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An event to celebrate World Book Night

A group of enthusiastic bookworms joined in the celebrations for World Book Night at Aldershot’s West End Centre on 23 April. World Book Night books were given away, a book swap was arranged and there was even the chance for everyone to contribute to a collaborative story. The arts centre had arranged a flash fiction competition, where customers had the chance to write their own short stories, and the winner was also announced on the night.

Revolving around a quiz that covered everything from the classics to favourite children’s characters, the event also saw actors Nigel Munson and Zinta Gercans give readings from a selection of World Book Night titles, including Girl With a Pearl Earring, Casino Royale and The Knife of Never Letting Go. The charismatic actors really brought the pages to life with their takes on the famous characters and were extremely captivating to watch. There was also the chance for everyone to write down their favourite book and receive recommendations from their fellow book lovers. With so many different tastes and interests on display, hopefully everyone in attendance will be able to find a favourite new author through these suggestions.

The night ended with the two actors performing the collaborative short story that had been written during the course of the evening, and they acted out the unique twists and turns of the story with aplomb. All in all, a great night and occasion for people to share books and their love of literature, this was a fine way to mark 2013’s World Book Night and we suggest if there’s a WBN event taking place near you next year, make sure you attend.

Tracy Chevalier
Ian Fleming
Patrick Ness

Brilliant biographies from the Book People

Biographies are a great way of getting to learn more about famous figures and at the Book People, we have a healthy variety of them on sale at the moment. All available at our great value prices, we have books covering everyone from sporting heroes to pop stars and historical legends. Head over to the Biographies section on the main site to get your hands on a brand new biography now.

With the double Ashes series starting in just a couple of months, cricket fans everywhere are eagerly anticipating this summer and what better way to prepare than by reading the autobiography of one of cricket’s most lovable characters. Dickie Bird’s 80 Not Out finds the popular umpire revealing all about his life dedicated to cricket. In a career that has spanned over half a century, Dickie has plenty of heart-warming stories to tell and this book is fascinating, funny and thoroughly entertaining. Also sure to appeal to sports fans is London 2012’s golden girl Jessica Ennis’ Unbelievable, a book that describes not only her natural ability but also the hard work, determination and will to win that lies beneath that charming smile and girl-next-door reputation.

One fifth of the UK’s biggest boyband right now, Harry Styles is not only a favourite with girls across the world, he’s also a constant presence in the tabloids. Alice Montgomery’s biography looks at the life of the young singer, revealing how he went from working a Saturday job in his local bakery to becoming part of Britain’s biggest musical success stories for years. With a reputation as a ladies’ man, the book also looks in depth at his relationships with older TV personality Caroline Flack, pop sensation Taylor Swift and the married DJ Lucy Horobin.

Historical enthusiasts will immerse themselves in both The Real Great Escape and The Prince, the Princess and the Perfect Murder. Written by Andrew Rose, The Real Great Escape is an in-depth study of one of the most famous escape adventures of World War II, which has also been immortalised in one of the most classic films of all time. A fresh look at an intriguing event, this is perfect for anyone with an interest in military history. The Prince, the Princess and the Perfect Murder meanwhile ties in with the intriguing Channel 4 documentary of the same name and reveals some of the royal family’s darkest secrets.

Anyone with an affliction for England’s capital city will enjoy reading their way through journalist, playwright and writer Craig Taylor’s Londoners. The book provides a bold and contemporary panoramic view of a fascinating city and features voices from the rich to the poor and natives and immigrants. A highly emotive read that gives a dynamic and diverse portrait of London’s culture in the 21st century.

80 Not Out

Get happy and healthy with the Book People!

The Virgin London Marathon 2013 will be taking place this Sunday and if the event has got you feeling inspired, the Book People has plenty of books to help you get one step closer to achieving your fitness and healthy-living goals this spring and summer.

Whether you want to step up your fitness levels by running, walking, cycling, dancing or just working out in the comfort of your home, we have a great selection of helpful guides to ensure you can get fit in the way that best suits you. Just a few highlights include I Will Make You Fit Fast in which personal trainer to the stars Matt Roberts teaches unique fitness programmes to help sculpt your shape, strip fat and increase fitness, DK’s 15-Minute Home Workout which comes complete with a 60-minute DVD so you can exercise however and whenever you want, The Cycling Bible will teach new and accomplished cyclists, who have chosen to ditch their cars for a greener summer, everything they need to know about riding safely and comfortably just about anywhere, while our 2-book Walking Set shows there really is no better way to get fit easily (and cheaply!) than by enjoying the beauty of Britain and tackling some of our county’s best-loved walking routes.

The appearance of sunshine over the UK recently (as minimal as it may be) has been enough to get us thinking about the summer! Everyone wants to feel and look their best when they don their swimsuit for the first time after a very long winter, so together with our activity guides we have some fantastic cookbooks that will help you eat right to achieve that lean figure for your next holiday. The Fasting Day Cookbook will lead to success with the popular 5:2 diet, with the help of Dale Pinnock’s The Medicinal Chef you’ll be the epitome of internal and external wellbeing, while The Breakfast Book from Dorset Cereals will set you up with healthy breakfasts for diet plans and power breakfasts to fuel your exercise.

