Roman Mysteries Collection - 15 Books (Collection)

Roman Mysteries Collection - 15 Books - Collection - 9781407220581 - Caroline Lawrence

Caroline Lawrence -
(11) 9 years +

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This series of fast-moving historical adventures takes readers to ancient Rome, where conspiracies, skulduggery and even murder await. Four young friends have plenty of mysteries to solve, and with rampaging lions, prowling poisoners and jewel thieves on the loose, any child who loves a good story will be gripped!

Titles in this collection

  • Slave Girl from Jerusalem
  • The Gladiators from Capua
  • Scribes from Alexandria
  • The Colossus of Rhodes
  • The Beggar of Volubilis
  • The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina
  • The Sirens of Surrentum
  • The Dolphins of Laurentum
  • The Enemies of Jupiter
  • The Secrets of Vesuvius
  • The Charioteer of Delphi
  • Assassins of Rome
  • The Thieves of Ostia
  • The Fugitive from Corinth
  • The Pirates of Pompeii

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  • ISBN: 9781407220581
  • Publisher: Orion Publishing Group
  • Format: Collection
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Customer Reviews

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"Amazing" -

I'm a 10 year old who loves these books. I am on the 13th book and love them, they are amazing!!!!

Niamh Kelly Donald, 13/08/2011

"Great value" -

I bought these books and they are very interesting. You learn about the lives of Romans and mixed with a bit of mystery and drama, it is a fantastic read. For 9 years or older because some of them are about murder.

Lauren, 04/07/2011

"Not for younger readers" -

I bought these for my 7 year old daughter who has a reading age of 9. I read the first 2 books myself first and was surprised to find suicide in the first one, and a theme of 'who is my real father and did my mother have a lover' in the second. Although they're a good read, I'm not sure that's appropriate for a 7 year old. Probably my fault for buying books that are too old for her, but thought others might like to know.

TBP says:

The age range on this set is 9-11 years, it's not suitable for 7 year olds.

Jane, 04/07/2011

"Fantastic books" -

I bought these books for my 9 year old son. He couldn't put them down, he thought they were a brilliant read and couldn't wait to go to bed to read them. Very well written and a great insight to early Roman life.

Geraldine, 27/06/2011

"Incredible bargain!" -

This collection is incredible for the price. I bought them for my students (primary), started reading them myself and couldn't put them down. The last 2 books of the series can be bought from Amazon (at roughly the same price The Book People are charging for 15 novels!). I'm 28 and adored them, as has everyone else I've lent them to. A definite 'must buy'.

A. Shah, 01/06/2011

"5 star" -

Excellent. My children, aged 14 and 12, love the books and are getting through them at an amazing pace. There are actually 17 books in the series but only 15 in the collection. Is there any reason for this and where can we get the last 2 books from?

TBP says:Unfortunately, we have no plans to stock the next two titles in the series and they aren't in the set as they weren't published when we ordered it. Apologies.

Clive Watson, 29/04/2011

"Great read!" -

Fantastic value, well written and thoroughly enjoyable!

Sally, 13/03/2011

"Amazing value" -

Why are these books so cheap? If your child liked Famous Five they will love these, it is an amazing collection of mysteries. Caroline Lawrence visited my son's school recently, she is an incredible, brilliant talented woman who speaks many classical languages and can write stories for children.

TBP says: They are great value for money because we hand-pick books we know our customers will love, so we can buy large quantities and offer them at a fantastic price!

Anne, Kingston, 10/02/2011

"Wonderful books" -

I bought these books for my 9 year old daughter, who loves history and reading. As she is still on her 6th Harry Potter book, with one more to go, I started reading the books and cannot put them down. The characters in the book bring the events of the past alive with their adventures. Flavia, who has determination and a great thirst for knowledge, and can use logic and imagination to solve puzzles. Jonathan, who is responsible, cautious and humorous, and a good hunter. Nubia, who shows her empathy, her love of animals and her musicality, particularly when she sings to calm the dogs. Her reward from Cordius will be used to buy the lotus wood flute and Lupus, who is good at trailing people and has artistic skill. One of the adventures takes place at the time Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, which led to the destruction of the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. These books make a great gift and are very good value.

Ingrid, 18/01/2011

"Brilliant" -

Fantastic detective novels with interesting and unexpected twists, but without unnecessary gore. Very well written.

Joanna Dingle, 22/11/2010

"Fantastic books" -

I bought this collection for my 7 and 9 year old sons. They love adventure stories and these books fit the bill whilst offering so much more. Well written, educational about Roman life, exciting and, on occasion, a little frightening. Just fabulous. We love these books and are working our way through them with much excitement. A bargain.

Cath Marshall, 24/02/2010