Read at Home Biff, Chip and Kipper Collection - 48 Books (Collection)

Roderick Hunt & Alex Brychta -
(59) 4 years +

These essential first reading books from Oxford Reading Tree have been completely redesigned and reissued to ensure they accurately reflect the current curriculum's emphasis on phonic learning. In this brand new collection you'll find phonics books to help practise decoding sounds in words and first stories to help your child familiarise themselves with meeting words as they are used in everyday language. The books are graded to help your child progress from Level 1, when they are just getting ready to read, through to Level 6, when they will be reading with confidence. As well as 48 brilliantly crafted books, there's a handbook designed to give you all the help you need as you embark on this important journey with your child.

This item comes in a box

Titles in this collection

  • Helping Your Child To Read - Handbook
  • Kipper's Alphabet I Spy
  • Chip's Letter Sounds
  • Biff's Wonder Words
  • Floppy's Fun Phonics
  • The Red Hen
  • I am Kipper
  • Cat in a Bag
  • The Fizz-Buzz
  • The Sing Song
  • Such a Fuss
  • Shops
  • The Backpack
  • The Red Coat
  • Wet Feet
  • The Moon Jet
  • Quick Quick
  • Craig Saves the Day
  • Dolphin Rescue
  • Seasick
  • Egg Fried Rice
  • Uncle Max
  • Gran's New Blue Shoes
  • Ice City
  • Save Pudding Wood
  • Floppy Did This
  • Up You Go
  • Six in a Bed
  • Get On
  • Funny Fish
  • The Snowman
  • Silly Races
  • Dad's Birthday
  • Poor Old Rabbit
  • I Can Trick a Tiger
  • Super Dad
  • Floppy and the Bone
  • The Raft Race
  • Dragon Danger
  • The Spaceship
  • Missing
  • Husky Adventure
  • Trapped
  • Looking after Gran
  • Hungry Floppy
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Hairy-Scary Monster
  • The Lost Voice
  • Secret of the Sands

Book Details

  • Product code: BIFF
  • ISBN: 9780192757784
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 20.8cm x 16.3cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 20

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"Please re-stock!!" -

I'm also so disappointed that you won't be continuing to sell this set, I read below that you will be receiving new stock separated into stages however I much prefer this set that has all the levels in one handy set rather than buying them all separately :( is there no way you are able to stock this one again?RegardsPam

TBP says: Hi Pam, we're sorry you feel this way but unfortunately it won't be coming back in the foreseeable future. Previous customer feedback has shown that customers wanted this set in two separate sections and we have decided to act on this. We apologise again for any inconvenience.

Pam, 11/08/2012

"Please bring them back!" -

Can't wait for these to come back in stock! They are invaluable!

Poppy, 08/08/2012

"Brilliant books" -

I can't believe I got them so cheap. Been looking around for these books for my 5 year old daughter, this is a fantastic purchase and excellent value. Thank you TBP.

Farrah, 01/08/2012

"Read at Home Biff, Chip & Kipper 48 book set" -

I am another customer who would like to buy this set!Could some kind person look very hard for us to see if this is possible please.Thank you.

TBP says: Hi Shirley, we will have a new Biff, Chip and Kipper Collection coming into stock in the autumn.

Shirley, 01/08/2012

"Just brilliant!!!" -

I bought these last Christmas for my 5-year-old daughter who has come on leaps and bounds with her reading this past school year. We couldn't put these down! My younger daughter 2 1/2 is now obsessed with this box set and with 45 books you never get fed up with the same books every night, I see they are currently out of stock but not surprising as great buy!!!

Katie, 28/07/2012

"Fantastic set" -

I think I must be one of the lucky ones who managed to get a set of these for my daughter. As soon as they arrived my daughter wanted to start reading them and is enjoying a summer of reading about the adventures of Biff, Chip and Kipper. I have recommended this set to several people and will continue to do so.

Lara, 26/07/2012

"Lovely books, BUT..." -

This is a superb collection of books, but the quality of their display box is very poor. This can easily be remedied with some tape, but I wouldn't want to give them as a present.

Robert, 21/07/2012

"What levels?" -

Hi, was wondering if someone could help me! What levels are in this pack? My son is on level 6/7 at school and I'm after a few for him to read in the school holidays. The lower levels I can keep for later for my 2 year old! Thanks!

