After the Book People recommended Christie Watson’s Tiny Sunbirds Far Away last year, the title went on to win the Costa First Novel Award. We’re hoping our new recommended debut novel, Eowyn Ivey’s The Snow Child, will gain similar kind of acclaim. The beautiful tale has already landed at number 8 in the UK bestsellers chart and gained plaudits from the likes of Oprah Magazine as well as positive reviews from The Times, Daily Express and The Independent.

Inspired by the classic Russian fairytale of the Snow Maiden, The Snow Child is a truly unforgettable novel. Jack and Mabel, a couple living in Alaska in 1920, are beginning to drift apart. In a rare moment of tenderness, they build a child out of snow. The next morning, all trace of her has disappeared but Jack can’t quite shake the notion that he has glimpsed an elusive and blonde-haired girl running through the trees, could this be her? This vision will change the couple’s lives forever.

A truly remarkable story, we hope you will enjoy this poignant story as much as us. Lauren, a member of the Merchandising team at the Book People, said: “A beautifully written, almost lyrical book that is in turns enchanting, captivating and haunting. Already a modern classic.” We have the hardback edition on sale for just £4.99 and we truly believe Eowyn Ivey will be an author that will be acknowledged for a long time to come.