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Guest blog – Lorraine Pascale

Popular chef and Book People favourite Lorraine Pascale discusses her latest book, A Lighter Way to Bake, in this guest blog:

“Having your cake and eating it” – how to balance your life to be able to eat some treats and the benefits of baking at home and knowing what ingredients are used rather than buying from a store.

‘Wandering the aisle of the supermarket, strategically placed at the end of your supermarket shop are often rows and rows of shiny, glittery, pretty, tasty looking cakes. As you pick up a rather tasty looking cupcake, replete with sprinkles and sparkles and pastel-coloured paper wrapping – the temptation is to throw caution to the wind and not consider what is exactly in your icing-topped sponge beauty. Please understand, I am one of those doing this and I believe in moderation, but what if you could have a baked fancy, full of all the flavour and with a lot less of the naughty stuff?

The challenge with what we buy today ready-made is that often it is difficult to know what on earth it has taken to make it, beyond the usual suspects of butter, sugar, flour and eggs. I sometimes look at the label and run my finger down the never-ending list of ingredients, some quite familiar and some extremely unknown. Of course, you knew there was a plug coming, did you not?! In my newest book “A Lighter Way To Bake”, I have taken lots of our favourite recipes and made a, what I would like to call, gallant effort to make the food a little lighter on the naughty stuff. Some recipes I tried and after many attempts, although the salt and perhaps the sugar were less, the fat was the same and the calories had not budged either. But for the most part the baked goods, both sweet and savoury, show a considerable reduction in the amount of fat and or sugar. The added beauty of making and baking from scratch is that you know exactly what is going in to the food you are making which can often give great peace of mind for those of us who want to try and eat just that little bit healthier.

I sometimes read articles on what I should do to make things better for myself and then, usually because I am not doing precisely what the article says, I leave the article on the kitchen table and proceed to beat myself up about not getting ‘it’ (whatever the subject matter is saying I should do) right.

So I am sure you, like me, are a busy bee, juggling so many things and trying so hard to do the right thing as often as possible. So when you are next in the supermarket, with your two screaming kiddies having a bit of a tantrum in the pasta and rice aisle knowing that the only way to a bit of peace and quiet is to drag them over to the baking aisle and shove an iced bun in each of their mouths and one in yours (you tried an apple and it just would not cut it), that it is really important to be kind on yourself and not do what I do which is to not talk kindly to myself about it.

Instead as you sail quietly around the aisles with your two children sitting in the trolley with a now glowing and ever-increasing-in-size halo above their heads, that you have done what we all do.

Baking from scratch for me is something that I do when I have a bit of time on my hands, like when everyone at home is happy and doing their own thing, or at the weekends, or on a weekday when I have a spare hour at dinner time to cook something savoury for a family meal. I try to balance a not-so-good day eating with a better day of eating and repeat the mantra, everything in moderation, including moderation. :-)’

Buy Lorraine Pascale’s A Lighter Way to Bake for just £7.99 from the Book People.

A Lighter Way to Bake

Find out more about Lorraine at www.lorrainepascale.com

Discover the Clandestine Cake Club this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air here at the Book People. Whether you’re loved up with your other half or think February 14th is all a load of rubbish, we’re here to bring you something you can really fall in head over heels with – and that’s a fantastic book.

And we’ve got a great title for all you bakers out there, as we’re offering The Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook for the fantastic price of just £6.99, which saves you an amazing £13.01 off the RRP. Now you’ve got no excuse for not buying your loved one some roses or chocolates!

The Clandestine Cake Club was established in 2010 and the group’s motto is ‘Bake, Eat and Talk about Cake’. Founder Lynn Hill had a simple vision in mind – she just wanted to get people together for a good old chat over tea and some tasty homemade cakes. The first ever meeting was held in December 2010 in Leeds and since then it’s gone from strength to strength.

You can register on the website and meetings are regularly held at top-secret locations around the country. The only rule is everyone has to bring their own cake to share with others. It’s a simple concept and means keen bakers can meet new people with similar interests – and they get to take some cake home with them!

The Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook is jam-packed (no pun intended) with 120 of the club’s most favourite recipes that have been collected from the various meetings over the years. Whether you’re a sucker for a gooey chocolate cake or want to try something more unusual like a Chai-soaked vanilla sponge, there’ll be something for you.

Modern, experimental recipes are mixed with classic cakes that’ll never let you down. And who knows, once you’ve had a go at some of the recipes, you might be ready to start your own Clandestine Cake Club meeting!

Bake your own Showstopper with The Great British Bake Off

After the tense finish to this year’s series of The Great British Bake Off, which saw John Whaite reign victorious, it’s possible you’re missing your weekly dose of baking excitement. A smash-hit BBC programme that continues to go from strength to strength, GBBO has now become essential viewing for the whole family. Although the series may be off your screens for the next year or so, you can become a star baker yourself with the fabulous tie-in book The Great British Bake Off: How to Turn Everyday Bakes into Showstoppers.

A glorious celebration of Britain’s favourite pastime, the hardback baking book is inspired by the wonderful creations that have been featured during the programme’s ‘Showstopper Challenge’ and the recipes include large and small cakes, biscuits and cookies, sweet and savoury pastry, puddings, breads and patisserie. With these stunning bakes sure to turn heads at every occasion, the book also shows you how to add exciting finishes using chocolate curls, ribbons and spun sugar, as well as offering simple ideas for icing, shaping and decorating. It even features the best bakes from Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood’s Technical Challenges and the finest recipes from this year’s set of amateur bakers, all complemented by sumptuous photography.

With applications open for 2013’s series already, why not see if you have what it takes to be a star baker? As well as this terrific baking book from the Book People, you can also host your own Bake Off challenge at home with your very own GBBO party. You can download an amazing party pack, complete with invites, bunting, door signs, party instructions, recipe cards, name labels, voting cards and certificates from the Great British Bake Off’s website here.

Great British Bake Off Showstoppers

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