 30/04/2012

"Quentin Blake" -

Beautiful books and excellent value for money. One or two only have a few words, but the others have good stories and beautifully illustrated.

Tina, 30/04/2012

"Fantastic - buy them now!!" -

Bought for my little 2 year old nephew and loved by everyone from his age to my 70 year old father! Brought a chuckle to our faces when reading them. Illustrations beyond wonderful. Amazing value set - go on, buy it now!!

Gemma, 30/04/2012

"Fantastic Set" -

Can't go wrong, this set is brilliant... Highly recommended.

Hannah, 11/04/2012

"Great mileage" -

Brilliant, my 2 year old chooses one of these every night for bedtime; she loves looking for the hiding cockatoos (cockatoos) and choosing her favourite boots (Snuff) and thinks Simpkin is hilarious. These have great mileage...I'm quite sure when she's older, she will love reading them herself.

Rachel, 04/04/2012

"Recommended!" -

Great set of books - fab pictures, fun stories, super value. My 6 year old thoroughly approves and has even invented several games to play with the books so he can keep playing with them when we're not reading them.

Gabi, 25/03/2012