Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries Collection - 12 Books (Collection)

Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries Collection - 12 Books - Collection - 9781780376660 - Carola Dunn

Carola Dunn -

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The Daisy Dalrymple Collection features twelve mystery books from Carola Dunn's brilliant series - all packed with witty dialogue and well-rounded, unforgettable characters.

The well-heeled Daisy Dalrymple is a freelance reporter who just cannot stop herself getting involved in attempting to solve crime investigations. This collection is full of cracking good country house mysteries!

Titles in this collection

  • Gone West
  • Fall of a Philanderer
  • The Bloody Tower
  • Sherry Folly
  • Anthem For Doomed Youth
  • To Davy Jones Below
  • The Case of the Murdered Muckraker
  • Mistletoe and Murder
  • A Mourning Wedding
  • Die Laughing
  • The Black Ship
  • Gunpowder Plot

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  • ISBN: 9781780376660
  • Publisher: Constable & Robinson
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Customer Reviews

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Daisy Dalrymple -

Amazing series!! Discovered this series whilst on holiday and had to buy them all!! Wish there were more books in the series!!!

Rachel, 11/11/2014

Fun and satisfying -

Not the greatest literature but if you want a book for entertainment, satisfaction and feel-good these books have a lovely atmosphere, endearing characters and fun storylines. The literary equivalent of hot chocolate with marshmallows floating on top, served in a tasteful mug.

Liz, 09/12/2013

"Great - Golden Age of Crime" -

These books make a delightful read for any fans of Agatha Christie, country house murders and the golden age of crime! I read the first series that TBP did and these are just as good and difficult to put down. Although they make quite light reading, the stories are good and go into a lot of detail about the 1920s. Each one follows on so you can see how Daisy's life develops. Would definitely recommend.

Neville and Drippy, 29/08/2012

"More! More!" -

I love these books, escapism, relaxation, highly entertaining. Now all I want are all her other books in collections - if you love country house mysteries, gentle dialogue - no bad words!, and clever endings, read these.Please let us have all her works 'Book People'...pleasure for so many of us who love detective books, but she has other genres, lets have those also! A reason for these wonderful book sites is that we get introduced to so many writers, I have read so many buying from 'the Book People' but like lots of other readers we can get hooked on specific authors, Carola Dunn is one of my favourites, I do hope there will be the chance of reading more......I recommend this series heartily.

Shirley, 08/07/2012

"Excellent!" -

I have now read most of these books and find each one hard to put down! Quite a light read but still hugely enjoyable. Fans of Agatha Christie and Dorothy L Sayer should enjoy.

Jane, 15/06/2012

"Brilliant!" -

If you like Dorothy L Sayers, you'll love these stories. They are entertaining, charming, intriguing and warm. Characters are well drawn and very likeable. Plots are frothy yet still make you want to turn the next page. Good for light summer reading. I've read them all and am sorry there aren't any more!

Sally, 08/06/2012

"Daisy Dalrymple" -

Read all the books, found them very entertaining and easy reading.

BIG T, 08/06/2012