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Revision books, core texts and study guides – find the best Back to School books at the Book People!

As we approach September and the summer holidays draw to a close, it can only mean one thing – children all over the country are preparing to go back to school. As they begin to prepare for another term full of learning, they may be starting a new school or moving up to another Key Stage, they’re sure to need plenty of books to help them along their way. Whether you’re looking for core texts, phonics books or study guides to help prepare for GCSE or A-Level exams, visit the Book People’s #BacktoSchool Shop. We’ve got all the classroom essentials covered.

Back to School revision books

Starting from just £2.99, we have books to help children throughout their whole school journey, from early years books that will reassure them as they start this major life event through to books to help them get their heads around the concepts they will have to learn all about – and excel in – during Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. In addition to this, we know that exam time can be one of the most troubling periods of any teenager’s (or young adult) life, so we have plenty of expert revision guides, study guides and exam practice books to help them make the most of any exams they are participating in. If you’re feeling a little baffled by what each Key Stage represents and which book would be best suited to a child you know, take a look at our guide ‘The key books for each Key Stage. Here, we have broken each Key Stage down into manageable chunks that will show not only what books every age range needs, but the kind of topics and subjects they will be learning about during this time.

To make shopping for your child’s school books even easier, we also give you the chance to shop by subject – from the core subjects of Maths, Science, English, Geography to the popular choices of Geography, History and foreign languages, as well as other subjects that GCSE and A Level students will choose as options.

The Book People’s Back to School Shop – covering the classroom essentials when it comes to books.

Grab great coffee table books from the Book People

Looking for a great book that’ll snugly occupy that empty space on your coffee table as well as showing off your own personal sophistication to the rest of the world? Well, look no further than the Book People – because we’re currently offering a great deal on a range of top coffee table books. You can pick up any two coffee table books from our hand-picked selection for the bargain price of just £15.

Among the titles currently on offer in our range of coffee table books is Robert Dimery’s excellent reference book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, currently priced at only £9.99 from the Book People – a saving of more than £20 on the recommended retail price. If you know your Beach Boys from your Joy Division and your Velvet Underground from your Kraftwerk, this could be the perfect book for you. And even if you don’t, it’s ideal for anyone looking to broaden their musical horizons.

Meanwhile, for those who enjoy a nice glass of plonk we’ve got The World Atlas of Wine by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson. This comprehensive volume provides extensive information about the various wines available and also includes 215 in-depth maps detailing the major wine-producing regions around the world. There’s also Debra N. Mancoff’s The Garden in Art, which explores some of the various depictions of garden scenes in art works throughout history.

Find out more about what’s on offer by taking a look at our selection of coffee-table books for yourself. But remember, this offer only won’t be available forever – so don’t wait around.

Book review videos – our favourite BookTubers

Keen readers all over the world love to tell us all about their favourite books on YouTube – and we are proud to support many of these BookTubers as they spread the joy of reading and share their views on everything from classic novels to the latest bestsellers. With the Book People’s YouTube channel going from strength to strength (subscribe to our channel for news, views and more here), we thought we’d focus on some of the best BookTubers to be found on YouTube.

Review site badge

If you run your own vlog, or have any suggestions for who we should check out, please feel free to tweet us, send us a message on Facebook or YouTube, comment on this blog or email

Here are our top 10 BookTube channels on YouTube:

Sophie’s BookTube

Reading anything – and everything – from young adult fiction to crime thrillers and celebrity cookbooks, Sophie is a new, charismatic book vlogger who is already admired for her frank and straight-talking approach to book reviews. Fair, insightful and always capable of provoking great discussion around books old and new, Sophie is a BookTuber whose opinion can always be trusted. Usually uploading two or three videos a week, Sophie’s BookTube channel on the Book People’s YouTube is a must for any reader!

Megan Olivier

A real star within the BookTube community, Megan was kind enough to film an exclusive unboxing books video for the Book People and if you watch it, you’re sure to find her enthusiasm for books infectious. With regular unboxing videos alongside tales of book hauls and much more, Megan is a BookTuber who will never fail to make you laugh!

Sarah Churchill

With weekly uploads and a passion for books that knows no bounds, Sarah Churchill is a very likeable girl from Wales with a lot of talent. Dipping into all the elements of the BookTube community, including bookshelf tours, readathons and the BookTubeathon, Sarah really knows her stuff. A huge fan of young adult books, she’s helpful, honest and informative. When it comes to YA fiction, you’ll want to check out her videos – she’s a big fan of graphic novels too!