TBP says: Hi Carol, these books are graded to help your child progress from Level 1 through to Level 6.

Carol, 20/07/2012

"Awesome - Do we know when they're back?" -

Great set of books - my youngest has developed so much after these books. Only thing is does anyone know when these are coming back in stock as they would make a lovely present for my niece.

TBP says: Hi Ahmed, there are no plans for this collection to come back into stock but we will have a new, slightly different, Oxford Reading Tree collection starring Biff, Chip and Kipper coming in the autumn. Regards.

Ahmed, 21/06/2012

"Buy it" -

If you know a little one learning to read, this is a fantantic purchase and excellent value.

Belle, 17/06/2012

"Great books but poor quality packaging" -

I bought this set as they were such a good price and highly recommended. Unfortunately I am yet to look through the books with my daughter as I'm currently on my 2nd set which is going to have to go back due to extreme damage to the set, a lot more than just a bit of tape to fix it (tape has clearly been tried before dispatch and obviously not worked!).

Rachael, 12/06/2012

"Fabulous books" -

My 4 year old loves this books and it fits well with the Oxford books she reads at school too. Has remembered some from school but hasn't minded reading them again. Only problem I had was the case was split that they came in but nothing a bit of tape didnt fix. Lovely books overall. Very pleased with my purchase.

Lucy, 08/06/2012

"Fantastic! And great value too!" -

I can't believe this set is only £25! I bought for my 4 year old for her birthday as she's really into reading and I wanted to help her along her way. Although I'm really pleased with my purchase I was a little disappointed the box was damaged and quite noticebly as well. I will be making a complaint about this but it still gets a 5 star from me as the books themselves are fantastic!! Well worth every penny!

Amie, 01/06/2012

"Essential set" -

I am delighted with this set of books. My almost 4 year old daughter loves the stories and has very quickly progressed to level 2 after only starting them recently. They also support her learning at pre-school, where they use the same learning system. Great value for money.

Kirsty, 30/05/2012

"Very good investment!" -

I just got these books this morning, they are great! My daughter describes the pictures well, says the words. Not bad for £25, bought just in time now that they're OUT OF STOCK!

Shubci, 24/05/2012

"Any new stock for June 2012?" -

I have searched everywhere for these books and the best price is here at the Book People. Please can you tell me whether it is worth getting them elsewhere or waiting for you all at the Book People?

TBP says: Hi Simone, we will not have any new stock in June but we will have a new Oxford Reading Tree collection starring Biff, Chip and Kipper coming in the autumn. The collection will be slightly different to this one so please keep an eye out for it. Thanks!

Simone, 23/05/2012

"Excellent Collection" -

These are an amazing set of books they are, the Read at Home collection, I've looked for these on ebay and Amazon and the set is always around £40-£50. They are brilliant books and are the same as they use in school. I wasn't sure if this set was the same as the other sets I'd seen because the picture on here is different to the picture on Amazon and ebay, but it is the same collection and I can't believe how these are this amazing price. Thank you Book People will order from you again.

JADE, 08/05/2012

"Excellent Value" -

This bumper pack of books is superb value! Would recommend these.

Zoe, 27/04/2012

"Such good value!!!" -

I bought this for my daughter as it was only £25.00 and the RRP was £250.00. I love them so much I think I will be buying some of the other Read at Home Collections!!!

Amy, 25/04/2012

"Brilliant Books" -

I bought these early on as my daughter loves books (she's 18 months) she likes me reading the simple words out to her like "Get Kip" and she repeats the word "Kip", I point to the words so she is picking up that letters written down can be spoken aloud. The only problem with this set is that the box arrived broken - and I know it is not a "broken in delivery" fault as someone has put selotape on the breakage! Reading the past reviews this seems to be a common problem, so Book People can you rectify this problem please so other customers do not have to put up with this.

