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James Patterson again named world’s best-paid writer

Three novels from prolific author James PattersonFor the second successive year, prolific thriller writer James Patterson has been named the world’s best-paid author – finishing well ahead of the competition on Forbes Magazine’s annual analysis.

Despite book sales tumbling, Patterson’s wealth has continued to grow, with it being reported that his sales in the year to April 2011 totalled £50.9m.

A prolific author at the best of times, Patterson and his team of collaborators saw an incredible 10 books published in conjunction with Hachette over the past year – a statistic that has seen 20 of his books feature on year-end bestseller lists.

While sales of books have nosedived in the last few years, Patterson’s work has sold well in ebook format, with Amazon announcing last October that he had sold 1,005,803 Kindle books alone. This continued success has seen the New York-born author remain ahead of such luminaries as Danielle Steel, Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer on the Forbes list, which can be seen below:

James Patterson, $84m
Danielle Steel, $35m
Stephen King, $28m
Janet Evanovich, $22m
Stephenie Meyer, $21m
Rick Riordan, $21m
Dean Koontz, $19m
John Grisham, $18m
Jeff Kinney, $17m
Nicholas Sparks, $16m
Ken Follett, $14m
Suzanne Collins, $10m
JK Rowling, $5m

Top picks from the Book People summer sale

View the top titles in the Book People summer sale

We’ve slashed the prices on almost 200 of our popular titles and collections in the summer sale. Here’s a quick look at a few of the best deals on offer.

Guess How Much I Love You: Book and Writing Set – Sam McBratney

Guess How Much I Love You gift setA mere £1.50, this splendid set includes a mini-hardback edition of the classic children’s tale Guess How Much I Love You, as well as a beautiful writing set. With Anita Jeram’s sweet illustrations throughout, this is a gorgeous gift set.




Unforgettable World – BBC

Unforgettable World from the BBCThe ‘bucket list’ has become something of a modern phenomenon, and this stunning book is the perfect companion should you be looking to compose your own! Packed with awe-inspiring BBC photography and some of the world’s most spectacular scenes and sights, this is a vast and inspiring addition to any coffee table.




Nerd Do Well – Simon Pegg

Nerd Do Well by Simon PeggThe autobiography of one of Britain’s most inventive and well-admired comedians, Nerd Do Well is a hilarious and fascinating account of Simon Pegg’s childhood and career to date. A great gift for fans of his previous work, including the cult TV show Spaced and the classic Brit Com films Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.





The Long Song – Andrea Levy

Andrea Levy's The Long SongIf you haven’t got stuck into this incredible bestseller then where have you been for the last 18 months!? Nominated for the Man Booker Prize and a featured read on the TV Book Club, Andrea Levy’s moving and truly beautiful tale of the slave trade and how a mother and daughter persevered to overcome their ordeal.





Kate – The Making of a Princess – Claudia Joseph

Kate - The Making of a PrincessIt’s not too late to get your hands on a fantastic keepsake from this year’s most regal and memorable event – The Royal Wedding. This fascinating hardback from Clauida Jospeh offers a unique insight into the life of the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and her incredible journey to from Durham to the darling of the monarchy.

A novel idea for gaming addicts

Battlefield 3 is set to tie in with a new Andy McNab novel

Battlefield 3 is set to tie in with a new Andy McNab novel

One of the most eagerly anticipated computer games of 2011 is set to launch in October – and the thrills and spills of Battlefield 3 are set to be captured by more than just your console of choice.

Publishers Orion have announced that they have bought the rights to author Andy McNab’s accompanying novel, Battlefield 3: The Russian, with McNab commenting: “It is impossible for any single medium to fully capture the emotion and intensity of war. The Battlefield 3: The Russian novel is one window into the experience, and the game is another.”

Undoubtedly a shrewd move by McNab and his publishers, this thrilling combination is sure to encourage a new wave of readers to immerse themselves in the author’s action-packed tales of war and crime.

At the Book People we believe that any link to reading is a positive one, so we couldn’t help but wonder what other computer games would make a popular transition to novel format. We’d love to hear what you think; but in the meantime, here are a few of our suggestions.

Grand Theft Auto

Hugely controversial for their increasingly graphic depiction of crime, drugs and violence, the Grand Theft Auto games have nonetheless been incredibly popular and would make a comfortable transition to fiction. With each of the games being built around a story mode that sees the main character come across some dangerous and dastardly criminals and mafiosos, the foundations are certainly in place for a successful series including tales of San Andreas and Vice City.

Sim City

Could disaster strike in a Sim City novel one day?

Could disaster strike in a Sim City novel one day?

A hugely addictive PC game that in its various forms has allowed gamers to play God by building their own civilisation, Sim City would make the perfect setting for a novel built on the themes of corruption, power and greed. The fact that the game allows you to drown civilians in their own waste and refuse certainly plays into the hands of any tyrannical mayor – a character who could be crafted quite magnificently by any top author. There’s even the possibility of a dystopian future…

Heavy Rain

A big hit on the Playstation 3 last year, Heavy Rain plays like a shape-your-own-destiny book and was acclaimed for its originality and multi-faceted plot. Probably the most advanced interactive fiction game produced to date, Heavy Rain sees four central characters attempt to track down the Origami Killer in a film noir-style dramatic thriller. With a fascinating serial killer whose trademark is to drown victims by rainfall, this fascinating story would surely translate stylishly to the written word.

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