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What to buy your dad for Father’s Day? Why, books of course!

As we enter June and dreams head towards summer holidays, camping trips, festivals and family barbecues, there’s one event that we all should make note of – Father’s Day. Taking place on 21 June, Father’s Day gives us all the opportunity to thank our dads for all they’ve given us over the years, whether it was lifts to football matches in the middle of nowhere, carrying out the DIY or generally being there whenever you need them. We can think of no better gift on Father’s Day then a book and luckily the Book People has books for every kind of dad – no matter what his interests.


For the dad who loves being in the kitchen


Many dads think of themselves as the best cook in the house (especially when it comes to barbecues!) and we have books that can help them perfect their culinary skills. Whether they’re a meat freak, love their comfort food from Jamie and James or are looking to show off their healthy cooking skills, you’ll find great cookbooks for Father’s Day in our cookery range.


For fathers who love reading fiction


A quick straw poll in the Book People office saw the majority of our fathers being real bookworms. They’d always have their head in a book – whether they’re at home, on holiday or avoiding household chores. Books make great presents and we have fiction that will have them engrossed throughout summer and beyond. Whether they like historical adventures from Frederick Forsyth, want to discover the books that inspired their favourite TV shows like Dexter or need to catch up on contemporary bestsellers including A Man Called Ove, you’ll find them in our Father’s Day category.


For history buff dads


Many dads have a keen interest in history and love the occasional historical debate around the dinner table. This section has everything from letters sent during the war to an insight into the life of the Dalai Lama and full and frank historical discussions from Andrew Marr.


For dads who love to say ‘I know best’


Have you ever met a dad who believes they’re always right, no matter how absurd their facts may sound… Now you can ensure they’re always telling the truth with our Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who love facts and figures. With these books, they’ll be able to tell you about the world’s greatest railway journeys, discuss the lighter side of politics and talk the numbers game when discussing football and the general failures of all top-flight managers.


For active dads


Dads with plenty of hobbies and interests are always hard to buy for – just what do you get for the dad who has everything on Father’s Day? We’ve hand-picked some terrific books to help them find a new hobby. Are they artistic? They’ll love our huge dot-to-dot books… As it’s cricket season, they’ll also love finding out some of the quirkier aspects of Britain’s favourite summer sport with our three-book Wisden set.


For the dads who like to share bedtime stories


There’s a special bond between dads and young children, especially when it comes to bedtime reading. We have a selection of the best storybooks for fathers to share with their offspring. From the ever-popular Peppa Pig and the love she has for Daddy Pig to Sam McBratney’s classic There, There and the fabulously titled Daddy Is My Hero, these books are great presents for little children to buy their dads this Father’s Day.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer unveiled – buy Star Wars books!

‘Chewie, we’re home…’

Three simple words that have had Star Wars fans beaming from ear to ear after the release of the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Pefectly capturing the look, style and essence of the original trilogy, the trailer took many back to their childhoods and also gave glimpses of what we can expect when the biggest film of the year is released around Christmas time.

However, with eight months to wait many will be rewatching the first six films (and some children watching them for the first time) and will need some accompanying reading material – or fun-filled activity books from a galaxy far, far away – that’s where the Book People comes in… Our range of Star Wars books is second to none. Whether you love the LEGO Star Wars Minifigures or have a young reader eager to learn the way of the Jedi, we have the right book – or collection!

With eight sticker books for just £7.99 (that’s £1 a book), the Star Wars Sticker Collection reveals all about the previous battles between the Jedis and the Sith. With all the characters we’ve come to love – including those from the Clone Wars – it’s a great set to give out at any Star Wars-themed parties that may be coming up.

We also have a Star Wars Reader Collection for sale at just £14.99. A massive 20 books, it’s designed in a way so that children as young as 5 can start learning all about life on Tattooine and the Millennium Falcon and then as their reading skills progress find out more about the more complex side of the Star Wars universe.

Among our LEGO Star Wars books are ones focusing on the Jedi master Yoda, an extensive Character Encyclopedia and a Visual Dictionary – and they all come with a free exclusive Minifigure, ranging from Luke Skywalker to Han Solo and a Stormtrooper!

Our videographer has also created his very own Star Wars spoof video. Tying in with our amazing R2-D2’s Droid Workshop: Make Your Own R2-D2 book and May the Fourth Be with You, it follows R2-D2 in his everyday life and the poor droid is feeling a little lonely (just where is C-3PO?)… As he goes about his morning routine, he heads into town and finds a bookshop – could he have found his soulmate in there?

Adult colouring books – the new craze for grown-ups!

The latest craze is here – and it’s not a playground one this time around. Colouring books for adults are becoming ever more popular and are appearing near the top of the book charts (and the Book People’s very own bestsellers). A great way to unwind and relax either at the end of a busy working day or on a day off, the trend has got adults all over the country colouring in.

