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World Book Night author recommendations

World Book Night takes place on 23 April, and soon thousands of free books will be delivered to share the joy of reading throughout the UK, Ireland, Germany and the USA. The night sees tens of thousands of people gift books throughout their local communities and this year sees titles from the likes of Roald Dahl, Cormac McCarthy and Stephen King being given away. As part of the celebrations, many of the World Book Night 2012 authors have recommended their own favourite books to hopefully get their fans into new books and authors.

Jane Austen’s publishers have nominated Anthony Quinn’s Half of the Human Race. It’s easy to see why, with its romantic tale of love, suffrage and sacrifice set against the backdrop of England in 1911. Evoking similar emotions to Austen’s work, it tells the story of Connie Callaway and Will Maitland, a couple destined to remain together. Mark Billingham, the creator of DI Tom Thorne, also came up with a recommendation and he suggested readers check out Tania Carver’s The Creeper, intelligently written adult fiction in the vein of Tess Gerritsen that sees Philip Brennan and Marina Esposito try to solve a grisly murder. At the Book People, we have Carver’s book for sale in a collection with her two other published novels, The Surrogate and Cage of Bones.

Audrey Niffenegger, the author of The Time Traveler’s Wife, recommended Erin Morgenstern’s magical The Night Circus, a much-acclaimed novel that has been favourably compared to Harry Potter and tells the tale of a wonderful and mysterious travelling circus in the 1800s. The circus appears to cast a spell over everyone in it and this is a truly original love story. An extract from each author’s recommended title will be included within the special World Book Night 2012 edition of their own book.

You can view the entire list of author recommendations here.

World Book Night, April 23 2012

Egg-cellent books for Easter!

With Easter coming around next week, here at the Book People we have a range of cracking activity books that are egg-cellent value and sure to keep children occupied during the holidays! With titles that will appeal to every child from aspiring writers to young cooks, now’s the perfect time to hop over to the main site and shell out on some new books! Remember, they may be hare today, but they could be gone tomorrow!

Easter Fun is a great book for sharing with young children. Full of creative ideas and brilliant things to make and do, this is a lovely hardback that will offer fun and inspiration for the little ones. Ten Chirpy Chicks is also a great picture book for this age group, as it gives them the chance to learn to count as ten chicks walk through a farm, encountering many friendly animals along the way! The Easter Activity Collection will delight children aged 5 and above as they make homemade Easter-themed decorations. The arts and crafts skills they learn will also help them when they return to school too!

From the experts at Usborne, the Cookbook for Girls provides tasty food recipes for every occasion. From cupcakes to gingerbread and juices, it really will help girls aged 8 and over build their cooking confidence. Crafting With Kids is endlessly entertaining as it provides 35 fun, colourful and imaginative craft projects that are suitable for both boys and girls, and offers plenty of inspiration for rainy afternoons. Write Your Own Story Book provides hints, tips and advice for young writers. The book is divided into two sections – the first half dedicated to writing tips, techniques and methods and the second full of imaginative themes to write about!

Red, White and Blue Day

Red, White & Blue Day is a national fundraising event that takes place in schools on Friday 12 October 2012. Raising money for Forces personnel and their families, the Red, White & Blue Day appeal asks as many people as possible to honour all those whose lives have been lost or affected in conflicts around the world by raising as much money as possible to provide long term care, rehabilitation and training for those who have suffered or been wounded, as well as their families. The event has a particular focus on the 170,000 Forces children living in the UK today.

The Book People are proud to support this event and the day is a chance for every school in the country to show their support for the service families in the UK. The appeal will see students take part in a day of fun activities – children will be encouraged to bring in £1 each to dress in red, white and blue, hold cake sales or come up with their own ways of getting involved in the fundraising. Pupils also have the chance to enter a brilliant poetry competition, where the best entries will then appear in a specially-produced booklet to mark the occasion.

Money raised from the campaign goes directly to the three major military charities: ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.

For more information on Red, White & Blue Day, please visit the official website.

Red, White and Blue Day

The Hunger Games hits cinemas

The Hunger Games hits the big screen for the first time today (23rd March) and here at the Book People we have the complete trilogy available for just £4.99. Written by Suzanne Collins, the books introduce us to Katniss Everdeen, a sixteen year-old girl who takes part in a terrifying reality TV event called The Hunger Games. Volunteering in place of her younger sister, Katniss thinks her appearance in the games will lead to certain death, but survival comes as second nature to her.

