Rhiannon has spent the past week doing work experience at the Book People. Here’s what she has to say about the experience:

My name is Rhiannon, and I’ve spent the past week doing work experience at the Book People. I’ve just finished my GCSEs and am about to go to college to study English Language, English Literature, French, Psychology and Media Studies. After I finish in college, I’d like to go to university and become a magazine journalist. I decided to do my work experience here after being featured in the Red House Young Writers’ Yearbook a couple of years ago and visiting the Book People HQ. I knew straight away I’d love to come here again! Between the country house office, sprawling grounds and menagerie of exotic birds around the back, who wouldn’t?!

The week got off to a great start when I was asked to help write author profiles for the Young Writers’ Yearbook 2012 published by Red House. This job entailed carrying out research and writing a short biography of the authors judging each category. I then worked on the online side of Red House, cross checking the details of books from the catalogue and then on the website.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I continued my work with the Web Team. I got to find out lots about the details of books sold online, and learned about uploading images of products and editing their information. I also got to sit in on two meetings about the most recent catalogue released by Red House. I found it interesting to see the ‘behind the scenes’ side of the company, and how it really works here!

Then on Thursday, I got to do some writing of my own for Puffin Post. I wrote a short article on Alice in Wonderland in the style of one of the puffin personalities and a couple of articles on learning styles which were really interesting to research! It was fun having to find a particular voice to write in and sticking with it throughout. On my last day I worked on a piece about Charlotte’s Web for the Pufflings edition of Puffin Post and created some puzzles to go in the magazines, which is always a really fun and creative thing to do! In between all this I’ve also found time to write this blog post!

I’ve had a really great time this week; I’ve learned so much about the business side of the company as well as getting the chance to do a lot of my own writing. Obviously it’s very different to being in school – there’s no school uniform, no bells and definitely no school dinners! I hope my experience working here will stand me in good stead when it comes to me finding a job; employers always look for someone who has previous experience of working, and the IT and writing skills I have developed here will be really useful to me when I’m working as a journalist and will give me a head start. It’s also helped me confirm my career ideas – I’ve had the opportunity to do a wide range of things here, and I know that this is what I really enjoy doing and it’s the type of job I’d like to have.

Thank to everyone at the Book People for letting me come here and giving me such a great work experience!