Books and Quills

With over 105,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, Sanne is a certified juggernaut in the BookTube community – and with good reason. A Dutch girl who moved to London and works for Hot Key Books, Sanne’s book review videos are fresh, funny and enlightening. She always manages to put her own twist on the literature topics she covers in her videos and communicate her thoughts in new and exciting ways. At the Book People, we particularly love her Read It First videos, which review books before their film adaptations are released.

Jean Bookishthoughts

Describing herself as a ‘part-time YouTuber’ and ‘Imaginary Dragon’, book lover Jean Menzies’ YouTube videos are fantastically varied as she delves into all kinds of fiction genres. Her great reviews of chick-lit, romance, young adult books and fantasy are testament to her passion for reading and her reviews will certainly help you make the right choice when deciding on which new book to buy next. She’s very active on Twitter ( too!


A very creative individual and a Photography student, Amy’s passion for books and reading comes through in every YouTube book review that she posts. She leads great discussion and you can trust her to provide informed recommendations for books to read.


One of the few BookTube reviewers that specialises in adult literature, 1Book1review posts a new video book review every Friday. An active member of the BookTube community, she is known for taking part in a variety of different book tags. She is also learning to play the ukulele.


Hosting a rapidly growing YouTube channel, Charlotte recently ran an under-hyped books readathon, which encouraged BookTubers to read books that weren’t widely talked about. This was – naturally – a huge success and from this she has gained a great reputation within the BookTube community. One to watch!


Incredibly mature beyond her years, Ellen posts highly in-depth book reviews, some on books that tackle very serious themes. Look out for her Bookshelf Tour video, which is one of the best of its kind on YouTube.


The only male featured on our list of best YouTube book reviewers, jessethereader is a fantastically bright and vivacious character – who reads a lot! A big fan of dystopian YA fiction, Jesse’s book vlog oozes humour and light-heartedness. Great to watch

Julia Donaldson books – brilliant children’s stories

Julia Donaldson is one of the most popular authors of our time, and with her magnificent rhyming style and charming stories, it’s no wonder children all over the world have fallen in love with her characters. From the Gruffalo and its sequel the Gruffalo’s Child to Superworm, the Stick Man and Room on the Broom – all her books have quickly become bedtime favourites for toddlers. The great thing is her universal sense of humour and the way the text flows makes them just as good for parents or guardians to read aloud too.

At the Book People, Julia Donaldson has long been a favourite author with our customers and the former Children’s Laureate’s creative partnership with illustrator Axel Scheffler is especially well admired. As we know all our young readers are eager to get their hands on some of Julia’s best novels, we’re selling a 10-book collection for just £9.99 until 31 August 2014 – meaning not only do these picture books work out at less than £1 each, but you also save over £55 on what you’d be spending for them separately in the shops. There’s also a handy ziplock bag included so they can be taken wherever you go.

Sure to inspire a love of reading and highlight the joys of books from a very early age (suitable for children aged 3+), our collection contains famous Julia Donaldson stories like the Snail and the Whale and Goat Goes to Playgroup alongside the ever-popular Gruffalo’s Child and Room on the Broom, which were both adapted into hit BBC animations over recent Christmases. With the help of illustrators like her regular collaborator Axel and Nick Sharratt (famed for his iconic work with Jacqueline Wilson), the books also have eye-catching and bold artwork that will capture the attention of even the most restless young reader. As well as these hugely popular titles, the collection showcases some of Julia’s lesser-known work like Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book and Freddie and the Fairy – books we believe are just as enchanting.

If you know a child who is just starting – or is yet – to discover the pure pleasure of reading and need a set to get them started, we can’t think of a better author than Julia Donaldson. Fun to read and share together, this collection is a dazzling, rhythmic delight.

What should I read next? Books you’ll love…

At the Book People, we love books and know you do too. But we’re also aware that not everyone has the same time to discover new authors and books in the area they love. That’s where we can help. Below are some of our suggestions for books you may enjoy if you’ve loved some of our previous bestsellers or a particular TV show or genre. We hope you find it useful and feel free to ask us for more suggestions via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.