Not only does colouring in put your mind at ease, it’s also a great way for you to sharpen up your cognitive development skills – and of course, there’s the sense of pride you’ll feel once finishing filling in your masterpiece. The Book People has an exciting selection of colouring books for grown-ups that can be complemented by our books about drawing (Draw People in 15 Minutes, Draw Cats in 15 Minutes, A Short Book About Drawing), exciting giant dot-to-dot books (The 1000 Dot-to-Dot Book: Animals, The 1000 Dot-to-Dot Book) and painting.

Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom is full of distinctive pictures of wildlife that are just waiting for your personal touch and a burst of colour and imagination, while Art Therapy: An Anti-stress Colouring Book is full of sophisticated pictures that will help you keep your fine motor skills up to scratch. We also have a two-book collection available for just £4.99 that gives adults the chance to colour in everything from patterns and swirls to geometric patterns – and they’re the right size to fit in your handbag or rucksack, too!

If you’re looking for a colouring book to help you get away from the stress of it all, make sure www.thebookpeople.co.uk is the first place you visit!

Christmas activity books!

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year but many children will find themselves getting restless as the excitement of the build-up becomes too much. What better way to calm them down then by getting them to take part in some delightfully fun and festive activities? The Book People has activity books for all ages – from the fun of designing a placemat for Christmas Dinner to finding festive things to draw, it’s a quite sparkling selection we’re sure you’ll agree.

My Big Book of Christmas Activities is a huge book packed with pocket-money projects that will inspire the creativity of any little one this Christmas time. Children who love to colour in will find plenty to enjoy in our 3-book Christmas Colouring Collection, which comes with plenty of stickers and our Christmas Activity Placemats book has also quickly established itself as a Book People favourite! A great way to keep children entertained during any Christmas meal, they’ll love adding their personal touch to the fill-in designs that will decorate the table in time for Christmas lunch in style!

From snowmen to presents and penguins, the Winter Wishes Sticker Book gives children the perfect chance to add a touch of originality to their cards and gift tags this year. Santa’s Beard  is also another awesome original Christmas book. With a velcro beard to try on a variety of faces and a final spread where it gets back to its rightful place, it’s perfect for anyone excited to put the mince pies and carrot out on Christmas Eve. To help children learn the traditional Christmas story, My Nativity Colouring and Sticker Book has activities that help children learn about Joseph, Mary, the baby Jesus and the Three Wise Men – there are even press-out characters included.

Another bumper book of puzzles and activities is Bloomsbury’s My Christmas Activity and Sticker Book. Full of brightly coloured characters and amazing activities, it will help warm up anyone on a cold winter night! Christmas Things to Draw is bursting with wintry inspiration and Toddler Christmas has plenty of festive activities, puzzles, games and stories to enjoy – all complemented by Katie Sanders’ beautiful artwork.

Make Christmas 2014 a Christmas full of activities!

Super books starring Comic Book Superheroes!

For many comic book fans, excitement is gathering around the next release from the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Guardians of the Galaxy, which will be in cinemas from 31 July. Starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Glenn Close in her first ever superhero movie and the voices of Vin Diesel as a sapling alien tree that can only speak three words – ‘I am Groot’ – and Bradley Cooper as the pyrotechnic loving Rocket Raccoon, it’s sure to be different and has already been touted as the true heir to Star Wars’ crown as the ultimate space opera – but with plenty of humour as well.

Ever since the Golden Age of Comics in the 1940s, when the ever-youthful Stan Lee first brought superheroes like Captain America, The Destroyer and Jack Frost to the pages of Marvel Comics, superheroes have been popular with all ages. At the Book People, we’re huge fans too and have books featuring all your favourite Marvel and DC characters – from the Avengers like Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk to the world-renowned Superman and Batman. From the screenplays of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises) to sticker and activity books, there really is something for every age.

Our eight-book Marvel Sticker Book Collection contains over 490 stickers to stick throughout the pages, with four of the books focusing on Thor, Hawkeye and friends, while four of them cover your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Fans of Superman and Batman need not worry either, the eight-book DC Comics Sticker Collection has lots of familiar faces and foes from Metropolis and Gotham City. We also have a two-book set dedicated solely to the Man of Steel, a character so memorably brought to life by Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill in big-screen outings.

Superheroes are the ideal characters to present awesome activities and keep your children happily busy and occupied over the summer holidays. The Marvel Activity Collection has scenes to colour in and plenty of stickers starring Spider-Man and various Avengers, while the Superfriends Bumper Action Activities book is aimed at a slightly younger audience who still love Batman, Superman, the Flash and the Green Lantern. Child-friendly illustrations accompany the fun mazes, puzzles, colouring-in activities and more, while the bold text is also appealing.

For those who want a more in-depth look at their heroes, Batman: The World of the Dark Knight is an informative hardback which follows the origins of Bruce Wayne as he developed his vigilante alter-ego. It even covers his enemies including the Joker, Two-Face and Bane. From the first time Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider to his development into Spider-Man and the friends, loves and foes he has met along the way, Spider-Man: Inside the World of your Friendly Neighbourhood Hero tells you everything you need to know about New York City’s most famous red-and-blue costumed superhero!

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