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The Book People Week of Wonder: The best under-sea books

As our offer-filled Week of Wonder is sea themed this time around, we thought this would be a ‘splashing’ time to make a list of the best books about life under the sea. From tales about fish to submarine missions and more, books about what happens beneath the tide are often classics and can sometimes be overlooked by readers, preferring to read about far-off planets, solar systems and galaxies. But don’t be put off by an under-sea book… there are some classics!

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
A mission to rid the seas of a monstrous creature becomes a terrifying nightmare when Professor Arronax, Conseil and Ned Land are thrown overboard. A huge marine animal that haunts the water is no living beast, but a spectacular man-made vessel, and the three men find themselves the helpless prisoners of Captain Nemo… 20000 Leagues Under the Sea A true classic, Jules Verne is one of the finest fiction writers of the last 200 years and Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is, without doubt, one of his finest works.

Harry Hammer
Shark Point is a beautiful rural reef community where different species of fish can live in harmony. Harry Hammer, a young hammerhead shark, would give his right fin to be as cool, fast or terrifying as a tiger, blue or great white shark, and determined to prove his worth, he dives in to some daring adventures, where his unique hammerhead abilities and loyal school of friends keep him out of trouble. Harry Hammer series | The Book People A delight for younger readers, especially those who enjoy Jeff Kinney’s Wimpy Kid series, the books are packed with hilarious black-and-white illustrations that bring the stories to life.

The Abyss
Based on the 1989 film by Titanic director James Cameron, The Abyss is the story of the USS Montana, a submarine that sinks after an encounter with an unidentified object. As Soviet ships and submarines head toward the area to salvage the sub, and with a hurricane moving in, the Americans decide that the quickest way to mount a rescue is to insert a SEAL team onto an underwater oil-drilling platform, which will serve as their base. As the SEALs and the platform crew attempt to discover the cause of the Montana‍ ’​s failure, they spot strange creatures they cannot identify and discover that the creatures have intelligence… The Abyss | The Book Peole If you liked the film, this book is a must-read as it gives a much greater ‘depth’ to the characters, going as far to give them a backstory, which only adds to the enjoyment.

Written by bestselling author Michael Crichton, the man who brought us Jurassic Park and Prey amongst other wonderful science fiction books, Sphere is a psychological thriller that follows Norman Johnson, a psychologist who joins a team of scientists assembled by the government to examine an enormous spacecraft discovered on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The depth of coral covering the craft suggests that it has been lying there for over 300 years and so could only be of alien origin…  Sphere | The Book People Quite similar to The Abyss but with an enemy a lot closer to home, Sphere is a great read and keeps you guessing until the very last page.

Sea Quest 
If you have a child who loves Beast Quest, Adam Blade’s Sea Quest is definitely worth a look! With a host of under-sea robo-beasts to defeat, ocean wars to prevent and other forces of evil threatening the planet Nemos, each book stars a new terrifying (but not too terrifying!) foe for hero Max and his friends to defeat – and as the series continues they get bigger, ‘badder’ and scarier. Sea Quest | The Book People Ideal for reluctant readers, Sea Quest takes the friendly format of Beast Quest under the sea for an action-packed adventure extravaganza! Really, really good fun!

New titles from the Book People

The Book People are delighted to offer another batch of exciting new titles, and you can find them all online now. From insightful biographies to amazing TV tie-ins and a selection of kids’ favourites, there’s sure to be something for you to enjoy. But hurry, grab them before we sell out!

One of the biggest news stories of 2013 so far is Lance Armstrong’s confession that he did indeed cheat and use performance-enhancing drugs throughout his Tour de France-winning cycling career. We have Seven Deadly Sins, Sunday Times reporter David Walsh’s compelling account of his mission to discover the truth about the disgraced cyclist, available for just £4.99. It tells how, through 13 years of dogged research and insider information, Walsh struggled and battled to bring the facts to light.

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Africa has been one of the must-see television programmes this year. For just £9.99, Michael Bright’s book accompanies the hit BBC show and provides readers with a spectacular journey through the five distinct regions of the breathtaking continent. We also have Jennifer Worth’s Shadows of the Workhouse, the sequel to Call the Midwife, on sale for just £3.99 and this compassionate read perfectly celebrates the resilience and spirit of the people of the 1950s.