Sophie, 24/04/2012

"Great for 4 years onwards" -

Bought this for my son in reception class, he enjoys them so much even when we are not doing them together, he can sit and read them and enjoy them. There is a game at the end of each book, like a treat for getting through it. Maybe a spot the difference or maze etc. He views it as his treat for doing his 'homework'. The books are well thought out, they are interesting for kids and they run 'perfectly' alongside what the schools are teaching them. They also look good quality and you feel you have a bargain when they arrive.

su, 19/04/2012

"Brilliant" -

We used these books when my daughter was in reception class. She started reading when she turned 5, so not a quick starter. She finished Reception class on level 4 and year 1 on level 10 (white books). I am sure it is thanks to these books. Just great for levels 1-5.If you decide to buy only 1 set from this website and you have a 5 year old kid, it should be these books.

P., 14/04/2012

"Fabulous!" -

I received this order today and I have already read 4 of the books to my daughter. She is 3 years old and already loves them. She has chosen her next selection of stories for tomorrows bedtime. 5* all the way.

Laura, 02/04/2012

"Excellent & great value" -

My 4 yr old son which is in reception class read those books unfortunately they do not have many in the classroom and so I decided to purchase them from here, the price is very very cheap, cheaper than second hand and the books are fantastic they have differents level and loads of stories, also there is a book of alphabet, for parents and in each story you get a little game at the hand and robin to spot in each page which my son enjoys to do and always asks to read one as he want to do those games. The only bad point that I can think of is the storage box which comes with it arrived damaged but I contacted the Book People and they resolved the issue very fast! I would definitely recommend this book, I'm sure you will not find them cheaper elsewhere!

Melanie, 24/03/2012

"Good books" -

Good books that have served us well with my 5 yo now reading level 6 by herself, (didn't know the school used them too when I bought them) but, I am sick to death with the stories now my 3yo is starting to read the level 1 and 2 books. But they love them!...

Lesley, 21/03/2012

"Oxford reading tree" -

As with many of the other reviews the box was broken on arrival and my order also took 10 days to arrive. Not that I was in a rush for them but the money went out of my account the day after I placed the order! On a positive note my 4 and 2 year old love them!

TBP says: Hi Edwina, thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear about the broken box, please contact our customer services team on 0845 602 30 30 if you have any queries.

Edwina, 21/03/2012

"Excellent but NOT 'read at home' books" -

These books are fantastic and excellent value for money. However, they are not 'Read at Home' books as described. They are the exact same stories that my little girl is bringing home from school, in a slightly different format. The real 'Read at Home' Oxford Reading Tree books are a different set of stories.

Hannah, 20/03/2012

"Essential key stage 1 reading" -

Excellent books for children in Key Stage 1. My two daughters aged 4 and 5 absolutely love the adventures of Biff, Chip and Kipper and whilst the 5 year old is now on stage 11 (these go up to level 6 which is stage 5-6) she still loves re-reading these.

Becky, 18/03/2012

"Excellent" -

My 5 year old mildly autistic son loves these books, they got him interested in reading! The set is fantastic and the 2 different sets are really helpful. My only problem (hence the 4 stars) is that they took 10 days to arrive and then the box was broken! Although after emailing the issue was resolved within 3 days!

Claire, 16/03/2012

"Just what I needed!" -

This set is really worthwhile. My child is just starting to read at 4 and I have been finding it difficult finding books that are simple enough. This set has everything. There is a good range of easy books to introduce first readers and then enough to keep them going. Most of the stage 1 and 2 books have two stories in them. They all have a set of questions and a puzzle at the end which the children love. I thought it was a lot of money to spend before I got them but now I think they are worth every penny.

H, 06/03/2012

"Must have but be careful!!" -

These 48 books divided into 2 sets: First Stories and Phonics. All books in First Stories are as same as ORT Read at Home 31 books Collection that I already ordered it last month. So please check it before order, otherwise you will have 2 sets of the same title like me :(

BTW, all of them are great and must have! Love it!

T, 06/03/2012

"Fantastic" -

What a brilliant set! I got the 30 book set, with guide, wish I had seen this set, as my son loves these books! Don't be put off with the fact that they are Biff Chip & Kipper books that they get from school. These read at home editions have much more engaging stories and my son can't wait to read them, often wanting to read two or three at a time! My 4 year old son is not generally an avid reader, trying to keep his focus and interest has been a challenge, but not with these books. Delighted and so proud, can already see a massive improvement in his ability and interest.Get this 48 book set if you can, what a bargain!

Coral, 05/03/2012

"Weight for this collection" -

Can I know what is the total weight for this? Might get friends at UK to bring it back to me!! thanks.

