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Find the best young adult fiction at Red House

Our Red House shop is here to provide children of all ages with the most exciting books as they embark on their reading journey – we have everything from baby books to awesome activities and timeless classics, all available at half price or less. Young adult fiction is a genre that continues to go from strength to strength and Red House has some of the finest new reads from some extremely talented authors.

But first, we’ll focus on something completely different – Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek (A Memoir) is a debut from Maya Van Wagenen which is already going to be turned into a film by Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks. Critically acclaimed, the book shows what happened when Maya found a Guide to Teenage Popularity from 1952 and decided to follow its advice in a brave, secret experiment in the year that led up to her high school prom. Written with a refreshing and self-aware voice, this is a book with themes that many children will identify with as they head into adulthood…

Set to arrive in cinemas in August and ready to challenge the likes of The Hunger Games and Divergent as the new dystopian teen favourite, Lois Lowry’s The Giver tells the story of Jonas, a sensitive 12-year-old who discovers the ugly truth that lies beneath the surface of his seemingly perfect world… The film starring Brenton Thwaites, Alexander Skarsgård, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift has already gained rave reviews so now is the ideal time to read up on the book before it hits the big screen. Bestselling author Lauren Kate has also made a welcome return, with Teardrop. A heartbreaking and romantic, yet deliciously dark, read it follows Eureka, a 17-year-old girl who has never shed a tear, in the aftermath of her recovery from a car crash that killed her mum and her blossoming relationship with Anders…

For those who’ve enjoyed watching – and reading, we hope – The Fault in Our Stars during the early summer months, may we recommend E. Lockhart’s We Were Liars, a book acclaimed by both John Green and 2012’s Teen of Queen Maureen Johnson that details the summers and secrets of Cadence Eastman. Another author often associated with – and compared to – John Green is David Levithan and his Every Day is a unique take on teenage life as its lead character, A, finds themselves waking up in a different body and living the day of a different person’s life every day – but then A falls in love… Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith is a tantalising mixture of coming-of-age tale, dark humour and out-of-the-ordinary sci-fi themes. Austin and his best friend Robby have unleashed an army of hungry, six-foot tall mantises on their hometown of Ealing, Iowa – but no one knows about it… yet.

Another coming-of-age tale we absolutely loved was This Song Will Save Your Life, a book specifically written with older teens in mind, especially those who are just beginning to develop a love of slightly more alternative music. Elise Dumbowski is an outsider at her school, but when she comes across the unbridled joy of indie nightclubs, she not only falls in love but finds her true passion – DJing. Packed with pop culture references and coming across as a teen version of High Fidelity, this really does capture the joy and enthusiasm many people have when they discover the music that will define their lives.

Guest blog: Firm favourites from young adult fiction

Abby, currently on work experience with us here at the Book People, talks about some of her favourite young adult stories, from classics to  contemporary books she believes will soon be considered so,  in this guest blog:

‘While I will read practically any book put in front of me from the trashiest chick lit to ‘On The Origin Of Species’, there are a few firm favourites that I come back to time and time again. These well-thumbed volumes are kept in pride of place on my book shelf and are perfect for those evenings when I just want to return to something I know and love. These are also the books that I recommend to any friend who shows a passing interest in books and reading- and just so will I recommend them to you!


To Kill A Mockingbird’ was the contemporary novel I studied during the second year of my English Literature GCSE and it was then that I fell in love with Scout, Atticus and Jem’s story. A true modern classic, To Kill A Mockingbird discusses the topics of prejudice and justice in 1930s American society and was awarded a Pulitzer prize a year after publication for its mature discussion of contemporary issues. This book is brilliant in so many ways and is an obligatory growing-up novel.


Although every Young Adult bookshelf is teeming with Science Fiction, ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ by Madeleine L’Engle should be a staple. Telling the story of Meg Murry’s extraordinary adventure to find her father, the book is never predictable, always exciting and definitely worth a read.


Amid the huge media storm that surrounded the film release, I decided to read ‘Life Of Pi’ and find out whether it was worth the hype or the million dollar-animated tiger. Well- the short answer is yes. Pi, an Indian boy, during his family’s voyage to a new life in Canada, is marooned as the lone survivor of a ship wreck… apart from a tiger, an orangutan, a zebra and a hyena. While the book is engaging in itself, it also promotes a thought-provoking discussion on religion at its conclusion. Anyone who fancies something a little different this summer should give this inspiring book a go.


Teenage life means something different for everyone but for Adrian Mole, it means unrequited love, pimples and bad (but extremely pretentious) poetry. ‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾’ is one of the funniest books I’ve read, and may have inspired a couple of bad diaries and awful verses!