Olympic champion Jessica Ennis’s inspirational autobiography Unbelievable will be sure to have you signing up for personal challenges for the coming year, whether it’s taking up a new sport, joining a local team or maybe even 2014’s London Marathon! And children can create their own outdoor activities and games to get their hearts beating with the fantastic Stick Book as well. With so many different approaches on offer, the Book People is here to help you and your family get fighting fit and healthy in just the way you want!
I Will Make You Fit Fast
Dorset Cereals The Breakfast Book
The Stick Book

Tempting cookbooks from celebrity chefs and brilliant bakers

Everyone loves a home-cooked treat and here at the Book People we’re no different. With so many enticing cookbooks to choose from, we’re never stuck for something fresh to cook, whether we want a main course, salad or even a sweet treat. From introductory guides to those from acclaimed celebrity chefs, we really do have something for all tastes.

A hugely popular judge on The Great British Bake Off, we currently have two Paul Hollywood books in stock. How to Bake is an extensive introduction to the wonders of baking where Paul shows how anyone can bake, no matter how much of a newcomer they are and that you just need to learn the basic techniques. The book is packed with easy-to-follow recipes for a range of breads, pastries, cakes and biscuits. Bread features six chapters, each with five of Paul’s bread recipes for the likes of bloomers, ciabatta and baguettes. There is then a huge range of spin-off recipe ideas that show how different breads can be used as the basis for fantastic meals. With Paul’s expert guidance, anyone can become an expert baker in no time!

Another one of Britain’s most-loved bakers is Delia Smith and in Delia’s Cakes, she offers a range of recipes for all kinds of tasty cakes. From traditional recipes for the likes of Strawberry and Sponge and Madeira Cakes to more experimental ideas like Iced Honey & Spice Cake, this is a must for every cake lover’s bookshelf. There’s also gluten-free recipes and ideas for muffins, scones and biscuits.

Breakfast is widely considered the most important meal of the day and the inventive team at Dorset Cereals clearly agree. The Breakfast Book shows how to make early-morning meals exciting and provides recipe ideas that incorporate eggs, bacon, muesli and much more. There’s also a variety of traditional breakfast ideas with a contemporary twist, including a Strawberry Breakfast Risotto and French Toast with Passion Fruit Curd.

After the success of the Hairy Dieters, Si and Dave offer up some ideas for delicious curries in The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries. From cool and creamy chicken kormas to more extreme flavours, this book will show you how to make an authentic curry and covers everything from starters and pickles to celebratory feasts.

For those looking to eat healthier food, The Fasting Day Cookbook contains 120 recipes for the world-famous 5:2 diet. With the potential to benefit long-term health, the diet is proven to work and this cookbook shows how you can mix the 50 and 500-calorie recipes without compromising on flavour. From divine Spare Ribs to Skewered Scallops with Lentil Salad, this is packed with fresh and satisfying meals.

World Book Night – our picks

Excitement for World Book Night is now at fever pitch, and all of us here at the Book People have been busy reading our way through the shortlist. Taking place on 23 April, which also happens to be William Shakespeare’s birthday, the event finds thousands of readers in communities throughout the UK, Ireland and the USA being gifted special-edition World Book Night books. A celebration of reading that aims to put books into the hands of those who might not read otherwise, the event has done wonders for the world of literature and is now a prestigious event in many readers’ calendars. Below, the Book People’s Editorial team have picked out their favourite books from this year’s stunning shortlist.

Robert Louis StevensonTreasure Island
‘Telling the story of Jim Hawkins’ journey on the ship Hispaniola in search of gold, Treasure Island is a book that has had such an effect on popular culture and the way that we view pirates. Thrilling, fast paced and full of adventure, Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel features treasure maps, parrots and so many iconic characters, including the most famous pirate of them all – Long John Silver. The novel has also inspired a huge number of successful TV and film adaptations.’

Patrick NessThe Knife of Never Letting Go
‘The first book in the bestselling Chaos Walking trilogy, this is a dark and gripping tale about a boy called Todd Hewitt that has fully deserved all the awards it has won. Dark, dystopian fiction that raises many questions, this book may be aimed at Young Adults but anyone can be lured into the unsettling world of Prentisstown. Todd is the only boy left in the two and when he uncovers a life-threatening secret, he’s forced to go on the run – and things just go from bad to worse.’

‘It’s tricky to pick just two from these titles, but if push came to shove I’d have to say The Reader and The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency are two of my favourite must-read novels from this diverse list.’

Bernhard SchlinkThe Reader
‘Thought provoking, moving and elegant, Bernard Schlink’s The Reader is written from the perspective of Michael. The novel revisits his past as he remembers his love affair as a 15-year-old with 36-year-old Hanna Schmitz. Emotionally distant but physically intense, their relationship is startling and unique, and Michael’s vivid memories of Hanna haunt his future relationships with women. Years later, while Michael is studying law he sits in on a war crimes trial and is hit with all manner of emotions when he sees Hanna accused of allowing hundreds of Jewish women to die under her watch. As the trial unravels, Michael pieces together a grave secret about Hanna and soon he must make a heartbreaking decision…’

Alexander McCall SmithThe No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
‘The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith is a brilliant meshing of traditional Africa with the modern day. With the memorable Mma Precious Ramotswe at its heart, she is the go-to girl if you have a problem that needs to be solved in a way that no other can! Witty, wry and wonderfully written, these mysteries-with-a-twist will take you into deepest Botswana, wayward daughters and wild animals included!’

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