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Jamie’s Great Britain Lives Up To Its Name

Last night I watched and loved the first part of Jamie Oliver’s new TV show and thought I should let you all know about the five recipes I cooked over the weekend from his amazing new book!

I bought the book from The Book People on Thursday and literally read it from cover to cover – and couldn’t find a recipe I didn’t want to try!

So, with friends coming for dinner both Friday and Saturday night, I decided it was time to experiment with the fabulous happy food that Jamie has created!

Friday night, just home from work so wanted something quick and easy – I picked the Smoked Trout Pate with Mini Yorkshire Puddings for a starter. So straightforward – all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together with a spoon! The Yorkshire puds were a stroke of genius – I made normal sized ones as didn’t have a mini muffin tin – but they rose magnificently and the contrast between the hot crispy Yorkshire and the tart yet creamy trout pate was delicious!

For a main course, I’d chosen Scallops, Black Pudding and Crispy Bacon on a mound of Clapshot – again, actually fairly straightforward to do and packed full of flavour – my friends loved it!

Saturday morning I thought we’d try Crumpies for breakfast – they’re a cross between a crumpet and a Yorkshire pud. It was the first time I’d cooked with yeast as my hubby is the breadmaker in our family so I was a little nervous and the dough seemed unpromising as I spooned it in the Yorkshire pudding tin. However, hot out of the oven with a poached egg on top for the grown-ups and honey for my six-year-old, they tasted fabulous – and really were like crumpets on the inside! Must have been the bicarb!

Saturday evening and more friends were coming for dinner, so I decided to do the Minted Courgette Soup as I had mint in the garden that needed using up. The flavours were amazing – Jamie says it’s all about the slow cooking of the courgette to get the sweetness out but I think it’s the addition of the sour cream, cheese and mint that really makes the soup taste great!

My final selection from the book for this weekend was Jamie’s Epic Pie – the one that’s going to get girls proposals every time, he promised! And it was as delicious as it looked on TV. We’ve always been big fans of pearl barley and suet in our house so it was a perfect fit – I didn’t have time to get proper beef shin from the butcher so used normal stewing beef and it still tasted fab, but the next time I make it, I will definitely go the extra mile to get the marrow.

There are loads more recipes I’m going to make – I think it’s one of Jamie’s best ever recipe books – hope you do too!

You can buy Jamie’s Great Britain by using the Quick Shop option on our site and entering product code JAMB or call our customer services team on 0845 602 3030.

Jamie's Great Britain

Jamie's Great Britain

Here at the Book People, we’re huge fans of World Book Night. Our company has been built on our passion for getting as many people as possible reading and enjoying books so this book trade initiative dovetails nicely with what we try to do every day (and night!) of the year.

This year’s list of 25 titles, which will be given away on 23 April 2012, has been shaped by thousands of ordinary people who told the World Book Night organisers what they thought should end up on the list. This democratic process has resulted in a selection of books that should have a really wide appeal. In fact, we’re convinced that every reader in the country will find at least one book they love on the list. My personal favourite is Andrea Levy’s wonderful Small Island – what’s yours?

Visit our World Book Night page to find out more about how you can get involved, join the debate via our Facebook page and buy the books if you can’t wait until next year!

Join the Book People in celebrating World Book Night and pass on your passion for books!

The Book People Travel Shop

The jumpers and scarves are out and it’s time to start de-icing the cars again. Winter is here and summer is a distant memory. If the cold weather and dark mornings have you daydreaming of hot sunny days and the scent of suncream then it’s time to have a look around the Book People’s Travel Shop to get some inspiration for your next trip. Before embarking on a recent holiday to Crete, I purchased the Rough Guide and it was invaluable! On our holiday we discovered an incredible desert island, some beautiful restaurants and trendy bars and best of all, we never got lost thanks to the very easy map!

Just to entice you even further, we’re also giving away a fantastic Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera worth £199 so you’ll have the memories of your holiday forever.

Panasonic Camera

Win a Panasonic Lumix Camera

Two more great Book People giveaways!

The season for giving is fast approaching whether we like it or not, so the Book People are looking to get in on the act by offering our customers some brilliant giveaways!

Win some Greedy Italian goodies!If you loved Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo’s journey across the Italian culinary landscape then you will take great pleasure from the Greedy Italians bumper basket that we’re offering to one lucky winner. It includes the bestselling Two Greedy Italians cookbook and a range of tasty products including Trofie pasta, Pesto Genovese and Carnaroli risotto rice.


Win a wonderful stationery set!



If you prefer to spend your time jotting down your thoughts or doodling as opposed to slaving away in the kitchen, we’ve got another fantastic prize that is sure to appeal! We have three sets of wonderful designer stationery to give away to lucky customers, each of which includes a journal, notebook and a box of notecards. To enter for a chance to win either of these great prizes, check out our competitions page! Good luck!

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