Dr Seuss Collection - 12 Books (Collection)

Dr Seuss -
(21) 5 years +

The Dr. Seuss Collection brings together 12 classic picture books that feature a whole host of famous characters including The Cat in the Hat, The Lorax and The Grinch.

As well as these much-loved characters, the set will also introduce children aged 5 and over to some of his more obscure creations. Every book in the set is gorgeous and contains Dr. Seuss's trademark wacky illustrations and addictive rhyming text.

With rhythm and madcap humour also present throughout, this collection is sure to quickly become a favourite and could make the perfect gift!

Titles in this collection

  • The Cat in the Hat
  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • The Lorax
  • Horton Hears a Who!
  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas!
  • Dr Seuss's A B C
  • Fox in Socks
  • Oh, The Places You'll Go!
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
  • There's a Wocket in My Pocket
  • Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?
  • The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

Book Details

  • Product code: EUSS
  • ISBN: 9780007923489
  • Publisher: Harper Collins
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 28.6cm x 22.7cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 14

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Highly recommend -

A lovely set of books for such a fantastic price. My children love these books and my 5-year-old loves to sit and read some of them independently.

Donna, 29/08/2014

Great collection for kids -

Just started reading these to our 3.5-year-old son and he's loving them so am I - great for their imagination, and also great for kids who love rhyming! Good, fun books - the sort that children can learn from without even realising they're learning, with the repetition of short words etc!

Willans, 12/02/2014

Well worth the money -

I would highly recommend this pack. I bought it a few Chirstmases ago, still to this day my girls read these. My eldest struggled to have the patience when first learning to read, she got distracted/annoyed easily. However she will quite happily pick one of these up. She would study the illustrations in great detail first and then read the page. She now can tell me the stories nearly word perfect. My girls are now 7 and coming on 8 and both still love reading these books. We even act out these books when were reading them to add a different depth and keep reading a game, they love acting out Green Eggs and Ham. Would definitely buy this pack again.

Rooney06, 02/01/2014

Perfect -

This is a brilliant collection of classic Dr. Seuss books that any child would love and for this price... amazing!

Z, 22/12/2013

Great books, excellent quality and size -

The stories are classic and funny - my five-year-old daughter is a big fan. This set is extremely good value and could easily be divided up as the books would make excellent gifts individually or even in party bags at just over a pound each.

Victoria, 05/12/2013

Great Gift -

My children loved Dr. Seuss books and I think they are very educational too, so I was pleased when my daughter suggested I give the set to my grandson as a third birthday present. I did think they might be a little too old for him and would not compare to the toy castle etc! I was wrong - my daughter had to read eight books, one after another, in the morning, so if you have a child who responds to books no need to take notice of the age. A bonus is they are fun for an adult to read aloud!

Julia, 21/11/2013

Lovely Collection -

These books are lovely. They are big books with nice bright pictures and good quality paper and they would make nice presents as well as good value to keep. The bag is cheap and plastic, unlike other sets we've had, and I would prefer it not be included as it is just wasteful extra packaging.

Harry, 14/11/2013

Dr Seuss Collection in A Bag -

Great value and lots of fun.

Anne L, 10/11/2013

Great value -

We love these books in our house. They are nice and big unlike some other Dr. Seuss books we have and are therefore great and easy for little people to look at. My one-year-old loves listening to the rhymes. A great deal.

Suzi Q, 09/11/2013

Wonderful!! -

These books are simply fantastic and great value for money. Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back are demanded every night by my 3-yr-old. Beautifully written and wonderful illustrations make an irresistible combination that I am sure will be read for many years to come.

Andrea, 31/01/2013

Classics-buy them! -

Amazing value, our 4 and 3 year old sons had these from 'Santa' this year-what a hit! They love them! Always ask for them at bedtime and there are some lovely 'morals' messages in some of them (Green Eggs and Ham), very happy with this purchase.

Zach&Oliversmummy, 30/01/2013

Great collection for the price! -

Bought for my 4-year-old for Christmas. We already have various titles bought individually for my older son, but they were worth duplicating for the price of this great collection. These are large format books, so a more appropriate size for her age group and we get to enjoy some other titles we didn't already have. My least favourite has always been Green Eggs and Ham, I don't know why, the repetition just annoys me! But love the inclusion of The Grinch, the Lorax and Horton Hears a Who - which have a good worthy message behind all the fun.

Claire, 23/01/2013

Dr. Seuss Collection in a Bag -12 Books. -

Bought these books for my grandson's 6th birthday - he loves them, reads them regularly on his own and was delighted to find the Lorax included. The bag is quite strong and a useful addition. At the price they're tremendous value for money....you won't find them cheaper anywhere.... this collection is a timeless classic, highly recommend it.

V. Hall, 12/01/2013

Reading is fun! -

What a fantastic set! Gave to my five-year-old for Christmas, he loves them! Not only does he pick them as a bedtime favourite, he even gets up early to read one before school! Before Dr. Seuss, my son's reading was mechanically good, but a bit monotonous. Now there's lots of drama and excitement in his voice, and he has such fun reading these books over and over again. Highly recommended, and what a bargain! Well done, TBP!! Is there any chance you might get the "Cat in the Hat Learning Library" any time soon? Would most definitely buy that too!

Marion, 11/01/2013

Dr. Seuss collection -

A great way to get kids into reading and having a giggle. Really pleased and what a price.

Suzanne, 04/01/2013

Great educational fun! -

We already had 5 of the books so I was unsure about ending up with double copies. I'm so glad i went ahead anyway. These books are absolutely gorgeous. My 6-year-old loves them and is now, after a couple of weeks, able to read most of them. She has gone up one reading level at school thanks to the crazy world of Dr. Seuss!

mc, 28/10/2012

Amazing set of books -

I received these in super quick time, I have bought them for my near 5-year-old, he loves Dr. Seuss,Ii am so pleased with these, they are bigger than the regular books, but I didnt realise that, so they do not go with the books we have, but some of these titles replace these books anyway!! Bargain price for these books, amazing quality, my little boy will be so happy come Christmas Day!! x

Jacqui, 26/10/2012

Dr Seuss collection -

FANTASTIC! My son was a reluctant reader until he discovered Dr Seuss' madcap rhyming stories and he couldn't get enough. These are a brilliant size too, being bigger than other publications, so they feel more like the traditional bedtime picture book to share together. Dr. Seuss is also a favourite of a dyslexic child that I read with, as the repetition builds confidence at the same time as it turning a difficult task (reading) into fun. UNBELIEVABLE VALUE.

Angela, 14/10/2012

Dr. Seuss -

Quite possibly the greatest children's books ever and just as good for adults!

Carl, 12/10/2012

"A real MUST HAVE for little ones" -

Bought Cat In The Hat and Green Eggs for my 19-month-old son after they were recommended to me. I didn't honestly think he'd have the attention span for them but I was wrong. He chooses at least one of them every night before bed. Last night I decided to buy him a new one every month, this morning I received this fantastic offer! My only reservation is that although I'm delighted with such a bargain I'm concerned that The Book People have tapped into my mind... :-) Thanks TBP!

Amy, 02/10/2012

"AMAZING Value for MONEY!!" -

Got the set today for October BDay present... Tooooo good to keep hidden, only had it for a few hours and already read half of the books with my 3-year-old and now my 5-year-old is home, she is also getting her tongue twisted reading these books. The books are so good, A4-sized paperback, come in a nice plain carry bag, I don't know if I am more excited or the kids?Must buy for any young kids' library, I have looked around and guaranteed you will NOT find it cheaper.I LOVE YOU BOOK PEOPLE!!!

Nadia, 26/09/2012