Everyone had heard of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ after John Green landed an incredible movie deal starring Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley; but in my opinion, many are missing out on John Green’s finest work, his debut novel: ‘Looking For Alaska. Many of my friends have heard me wax lyrical on the story of Miles Halter, a boy with a thirst for biographies, last words and something new. He finds all of these things and more when he joins Culver Creek, in pursuit of ‘the Great Perhaps’ which is embodied by his new friend, Alaska Green. As a book that manages to be well written and poignant, inspiring and funny: it should also be on your book list.#


Before I Die’ is as much of a tear jerker as it sounds, telling the story of a leukaemia sufferer with just a few months left to live. However, it is also delivered with energy and wit which carries the story through the final difficult months of Tessa’s illness. A poignant and moving novel, I would definitely recommend it to fans of Jodi Picoult and The Fault In Our Stars.

The world of Young Adult fiction is constantly growing and evolving with new titles being released every day. But if you’re looking for a starting point among that mound of fiction, here it is.’

Queen of Teen 2014 – Veronica Roth

The countdown to crowning the new Queen of Teen is on! Here at the Book People we thought we’d take a closer look at those young adult authors lucky enough to be shortlisted. To find out more about Queen of Teen, the authors’ teen books, and cast your vote, visit www.queenofteen.co.uk.

Veronica Roth Queen of Teen

Veronica Roth

After writing the Divergent series, which has subsequently inspired a popular Hollywood run of films, Veronica Roth is regarded as one of the brightest new talents in literature. The Hunger Games meets I Am Number Four in the Divergent series and Tris is surely up there with Katniss Everdeen as one of the most inspirational characters from modern young adult fiction.

Set in a dilapidated version of her hometown of Chicago, Roth mixed science fiction, politics and a love story to great effect in the Divergent series. A novel which urged young readers to ask questions about the world in which they lived – and what it could become – these are important reads that became global bestsellers almost instantly, and with the success of the film, are still appealing to new readers now. At just 25 years old, Veronica Roth is already an author tipped for bigger and better things. Can she be Queen of Teen 2014 too? Vote for Veronica at www.queenofteen.co.uk/vote

Queen of Teen 2014 – Tonya Hurley

The countdown to crowning the new Queen of Teen is on! Here at the Book People we thought we’d take a closer look at those young adult authors lucky enough to be shortlisted. To find out more about Queen of Teen, the authors’ teen books, and cast your vote, visit www.queenofteen.co.uk.

Tonya Hurley Queen of Teen

Tonya Hurley

After writing the bestselling Ghostgirl series, Tonya Hurley turned her attention to a slightly older audience with Precious Blood and Passionaries, books which made up part of the Blessed series. A story that asked what the world would be like if martyrs and saints lived amongst us, the books are completely captivating and wonderfully dark and gritty. It’s a delight to see Tonya shortlisted for 2014’s Queen of Teen award!

Having worked as a film-maker and in the music industry, Tonya’s experience held her in good stead as she decided to try her hand at writing and set to work on the Blessed trilogy. Agnes, Cecilia and Lucy are three rebels running from their lives and themselves, all plagued by broken hearts and shattered dreams… But then they’re told they belong amongst those saints and martyrs… Vote for Tonya Hurley at www.queenofteen.co.uk/vote!

Queen of Teen 2014 – S. C. Ransom

The countdown to crowning the new Queen of Teen is on! Here at the Book People we thought we’d take a closer look at those young adult authors lucky enough to be shortlisted. To find out more about Queen of Teen, the authors’ teen books, and cast your vote, visit www.queenofteen.co.uk.

Sue Ransom

S. C. Ransom

A senior headhunter in her day job, Sue Ransom made great use of her long commute by writing Small Blue Thing as a birthday present for her young daughter – on her Blackberry! After being picked up by Nosy Crow and being published by her pen name S. C. Ransom, the novel quickly became a hit with young readers everywhere and is now part of a bestselling trilogy, which has culminated in S. C. Ransom taking her place on the prestigious Queen of Teen shortlist for 2014.

Alex finds a mysterious new bracelet which allows her to see ghosts. After meeting – and falling for – Callum in St Paul’s Cathedral, she finds herself in a quandary about how to make their relationship work. Callum is everything boys at school are not – kind, attentive and romantic – but he’s also trapped in limbo with no hope of escape. He also appears to be hiding some dark secrets… If you fell for this supernatural love story, vote for S. C. Ransom at www.queenofteen.co.uk/vote

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