See Inside Your Body (Hardback)

Katie Daynes

(6) 7 years +

The perfect book for uncovering the amazing secrets of the human body, See Inside Your Body will allow children to discover the body's inner workings in a humorous, accurate and inventive way.

The hardback contains flaps to lift, bright illustrations and diagrams that display the major organs of the body and are accompanied by a witty, clear and informative factual text.

This exciting book reveals how thousands of different body parts work together to keep us alive, and will be ideal for children as they begin to learn about the human body at school.

Book Details

  • Product code: SIB
  • ISBN: 9780746070055
  • Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
  • Format: Hardback
  • Dimensions: 27.6cm x 21.6cm
  • Pages: 16
  • Publish date: 28/01/2006
  • Book points: 3

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Not good for learning -

I bought this book for my 7-year-old but I am a bit disappointed. It has only 15 pages and very little information. In order for a child to actually learn something meaningful from that book, you need to have good knowledge on the subject otherwise you can not connect the bits of random information that gives. Maybe it should aim to younger children and not 7+.

elia, 11/08/2015

Great book -

I got this for my 4-year-old as she has so many questions about how bodies work. This book answered them all with just the right amount of information. It has enough detail to answer her question and also provide further areas for her to think about and prompt more questions.

Kirsty, 27/05/2015

Great Fun -

Lots of little flaps to lift. Interesting facts and clear illustrations. More suited to younger children but a nice book and great fun.

Diana, 23/01/2014

Great introduction to the body -

My 3-year-old loves this, especially the part about poo!! It's a great introduction to how the body works :)

Dawn, 14/06/2013

Great Book for 6/7 year olds -

My 6-year-old loves this book - age appropriate and accurate information. Flaps to open make this an interesting and fun format...

Blanche, 11/06/2013

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