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Book People Book Club – August Pick: Paper Towns by John Green

With excitement building around the release of the Paper Towns movie, we thought it would be a wonderful time to choose this superb novel, one of our favourite John Green books, as our Book Club selection for August. By now you may have seen the Paper Towns trailer and you’re probably chomping at the bit to see the film – particularly if you enjoyed the last John Green book adaptation, last year’s The Fault in Our Stars – but with 10% off the price of the book at theBookPeople.co.uk with code PAPER10*, there has never been a better time to read this absorbing, exhilarating and sensitive story.

John Green Paper Towns


The tale begins with childhood neighbours Quentin (or ‘Q’) and Margot finding the body of local man Robert Joyner, who has committed suicide in the local park. The book then fast-forwards to the present day, where Q and Margot are now just distant acquaintances in high school… That is, until Margot enters Q’s room late one night and summons him for a one-night campaign of ingenious revenge. The next day, Margot is missing. And Q is the last person to have seen her alive. But he soon finds clues that she has left for him – clues that reveal who Margot really is…

Passionate, funny, bold and thoroughly engrossing, we cannot think of a better book to enjoy this summer. The writing is flawless and Q and Margot’s mystery tale is as timeless as it is current – and it’s as sure to entertain adults as it is teen and young adult readers. Join the discussion about Paper Towns as we mull it over in our free online Book Club on our Facebook page…

For those who want to see the film as well as read the book, Paper Towns’ release date is 17 August in the UK.

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Books for Sadness from Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out

With the release of Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out now upon us, children all around the world – and some adults too – are getting excited to meet the characters of the film: Disgust, Anger, Joy, Sadness and Fear. This made us think… which books would the characters from the Inside Out film love, being the personification of such raw emotions? Well, we’ve hunted through the cellar and attic at Book People Manor to find just the right books for the Inside Out characters.


Books for Sadness from Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out

August is a 10-year-old boy with a severe facial disfigurement. Having been home-schooled his whole life, his life changes when he starts at middle school and has to deal with cruel bullies. Poignant, funny and never less than compelling, Wonder is an ultimately uplifting tale of hope and bravery but there are plenty of tears along the way.

Michael Rosen’s Sad Book
Based on the author’s own experiences after losing his son, this is a guide to bereavement that can strike a chord with anybody of any age. With sombre illustrations by Quentin Blake, the book takes a look at the feeling of sadness and other complex emotions and reassures readers that it is OK to cry.

Eureka can’t cry and has never been able to. Even when her mother unexpectedly died. Eureka was in the car when it all happened and wonders why and how she survived, but when she meets Anders and uncovers an ancient myth about a girl who cried an entire continent into the sea, she begins to piece together who she really is… A sad romantic novel.

The Fault in Our Stars
You know the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters by now but it’s no less heartbreaking the more you read it… We’re sure Sadness would put this book top of her list for when she wants to have a good cry. Hazel’s cynical nature makes way for optimism and enjoyment as she falls for Gus and they even enjoy a romantic trip to Amsterdam – but tragedy is never far away.

Books to read before you see the film: Paper Towns by John Green

We adore the cinema here at the Book People. The big screen, the smell of popcorn, the shushing of talkers… We have a lot of love for film, especially when the movies are adaptations of bestselling books. 2015 has been a huge year for literary adaptations already with the likes of Far from the Madding Crowd, Child 44 and Fifty Shades of Grey all proving enormous hits.

Although not all films capture the spirits of the book entirely, we’re always willing to watch adaptations to see the direction in which the film heads. With plenty of adaptations to come before the end of the year, we thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the films coming up. And the books you should read up on before going to see them!

John Green’s Paper Towns
In cinemas 17 August

Paper Towns Cara Delevingne

John Green is one of the most popular authors writing for young adults at the moment and after the all-conquering success of the film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars (have you stopped crying yet, because we certainly haven’t…), it was only a matter of time before Hollywood decided to tackle some of his other bestselling novels. Paper Towns, starring the popular model and actress Cara Delevingne and TFIOS actor Nat Wolff, is sure to be on every teenager’s must-watch list.
A road trip with a difference, the story follows Quentin and his unrequited crush Margo Spiegelman as they head off on a revenge journey. But the morning after the best night of Quentin’s life, Margo has gone missing – and seems to have left clues just for him to discover her whereabouts!
A coming-of-age story that manages to recall the atmosphere of Catcher in the Rye but with the added element of a Scooby Doo-esque mystery, we cannot recommend you read this book before seeing the film enough!

The new Paper Towns trailer has arrived!

At the Book People, we’re very excited to see that 20th Century Fox’s adaptation of John Green‘s Paper Towns has a brand new trailer. Let us know what you think…

After the huge success that was last year’s The Fault in Our Stars, the new Paper Towns film looks as though it will be a worthy YA book adaptation. Starring Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff as Margo and Quentin respectively, Paper Towns looks as though it could be one of the biggest YA films of the year! We’re so, so excited! Have we said that we’re excited?!

Blue Monday – 10 book facts to make you feel good

It’s Blue Monday, so we’re all feeling a bit down in the dumps: we have no money, Friday is still four days away and it’s cold – it’s really cold! But we want to banish these January blues – so join us this week for a week of book offers and savings. And, if you’re looking to be cheered up a little, we have made this lovely video filled with brilliant facts about books.

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10 book facts to make you feel good

  1. As of 2015, 129 million books have been published.
  2. Reading is scientifically proven to reduce stress and put you in a better mood.
  3. Harry Potter is now available in 68 languages for children worldwide.
  4. The highest number of Oscars ever awarded was for the film adaptation of the bestselling book The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.
  5. The top 5 bestselling authors of all time are British.
  6. In 2014, the Book People gave away a book every single day of the year! That’s 365 books.
  7. If we were to place the 10 million copies sold of The Fault in Our Stars side by side, they would stretch from London to Rome.
  8. Alice in Wonderland is 150 years old this year.
  9. Zoella’s Girl Online is the fastest-selling debut novel since records began.
  10. In 1990, the world literacy rate was just 75%. This year it is expected to reach 91%.


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