Paul Hollywood's Bread (Hardback)

Paul Hollywood


Following the hugely successful How to Bake, Paul Hollywood is back with a recipe book dedicated to bread making.

Accompanying his primetime BBC television series, this stunning hardback features six chapters, each with five bread recipes and then further spin-off recipe ideas where Great British Bake Off judge Paul uses each different bread as the basis for a fantastic meal. The days of baking a beautiful loaf and then leaving it to go stale are over!

From transforming the basic white bloomer into a picnic delight and using white chocolate and raspberry bread for an unbeatable summer pudding, to creating stilton and bacon rolls with a delicious celery soup and baking fluffy crumpets - the base for Eggs Benedict, everything in this baking book is achievable and utterly delicious.

With the expert guidance in Paul Hollywood's Bread, anyone can be a star baker!

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  • Product code: PHOL
  • ISBN: 9781408840696
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  • Format: Hardback
  • Dimensions: 25.6cm x 19.5cm
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish date: 14/02/2013
  • Book points: 6

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Not as good for Breadmaking as How to Bake -

This book is not as thorough as 'How to Bake' when making bread. Jeanette (see one star review 27.03.2013) should have been given that book, and I think she would have been better satisfied. Having said that, I found some of the suggested uses for specific breads to be interesting.

An example being the use of a Crumpet (recipe preceeding) to make an Egg Benedict. The full, in depth detail of making the hollandise sauce, poaching the egg and grilling the bacon being given; so no excuses for not producing a satisfying breakfast.

Jamesofliss, 22/05/2013

Not impressed -

I make my own bread all the time so I'm not new to bread making. Reading through some of these recipes there seemed to be too much liquid to flour, but I decided to follow to the letter just to check. I made the Oat, Rye and Ale bread, and it would have been impossible to knead it as it had the consistency of cake batter (tasted nice though!). Today I've made the Malt Loaf. Just a quick read of the recipe told me that there would probably be too much liquid again, and sure enough there is - another cake batter consistency (and you're supposed to be able to form it into two sausages - not a chance). I had to pour it in to the tin. I decided to then make his basic bloomer - yet again too much liquid for the amount of flour. I added in as much as I could before the mixture was too sloppy - there was about 25ml left (but the dough is too wet for my liking). I'll see how it turns out. No wonder the contestants on Bake-Off struggled with his Foccacia - he insisted on too much liquid.

Carolyn, 06/05/2013

The real taste of bread - recommended for beginners -

My wife and I have tried different recipes from this book and the results have been fantastic. The bread tastes the way it would if you bought it from an artisan bakery! The methods are very easy to follow, with lots of tips on how to achieve the best results. After a couple of attempts my wife mastered the bloomer, having never baked bread before. The pizzas were great too. Its useful if you can watch the TV programme to so that you can see how Paul does it, but it isn't essential. Happy bread baking!

Rob, 28/04/2013

Success at last -

I have been trying to make bread for years and have never really got near to a professional loaf. This is a great book written by the man who has earned his living doing just that - making bread. Excellent instructions, full of proper tips, a wonderful read. I'm working my way through this and for the first time I am delighted with my results would definitely recommend this book to all. Out of the thousands of cookery books I have this is very near the top.

Eileen, 27/04/2013

Bread -

I bought this book for my wife, since she started watching the series. It is easy to follow and has plenty of recipes in it. Overall it is a very good book I would recommend.

Scott, 24/04/2013

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