For kids, we have a wide range of exciting books. Little girls will love joining the Disney Princesses in this 8-book collection that follows the adventures of the likes of Ariel, Belle and Cinderella. The chapter books all feature easy-to-read text and eye-catching illustrations. For boys, we have the Avantia Collection, 4 books that follow on from Beast Quest and are perfect reading for fans when they are slightly older. Full of action, magical creatures and expertly paced, these books are just great for reluctant readers. Award-winning author of My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece Annabel Pitcher has also returned with Ketchup Clouds, the story of Zoe, a fifteen-year-old girl with a dark and terrible secret…

If your child is a fussy eater, Happy Food for Happy Children offers ideas that are sure to help them try new and exciting food. With fanciful and lovable character creations making up healthy meals, this is the perfect way to help little ones eat their fruit and vegetables.

Lance Armstrong - David Walsh

Disney Princess books

Super books starring children’s favourite heroes!

With the summer holidays fast approaching, kids are going to need some exciting reads and activity books to play with, and what could be better than books featuring their favourite superheroes? At the Book People, we have a number of books that are sure to appeal to young boys and girls who dream of fighting crime, taking part in intergalactic wars or tackling mystical beasts.

We have two sets of action-packed sticker books starring extremely popular superheroes who have just returned to the big screen – Spider-Man and Batman. In these great books, children will love creating their own scenes on the streets of New York and Gotham City. Each book comes with over 250 reusable stickers that feature the hero’s respective friends and foes. They are also packed with fascinating facts about the comic book stars!

For those who like their heroes to be a bit more robotic (or alien!), the Transformers Collection brings together ten short chapter books starring the ‘robots in disguise’. With simple language, illustrations and exciting storylines, these are the perfect books to get reluctant readers aged 8 and over hooked on reading. The Power Rangers are another extremely exciting group of heroes and this three-book activity set will provide their fans with hours of fun. In the books, you will find temporary tattoos, 3D stickers and crayons to make their adventures even more colourful!

Starring characters from a galaxy far, far away, the Star Wars Sticker Book Collection contains eight books that feature all the well-known heroes and villains from the immensely popular film saga – all in LEGO form! Each book comes with 50 reusable stickers and would be perfect for sharing out at parties. Fans of Luke Skywalker and co may also enjoy the Star Fighters Collection, a new series from the team behind Beast Quest. The Star Fighters series is a mixture of non-stop action, giant aliens, cosmic warfare and courageous characters, all told in a fast-paced, frantic fashion. Secret Agent Jack Stalwart will also appeal, as he travels the world tackling a range of missions and adventures, while also teaching children aged 7 and over all about different countries and cultures.

Batman sticker book

Even more great children’s books

Yet again, the Book People has some fantastic children’s books available at incredible prices. Whether you’ve got your very own little princess, a bonkers boy or a fan of action, we have great books that they’re sure to come back to again and again. Below, we’ll take a look at just a few of these tremendous books that we currently have available.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid collection is back in stock and the delightful five-book set will surely whet your youngster’s appetite for the brand new Diary later in the year. Jeff Kinney’s illustrated books are brilliant – the life of Greg Heffley is hilariously told through a series of journal entries and family, friendship and school humour are all mixed brilliantly. A great read for reluctant readers. Billy Bonkers will appeal to children aged 7 and above and the three books tell all about the crazy adventures young Billy and his family go on. Very funny stories for boys!

The Little Princess Collection has ten books written by Horrid Henry illustrator Tony Ross and are perfect stories for girls who like princesses. They’re also great fun to read out loud. Tony Ross also illustrates Karen Wallace’s Creaky Castle Collection, a set of funny, fast-paced books that are full of spooky, kooky mishaps and ghoulish fun.

The Splat-A-Fact Collection is so entertaining that children won’t even realise they’re learning as they read through facts and play games and activities all based around Dinosaurs, Mummies and Pirates. Another real treat for boys is Series 8 of Beast Quest, six books for £6.99, this is a tremendously popular series that has got young boys reading. Packed with action and adventure, they tell the story of Tom as he battles the likes of Balisk the Water Snake and Bloodboar the Buried Doom.

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