TBP says: Hi Joyce, the total weight is 4245 grams. Thanks.

Joyce, 01/03/2012

"Fantastic" -

Excellent books, my 4 year old loves them and a bargain for 48 books. Case was damaged but customer service were very helpful and sent a new case. Thank you x

Rebecca, 25/02/2012

"Excellent set" -

I purchased this set for my 3 year old and 5 year old children. The local school uses ORT so it is good for my 3 year old to get a good exposure to these sets. What I particularly like about this set is the phonics book sections which allow you to teach the sounds and put them into context in a story. This set also offers fantastic value for money.

Karen, 24/02/2012

"Rather frustrating" -

From other reviews where people are asking if these books were coming back in stock, Book People have replied saying they won't be restocking them. So I ordered the 31 set, 3 days later these are back in stock. Would much prefer this set.

TBP says: Hi Stacey, sorry for the confusion, we did not believe this collection would be available so soon. Please ring customer services on 0845 602 30 30 to discuss this further.

Stacey, 16/02/2012

"International shipping" -

Too bad that the 48 books series is not in stock. Please let me know if you do international shipping. I desperately want to get a set for my kids. Thanks.

TBP says: Hi Joel, thanks for the comment. The Book People currently offer delivery to Spain and the Balearic and Canary Islands, but currently our delivery network does not reach other European countries.

Joel, 09/02/2012

"Stock" -

Please could you tell me if you will be getting this back in stock?

TBP says: Hi Toni, there are currently no plans for this collection to come back into stock in the near future, but we do have a Read at Home Complete Collection for £15 available here: Thanks.

Toni, 02/02/2012

"My little one loves them!" -

I started using these just before my daughter had her 4th Birthday - 4 months on and she is fluently reading level 3 and loving every book in this collection. These books made my job a real enjoyment.

Tamara, 22/01/2012

"When will it come in stock?" -

Hi, can you please tell me when this collection is coming back in stock as I really need it. Thanks.

TBP says: Hi Zahra, unfortunately there are no plans for this collection to come back in stock. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Zahra, 28/12/2011

"When will they be in stock?" -

Hi, can you tell me if the collection will be in stock before Christmas? Thanks.

TBP says: Hi Monica, unfortunately this collection will not be available before Christmas. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Monica, 03/12/2011

"Fab" -

I bought this for my nephew's 2nd birthday. If I was giving it as a gift I had to take them out of the box they came in, as again like previous review, the box was damaged and t would be very embarrassing to give them as the way they came. However, books are great to encourage reading and introduce books.

TBP says: Very sorry for the damaged copy, Kam. If you email we can arrange to reissue you with a new set.

Kam, 30/11/2011

"Great books, highly recommended" -

Good for children starting school aged 4+, bought for my son who enjoys them every time.

Nazia, 15/11/2011

"Nice books, rubbish box..." -

I remember reading 'Biff, Chip & Kipper' books when I was young, so thought these would make a nice gift for my daughter for her birthday. The problem is the box to keep the books in was completely ruined upon delivery, not the worst case scenario by a long way, but I can't give these as a present now. I'd return them, but it's too much effort to be honest. In summary, great books, just be wary if you're going to give them to someone and won't have time to return them, if you're unlucky like me.

TBP says: Many apologies for the damaged copy you received, please email and we can reissue you with a new set.

Chris, 03/11/2011

"Fantastic" -

I recently bought this boxset to introduce my three and a half year old son to reading. I know these books are great as my nephew has read them at school and now reads them with my son.

Tracey, 29/10/2011

"A real investment!" -

These books were recommended to me by my son's SEN teacher to help boost his reading at home.Half of the books are phonics and the other half are stories.Both he and his younger brother really enjoy these books - you wont be disappointed.

Vicki, 25/10/2011

"Brilliant!" -

I have recently removed my 6 year old son from school to home school him, I wanted him to carry on with these books as he used them at school and enjoys them. I also used them at school 20 years ago and loved them!

Him and his 2 year old brother love them to bits!!Brilliant price and fast delivery! fantastic!

Jodie, 24/10/2011

"Fantastic" -

I bought these books for my five year old boy and he loves them, they're not only reading and phonic books but also a parent book to help you with teaching your child to read and exercises to do with them. I would advise these to any parents with helping their child start to read.

