The Michael Morpurgo Collection - 16 Books (Collection)

Michael Morpurgo -
(25) 8 years +

Michael Morpurgo, the author of War Horse and Private Peaceful, is one of the most popular children's authors today and this 16-book collection not only brings together popular stories like Shadow and Farm Boy, but also some of his lesser-known titles, which remain equally as compelling. With absorbing text and page-turning storylines, the novels focus on epic tales of triumph and tragedy, kindness and cruelty and the unique bond between humans and animals.

Titles in this collection

  • Little Foxes
  • Twist of Gold
  • My Friend Walter
  • Billy the Kid
  • The War of Jenkin's Ear
  • An Elephant in the Garden
  • The Ghost of Grania O'Malley
  • Farm Boy
  • Waiting for Anya
  • Little Manfred
  • The Dancing Bear
  • Shadow
  • White Horse of Zennor
  • Running Wild
  • Friend or Foe
  • Alone on a Wide Wide Sea

Book Details

  • Product code: URGO
  • ISBN: 9780007916481
  • Publisher: Harper Collins
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 19.8cm x 12.9cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 16

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A beautiful, great-value set. -

All 16 of these fabulous books are fantastic, arrived in great condition and look lovely on any bookshelf with the lovely slipcase. An essential addition to your collection.

Katy, 11/10/2013

Wow!!! -

What a collection! I have been looking for books for my 7-year-old son and now I have found them. Very happy with the customer service. Super speed delivery. My only regret is that the first Morpurgo 16-book set is not still available. I would snap it up if it was!

Steve, 08/11/2012

16-book collection -

Having read Kensuke's Island, an impulse buy, and loved every page of it we bought this collection for our grandchildren to keep at our house for when they stay overnight. We are reading each one first (just to test them out of course) and thoroughly enjoying them all so far. He is such a brilliant writer, they are all real page turners and we really look forward to our morning coffee break which is getting longer and longer each day!

Jean, 23/10/2012

Brilliantly told stories -

I bought these for my daughter having heard the author on the radio and they are fantastic! I read these to her before bed and they are varied, interesting (for me too...) brilliantly written and just so enjoyable. We have just finished My Friend Walter and are working through the rest of this box set. They are books she will want to read to herself shortly and she has already asked for others by him for Christmas. Thank you Mr Morpurgo for making reading time interesting for parents too!

Samantha, 12/10/2012

"Amazing" -

I haven't got the set yet but, WOW, what a bargain! I went to Waterstones and had a look at them and it would have been over £100 for all of them. If you have a child who loves books, GET THEM NOW or even for you GET THEM NOW!!!

Leah, 16/09/2012

"Fabulous collection" -

This is a brilliant offer. I bought these for my kids as the author had been recommended by their school as a must-read author. I started reading with and to my kids but enjoyed them so much I started reading them for myself! Fictional stories set against a real life historical setting which brings history to life in an entertaining way. Some are more challenging than others for younger readers but there is something for all ages in this set. Do buy, it will benefit your kids love of reading and also helps with their writing development as it is quality literature they are reading. Enjoy.

Rachel, 16/09/2012

"Great range for all ages" -

Very touching and well-told stories. Some of the collection are too hard-going for my 6 and 7 year old (it's strange when your 6 year old asks what an IED is!) but a great range of books which will last for many years. A must have at the price.

Shirley, 02/09/2012


This book collection is an amazing book collection. I've had it for about 3 months but can't stop reading them. Well worth the money and time. These are must buy books for you to read and enjoy just like what I have.

Melissa, 24/08/2012

"Stock Enquiry" -

Hi TBP, when is this likely to be back in stock? It's an amazing deal yet again from you?

TBP says: This collection will be back in stock within the next fortnight or so.

Emma, 21/08/2012

"My favorite author in the world" -

I have read War Horse, Kensuke's Kingdom and Farm Boy but I really want to read the rest of the books because they are fabulous. Please tell me when both sets are in stock.

TBP says: Hi Chamarth, this collection will be back in stock within the next fortnight.

Chamarth, 21/08/2012

"Immense!" -

I got it yesterday, started the Dancing Bear that night, finished it that morning, started Shadow straight away, finished at 4 o'clock that afternoon! IMMENSE! An absolute must buy for anyone with a heart!

Airlie-jay, 20/07/2012

"Cool" -

It's amazing but when will it be in stock :)

TBP says: Hi Jack, this set will be back in August. Thanks.

Jack, 12/07/2012

"Looooooooooove this author" -

I have only read and have five of the 16 books in this set but all of them are fabtabidocious!! Although I have not read them all I am sure they will all be worth trying to read. Please, please, please read these books and just buy the set right NOW!!

Katie, 09/07/2012

"Great box set" -

I have been trying to order this set for about a week now, do you know when it is coming back into stock? Can you email me please?

TBP says: Hi Dino, this collection will be back in stock in August. Thanks.

Dino, 04/07/2012

"Hope this will be back in stock soon" -

My class of 9 year olds love Michael Morpurgo and my first boxed set is rapidly wearing out. I really hope this second set will be available again soon...

TBP says: Hi Chris, good news! The second collection will be back in stock in August. Thanks!

Chris, 03/07/2012

"Excellent...But will it be back in stock?" -

Wonderful set! This made a fab present for my niece and she still reads them a year on. I'd love to buy this set as a present for my nephew but it looks like it might be out of stock, does anyone know if it's coming back?

TBP says: Hi Nurul, good news! It looks like this collection is back in stock now.

Ayesha, 28/06/2012

"Fab" -

Great set, this is the second set of Michael Morpurgo books I have bought for my daughter. She's mad on them, think I'm going to borrow them too... Fantastic price, thank you.

Joie, 21/06/2012

"Stunning Box Set!" -

This box set of 16 books comes in a wonderful detailed case. I think it is a great price and really does make a wonderful luxury gift for someone. Books are so expensive but the Book People really do make reading accessible to all with these amazing offers. My son reads large volumes of books monthly so it is essential to get the best deal possible!

Mimi, 21/06/2012

"Great BUT doesn't include War Horse" -

We bought this set for my daughter as she loves War Horse. Unfortunately we only realised that this is a "new" collection ... and doesn't include War Horse! Just make sure you know what you're buying!

TBP says: Hi Kathy, we have now amended the text in this product description to state more clearly that it does not contain War Horse. Thanks.

Kathy, 12/06/2012

"Adventures galore!" -

Michael Morpurgo's books are full of fab adventures. I've read loads of them (almost all of them). When you start reading them you can't stop, unfortunately Mum makes me (I can't stand it much longer!).


"Superb" -

I bought these for my niece (11yrs) and nephew (7 yrs) - great, original stories from a master author. I'm reading them all before passing them onto the children. Stories are ace and unique.

Gemma, 30/04/2012

"Amazing" -

Brilliant book, just what I wanted! And at an amazing price of just £16.99 well worth the money!!!

Amy, 25/04/2012

"Stars" -


Emily, 17/04/2012


Fantastic collection of books. Bought them for my class, but haven't been able to put them down. Excellent!!!

Sarah, 14/04/2012

"Best book yet" -

They are so amazing. I love them, these books should be worth more than the price the Book People have put them up for!

Alana, 05/04/2012