George Gently Collection (Collection)

Alan Hunter -

Now a popular television series character played by Martin Shaw, Alan Hunter's books featuring Inspector George Gently are even more appealing than the show. Thorough, detailed and methodical, Gently is always calm and considerate - even when solving murders on his holidays. For most people, becoming involved in a murder on a break would quickly become the holiday from hell but for Gently, it is business as usual. These immensely readable books are full of tension and well-drawn characters.

Titles in this collection

  • Landed Gently
  • Gently by The Shore
  • Gently in The Sun
  • Gently to The Summit
  • Gently with The Painters
  • Gently Does It
  • Gently Go Man
  • Gently Through The Mill
  • Gently Where The Roads Go
  • Gently Down The Stream

Book Details

  • Product code: GGEN
  • ISBN: 9781780336671
  • Publisher: Constable & Robinson
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 17.8cm x 11.1cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 9

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George Gently Collection -

I enjoyed the fact that the detecting process was focused on, but I found the writing style inconsistent. The characterisations were well drawn without dominating.

Penn, 12/06/2013

Not Well Written -

Having read the first three books in the collection I was left wondering if they were written by three different authors. The style of writing varied in each one and I didn't find them well written. I abandoned the rest as there are many, more interesting books to be read.

Mary, 21/02/2013

More please! -

This box set is made up of the first 10 novels and he wrote 42, can we have more sets please?

Harriet, 30/01/2013

Antidote to Martin Shaw -

The 'real' George Gently is a thoroughly likeable man, and so are his sidekicks. The detection is done by logic, not by manhandling suspects. There is little here that is bigoted or crude, unlike the TV series. Thoroughly enjoyable for some quiet relaxing winter reading!

Trevor, 24/11/2012

Alan Hunter - George Gently set -

These intriguing stories are an excellent challenge for the mind and Gently is ever the gentleman (unlike the TV series). Looking forward to TBP issuing the remaining 36 books - please.

Joanna, 29/10/2012

"We want more!" -

These books are just the thing to get the mind working on solving crimes...each book takes the reader through the case in great detail. Thoroughly enjoyable and a must for fans of good old policing methods dotted with humour and experience.One is left wanting more....Book People, please can we have another George Gently Collection very soon!!!

Brian, 25/07/2012

"One missing" -

This is a great series of books, should be a collection of 10- it is a collection of 10 but one book has been repeated with an incorrect cover!! However a jolly good read, have only 1 more to read, Inspector Gently is a very clever policeman!!

TBP says: Hi Janice, we're sorry to hear this. Please call Customer Services on 0845 602 3030 to resolve the situation.

Janice, 20/07/2012