Helen, 17/10/2011

"Absolute Must Buy!! :)" -

I recently purchased this book set as my little boy's school were only providing him with one Oxford Reading Tree Book per week and found that he wasn't reading the words as such, just remembering the stories off by heart. When I saw these books for such a great price, I just had to have them! The service this company provides is excellent, the shipping is very fast and everything is packaged well and protected superbly! Since having these books, my son's reading has come on in leaps and bounds, he is looking at words, sounding them out and really coming on and has shot up to, and nearly completed, Level 3 in a matter of a month! Worth every bargain penny, thank you! :)

Catherine, 23/09/2011

"Fantastic set of books" -

Received these books within 4 days, very good service. Lovely books for my 4 year old daughter. She will be using these at school in September and wanted to give her the best start.

Adele, 06/08/2011

"A Great Way to Teach a Child to Read!" -

What a great bargain! My 4-year-old son loves these books at pre-school, but one a week wasn't enough for him. We thought a set for home was in order. He is so proud of himself for recognizing simple words. He's in great form to start school in September.

Allison, 21/07/2011

"A star buy" -

My four year old son loves these books! He has started the letters and sounds programme of study at school and these books really consolidate his learning. He now feels really confident to use these books both on his own and to share with me. He also loves the little puzzles at the end of each story. A wonderful product that really reminds me of my childhood. As a Reception teacher, I would recommend to any parent to share the magic that is the Oxford Reading Tree books!

Sarah, 15/07/2011

"Engaging and a real bargain" -

I bought these books (actually the previous set of 31) for my four year old who is still at pre-school, but told me he wanted to read. Oxford Reading Tree was recommended to me by two friends, one of whom is a Foundation Stage teacher. My son loves them and especially looks forward to doing the little puzzles at the back of the book. He has made real progress. The handbook is really helpful, even for me and I used to be a teacher! It would be nice if the Book People would offer the extra books included in this pack as a bonus pack for people like me to supplement the previous collection.

R Elliott, 12/06/2011

"A surprise hit" -

I bought these (the older set, I'd love a booster with the new books too) for my 3 year old son because I'd like him to get a jump start on reading. I thought he might not like them because they're not about dinosaurs or superheroes but I was so wrong. He loves them and won't read anything else at the moment. I do the first level ones with him moving my finger with the words. The older ones just get read as story books.

Ash, 10/06/2011

"Wonderful" -

I got the original 31 set and the Floppy's Phonics so have 40 of the titles included in this set. They really helped my son learn to read. Now at 5 years old he is quite a confident reader and even my two year old enjoys the books and recognizes the character. Even now he is a good reader my son will still like taking these books on journeys and reading by himself. I intend to buy a set for my younger nieces and bought a set for my older nieces, they moved on very nicely to simple chapter books after these.

Zoe, 09/06/2011

"Bargain! Lovely Set & A1 customer service :)" -

I recently bought these for my four year old daughter, I recieved them within a couple of days & the outer casing was ripped... within 48 hours by 1st class courier I was sent a replacement case :) Excellent Customer service!The books are just perfect for my daughter to learn how to read up until she's quite advanced! I believe that these will really help her when she starts school in September! I love the display case they come in, looks lovely on her shelf. Would make a perfect present. Would Recommend! :) I will be passing them down the family throughout the years to come! Thank you.

Sophie, 02/06/2011

"Great" -

I also perchased the 31 book set as stocking filler Read At Home set and thought they were excellent value. Also recommended to my daughters friends which also purchased. If your child is reading these books at school I would say Read at Home starts a little harder than the school book.

Tracey, 28/05/2011

"Great value" -

How can those of us who bought the pack with the reduced number of books purchase the ones we don't yet own??! Book People - help?Son adores these stories. Great value.

TBP says: This 48 book set has the original 31 (with different jackets), plus an extra 17 books. We don't have a set of just the additional 17 unfortunately.

Terri Tibbetts, 28/05/2011

"Unbeatable" -

I purchased a different Read at Home set with just 31 books which all titles are contained in this set of 48. My 4 yr old is now reading and with expression! Not only is the text fantastic for new readers with phonics knowledge, but also the stories are funny and my son loves that the same characters appear throughout the series. An absolute must buy!

Natalie, 17/05/2011