What do you get for the person who has everything?  It can seem an impossible task to find something!  But here’s a list of 10 fun and quirky items that might just inspire you.

1) 1001 Quotations to Inspire You

For anyone interested in history, culture, or just witty observations, this book is an ideal gift.  From William Shakespeare to Ellen DeGeneres, this fascinating book shares hundreds of stirring, thought-provoking and amusing quotes, covering topics from art, literature, politics, psychology, religion and philosophy.  It is perfect for busy individuals to dip into every now and then, but for those who wish to know more, each quote is complemented by detailed information on its origins.

2) Hedgehog Doorstop

For something a little sillier, how about an adorable hedgehog doorstop for the animal-lover in your life?  It’s both cute and useful, and would make a great little companion for someone’s home!

3) Robot Mug

This cool and colourful mug would be ideal for a gadget-lover, or anyone who appreciates something a bit different!  The handle of the mug itself is in the shape of a robot, making this an awesome and very unique gift.

4) A Book on One Page

The literature-lovers you know may have jam-packed bookshelves reaching saturation point, but these amazing literary works of art, each comprising a full work of literature beautifully arranged on a single page, are very different to your typical read!  Choose from a selection of wonderful works, including Alice in Wonderland, Shakespearean plays, Jane Austen novels, princess-themed stories and adventure books.

5) Socks: The Rule Book

Did you know about the extensive etiquette concerned with wearing socks?  Me neither.  But at least your friends and family can now be in the know with this funny and informative gift!  This indispensable rule book divulges 10 essential rules when it comes to the serious business of sock-wearing.  Unbeknownst to most of us, crimes of fashion are being committed every day when it comes to hosiery, but this book provides great advice on how to avoid this fate.  It answers all the important questions, such as: which socks best complement brogues?  And are patterned socks permissible with sneakers?  Every sock secret will be revealed in this humorous read.

6) Paint Your Own Ceramic Mug Set

Perhaps you know your friend would love a mug, but you’re not sure which mug to get them?  Get them to paint their own!  They’ll love tailoring their gift to their very own taste with this set of colourful paints and not one, but two white mugs.  They’d make great ornaments, artworks, or unusual pen-pots!

7) Hurrah for Gin by Katie Kirby

Perfect for any parent, this riotous read will be hugely relatable for anyone who’s raised a child.  It contains absolutely no useful advice whatsoever, but does prove highly entertaining with its candid portrayal of the wonderful highs and desperate lows of parenthood, complemented by a series of amusing stick-man illustrations.

8) Vintage Learn to Play Set with Book – Harmonica

Few people realise how much they’d love to play the harmonica until they have one, so indulge your friends and family with this gorgeous vintage learn-to-play set!  Whether they want to pursue their harmonica dreams, or just play for fun, this kit will take the harmonica novice to the harmonica pro, with easy-to-follow instructions and a numbered guide.

9) Colour and Doodle Gift Box

Colouring for adults is now a hugely popular activity, helping grown-ups to relax and be mindful in a chaotic world.  With this gift box, your friend or family member will be treated to a beautiful book of botanical patterns, six high-quality colouring pencils, and a smaller book of colouring and wordsearches.

10) Tequila Mockingbird by Tim Federle

This fabulous cocktail book is perfect for the book-lover and the booze-lover.  It combines the titles of much-loved classic novels with delicious drink recipes and a good dose of humour.  Recipes include Gin Eyre, Bridget Jones’s Daiquiri, Rye and Prejudice and Huckleberry Sin.  It also contains alcohol-free concoctions for the kids (or for the recovering reader), such as Charlie and the Chocolate Fake-tini and Pear the Wild Things Are.