I Wonder Why Collection (Collection)

(3) 5 years +

Perfect books for young, enquiring minds, the I Wonder Why Collection is a hugely popular and long-running series that has been revamped to appeal to a new generation of readers. With a crisp, clean redesign and colourful covers, the ten books in this collection answer many questions - from how animals tell the time to why leaves fall in the autumn and from what a black hole is to who lives in the North Pole. The answers are presented in an unrivalled child-friendly style and are designed to both amuse and intrigue a young reader. The series combines cartoons with facts and analogies to make a very exciting and satisfying experience for children aged five and over.

Titles in this collection (10)
  • I Wonder Why - Penguins Can't Fly
  • I Wonder Why - Leaves Change Colour
  • I Wonder Why - Kangaroos Have Pouches
  • I Wonder Why - Pyramids Were Built
  • I Wonder Why - The Wind Blows
  • I Wonder Why - The Sea Is Salty
  • I Wonder Why - Spiders Spin Webs
  • I Wonder Why - Snakes Shed Their Skin
  • I Wonder Why - Stars Twinkle
  • I Wonder Why - The Sun Rises

Product Details

  • Product code: IWHY
  • ISBN: 9780753435335
  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 28.0cm x 23.0cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 9

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"Buy these!" -

Brilliant set of books. With five grandchildren, I operate a "Granny`s Home Library" system, books are borrowed & signed out as required. These have been in great demand, from 4-10 years and as there are so many in the set, there are plenty to go round! Buy these books - good pics, easy to read/read to, highly recommended.

Charlotte, 27/07/2012

"Well Worth It" -

Very good value. Kids love them because they "tell me things that I did not know". I have also bought about 12 sets for friends and colleagues!I am impressed by the quality of images and the colour.I would definitely recommend the books.

M Khan, 02/06/2012

"Best collection" -

I have used the Book People for many years now and the majority of my purchases have been brilliant. This is another amazing purchase and my definitve favourite. My four year old asks so many questions and these educational books are just perfect. I have even learnt a lot! (E.g Mercury is not the hottest planet in our solar system!)I don't know how the Book People manage to get such great deals to be honest, I wonder how they manage to make a profit!? The books all have £5.99 on the back and yet i am paying only £10 for all ten!!

Beet, 01/05/2012