Set in the dystopian land of Panem, a post-apocalyptic version of North America where a small, wealthy city called Capitol reigns supreme, the annual Hunger Games see twelve boys and twelve girls from twelve districts forced to appear in the live event where there is only one rule: kill or be killed. A televised battle to the death that the Capitol insists is required viewing, the thrilling stories have a fascinating heroine in Katniss, who has hunted her whole life to feed her family. Proficient with a bow and arrow, she faces a number of morally complex decisions as she embarks on her journey.

Essential reading that appeals to girls and boys of all ages, the books have been praised for the way they tackle difficult issues and Collins said she was aiming to examine the effects of both severe war and violence on those coming of age. Eleanor Smith, a work experience student at the Book People, said: “With the film coming out this week, The Hunger Games has become a worldwide phenomenon, which is mostly down to its captivating storyline. Once you start reading, you actually cannot stop! Suzanne Collins has created a believable and shocking dystopian future world, which instantly transports readers to the horrors of life in Panem. When I read the books, it feels as if I am actually in the Arena with the characters, experiencing the emotions and events first hand. Let’s just hope the film does the book justice!”

The film stars Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and the likes of Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson also appear. Pick up the trilogy of books here and watch the trailer below:

Top 10 Holiday Reads in Time for Summer

We at the Book People can’t wait for summertime and we know you’re all eagerly awaiting your summer holidays too. Luckily, there are loads of amazing holiday reads available right now so you can start getting ready for your sunny break ahead of time. To kick-start your summer holidays, take a look at our top ten summer holiday reads now:

1. Tiny Sunbirds Far Away by Christie Watson

Set in Lagos, Nigeria, this book follows Blessing and her brother Ezikiel as their lives are torn apart by their father’s infidelity. Showing the strength of one family and the road to recovery, this book is a stunning read.

2. Sophie Kinsella Writing as Madeleine Wickham Collection

Sophie Kinsella is one of the best modern female writers in this collection we bring you three of Kinsella’s best works, all of which were written under her real name – Madeleine Wickham. ‘Cocktails for Three’, ‘The Wedding Girl’ and Sleeping Arrangements’ are all perfect reads for your summer holidays.

3. Robert Radcliffe Collection

If witty chick-lit isn’t your thing and you’re after something a bit grittier, try our Robert Radcliffe collection. We’ve included ‘Under an English Heaven’, ‘Upon Dark Waters’ and ‘Across the Blood-Red Skies’, each of which depict the two world wars and feature immense battle scenes and captivating characters.

4. Orange Shortlist 2011 by Various Authors

If your holiday is to last some time our Orange Shortlist 2011 would be ideal. Featuring six books written by female novelists, this collection includes the incredible page-turners that are ‘The Memory of Love’, ‘The Tiger’s Wife’, ‘Great House’, ‘Annabel’, ‘Grace Williams Says it Loud’ and ‘Room’.

5. Mary Stewart Collection

Our 10-book Mary Stewart collection should see you through your long summer holiday, where you can enjoy mysteries ‘The Ivy Tree’, ‘The Moonspinners’, ‘Thornyhold’, ‘Madam, Will You Talk?’, ‘The Gabriel Hounds’, ‘Stormy Petrel’, ‘This Rough Magic’, ‘Thunder of the Night’, ‘Airs Above The Ground’ and ‘Wildfire at Midnight’

6. The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party by Alexander McCall Smith

If you’re a fan of Alexander McCall Smith’s series ‘The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ you should definitely pick yourself up a copy of ‘The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party’, which is its 12th instalment. In it, Mma Makutsi and Phuti finally get married and Mma Ramotswe goes off to investigate the murder of an entire herd of cattle.

7. Prue Leith Collection

Our three-book Prue Leith collection features three of this great writer’s best novels, which depict friendship and romance perfectly. Pick up your collection and get stuck into ‘A Serving of Scandal’, ‘Choral Society’ and ‘The Gardener’.

8. Jude Deveraux Collection

Jude Deveraux’s mysteries are always fast-paced and captivating and are packed with red-herrings, twisting plotlines and characters that will keep you guessing. Following the themes of love, tragedy and betrayal; ‘First Impressions’, ‘The Summerhouse’ and ‘Wild Orchids’ will make your holiday even more enjoyable.

9. About Last Night by Adele Parks

Written by the Sunday Times bestseller Adele Parks, you can guarantee this book will keep your eyes glued to the pages. ‘About Last Night’ follows two friends as their seemingly-solid relationship begins to disintegrate after Steph begs Pip to lie to the police for her.

10. Michelle Moran Collection

Set in Ancient Egypt, the three excellently researched books in this collection feature themes you will recognise from present-day. Love, loss, fame, ambition and politics are mixed into Michelle Moran’s books ‘Nefertiti’, ‘The Heretic Queen’ and ‘Cleopatra’s Daughter’.

Which books do you plan on taking on your summer holidays?

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