Another fine Debut Fiction Choice from the Book People, Grace McCleen’s The Land of Decoration is a truly extraordinary read that is fascinating, enchanting and compelling. The book tells the story of a ten year-old called Judith, a girl brought up in a motherless household under the watchful eyes of a relentless faith, but also in the terrifying presence of relentless bullies. McCleen says the whole story is a metaphor for belief and this is shown when Judith performs a miracle for the first time.

Judith has a model world in her bedroom she has made from rubbish, a world she has called The Land of Decoration (after the Promised Land). After trouble with bullies, Judith makes it snow in the model world, and when it really does snow outside in the real world, she concludes this miracle was down to her – but this wondrous act brings all kinds of trouble. A heartbreakingly tense read, this is a story that anyone who enjoyed our previous Debut Fiction Choice The Snow Child is sure to love. A highly recommended debut! We’re very excited to hear that McCleen is already working on her second and third novels.

With this memorable novel being praised by the likes of the Emma Donoghue, the Sunday Times, the Financial Times and the Observer, we’re sure you will enjoy it and recommend the book to everyone. Buy a copy of The Land of Decoration for just £4.99 here. Grace McCleen is also a singer and songwriter and you can find out more about the author here.