If you enjoyed The Hunger Games, you may like these…

The Hunger Games was already a hugely successful series in print before Jennifer Lawrence arrived on the big screen to establish herself as Katniss Everdeen in the hugely successful films (Mockingjay, Part1 will arrive in cinemas in November). If you like young adult fiction with a dystopian edge, you’re sure to be just as gripped by Veronica Roth’s Divergent, which was also adapted into a film starring the Fault in Our Stars’ Shailene Woodley. Set in a near-future, supposedly idyllic Chicago that is separated into different factions, Tris is the heroine who discovers not everything is quite as it seems. Patrick Ness has long been a favourite with teen readers all over the world and his Chaos Walking trilogy is a fast-paced, relentlessly addictive series that won all sorts of awards and will satisfy any fan of young adult books – no matter what their age… The Giver is the next film adaptation that will wow the teen market and finds 12-year-old Jonas discovering a secret that could change the world.


If you enjoyed the Fault in Our Stars, you may like these…

The next huge weepie based on teen fiction is set to be If I Stay, a heartbreaking story that will star Kick-Ass, Carrie and Hugo’s Chloe Grace Moretz (who is also set to take the lead role in the film version of Red House Children’s Book Award winner The 5th Wave). After a car crash which leaves her alone, Mia has to examine the potential of her future and make one of the most difficult decisions… Written by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is a zesty slice of teen fiction that focuses on a burgeoning relationship that starts with a bet and then threatens to become something more over the course of one wild night in New York City. Written by Fallen author Lauren Kate, Teardrop focuses on one girl, Eureka, who can’t cry – even after her mother’s death. When she meets Anders, she starts to discover more about herself…


If you enjoy the Great British Bake Off, you may like these…

Everyone is so excited that the nation’s favourite baking show is back, but how are you when it comes to making savoury and sweet treats? With our hand-picked selection of baking books, you could be impressing Mary and Paul in 2015 with your very own creations. The Big Baking Collection will make sure whatever you want to bake is ace. Step-by-step recipes are included alongside helpful photographs for all kinds of baked treats. Although Mary Berry may have taken the crown of ‘Queen of Baking’, Delia Smith remains a national treasure and her Cakes book has a recipe for every occasion. From bite-sized treats to cakes to feed a family and even gluten-free recipes, you’ll love both baking and tasting the things you make. For something a little different, why not try your hand at making a cake without an oven? No-Bake Baking has a selection of delicious cake recipes that can be made in a fridge, freezer, microwave or blender! Quick to make, simple to follow and delicious to eat – it’s everything a would-be baker who can’t bake could ever want.


If you enjoy thrilling fiction with a historical edge, you may like these…

The Eagle Has Landed was a worldwide bestseller for author Jack Higgins, but he also wrote a number of other high-octane novels that were just as exciting – and covered everything from Nazi Germany to al-Qaeda killers. Our 10-book Bernard Knight collection will transport you back to the time of Richard the Lionheart and a number of startling murder mysteries that will shock you to the bone. M. C. Scott’s Rome trilogy is equally captivating. Bringing to life the passion, tension and intrigue of this famous era, the exciting stories, very much in the vein of Simon Scarrow, are unputdownable!


If you enjoy Roald Dahl, you may like these…

David Walliams has firmly established himself as the modern-day Roald Dahl, with his heartfelt, wacky and touching stories getting so many children into reading. From Mr. Stink, the nicest hobo you could ever meet, to the Billionaire Boy who finds out money is no substitute for friends and a deadly Demon Dentist, his books will make readers of all ages laugh out loud. Alongside his books, we also have an audio collection which contains five of his bestsellers across 14 CDs – told by Walliams with a little help from his Little Britain comedy partner Matt Lucas and former Bluetones frontman Mark Morriss on soundtrack duty. After so many successful picture books for toddlers, Jonny Duddle has turned his attention to fiction and The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon is a hilarious story about the spooky things that happen off the coast of Dull-on-Sea. Finally, many children who enjoy Dahl’s stories will probably be familiar with Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a series from the States that has managed to entice many reluctant readers and if your child enjoys the adventures of Greg Heffley, then they’re sure to find Barry Loser just as amusing. Written by Roald Dahl Funny Prize winner Jim Smith, Barry Loser and the Holiday of Doom finds Barry and his friends ‘enjoying’ a caravan holiday…

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