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The Book People Week of Wonder: The best under-sea books

As our offer-filled Week of Wonder is sea themed this time around, we thought this would be a ‘splashing’ time to make a list of the best books about life under the sea. From tales about fish to submarine missions and more, books about what happens beneath the tide are often classics and can sometimes be overlooked by readers, preferring to read about far-off planets, solar systems and galaxies. But don’t be put off by an under-sea book… there are some classics!

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
A mission to rid the seas of a monstrous creature becomes a terrifying nightmare when Professor Arronax, Conseil and Ned Land are thrown overboard. A huge marine animal that haunts the water is no living beast, but a spectacular man-made vessel, and the three men find themselves the helpless prisoners of Captain Nemo… 20000 Leagues Under the Sea A true classic, Jules Verne is one of the finest fiction writers of the last 200 years and Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is, without doubt, one of his finest works.

Harry Hammer
Shark Point is a beautiful rural reef community where different species of fish can live in harmony. Harry Hammer, a young hammerhead shark, would give his right fin to be as cool, fast or terrifying as a tiger, blue or great white shark, and determined to prove his worth, he dives in to some daring adventures, where his unique hammerhead abilities and loyal school of friends keep him out of trouble. Harry Hammer series | The Book People A delight for younger readers, especially those who enjoy Jeff Kinney’s Wimpy Kid series, the books are packed with hilarious black-and-white illustrations that bring the stories to life.

The Abyss
Based on the 1989 film by Titanic director James Cameron, The Abyss is the story of the USS Montana, a submarine that sinks after an encounter with an unidentified object. As Soviet ships and submarines head toward the area to salvage the sub, and with a hurricane moving in, the Americans decide that the quickest way to mount a rescue is to insert a SEAL team onto an underwater oil-drilling platform, which will serve as their base. As the SEALs and the platform crew attempt to discover the cause of the Montana‍ ’​s failure, they spot strange creatures they cannot identify and discover that the creatures have intelligence… The Abyss | The Book Peole If you liked the film, this book is a must-read as it gives a much greater ‘depth’ to the characters, going as far to give them a backstory, which only adds to the enjoyment.

Written by bestselling author Michael Crichton, the man who brought us Jurassic Park and Prey amongst other wonderful science fiction books, Sphere is a psychological thriller that follows Norman Johnson, a psychologist who joins a team of scientists assembled by the government to examine an enormous spacecraft discovered on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The depth of coral covering the craft suggests that it has been lying there for over 300 years and so could only be of alien origin…  Sphere | The Book People Quite similar to The Abyss but with an enemy a lot closer to home, Sphere is a great read and keeps you guessing until the very last page.

Sea Quest 
If you have a child who loves Beast Quest, Adam Blade’s Sea Quest is definitely worth a look! With a host of under-sea robo-beasts to defeat, ocean wars to prevent and other forces of evil threatening the planet Nemos, each book stars a new terrifying (but not too terrifying!) foe for hero Max and his friends to defeat – and as the series continues they get bigger, ‘badder’ and scarier. Sea Quest | The Book People Ideal for reluctant readers, Sea Quest takes the friendly format of Beast Quest under the sea for an action-packed adventure extravaganza! Really, really good fun!

The Book People Week of Wonder: coming soon

Book People | Week of Wonder

If you’re looking for offers, promotions and discount codes for books, the Book People Week of Wonder is back with a splash on 19 June.

With even bigger savings than you would normally find at www.theBookPeople.co.uk, Week of Wonder is always popular with our customers and this time we’re heading under the sea to bring you fin-tastic daily deals everyday between 19 and 26 June.

We can’t reveal the offers just yet – they’re a closely guarded under-sea secret! – but visit our homepage next Friday and you’re sure to find a deal that you’ll need to ‘sea’ to believe! But act fast – each of the crab-ulous savings will end at midnight.

We’ll also be having some maritime fun on our social media channels so keep an eye out on our FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle Plus and Instagram pages.

Could You Survive a Mission to the Moon?

As we’re enjoying another wonderful, out-of-this-world Week of Wonder this week at the Book People, we thought it’d be great fun to see how our lovely customers would fare on their own trip to space? Let us know how you get on on the Book People Facebook and Twitter pages. Will you be a cosmonaut, a shuttle commander? Find out…

The Book People’s Week of Wonder, 16 – 22 March 2015

Book People offers

Excitement is building around the Book People’s next mission – bringing you amazing deals, offers and savings in our latest Week of Wonder. A popular favourite with Book People customers around the world, you’re sure to be in awe when you see the astronomically good daily deals that will make up the week. A new out-of-this world deal will be available every day so prepare to launch on Monday 16 March.

Sure to be a cosmic hit with book lovers everywhere, we’re going to start our new Week of Wonder with a bang – a Big Bang – and some of the deals really will provide meteoric savings to make you smile.

We can’t reveal the offers just yet, but once we’re in orbit next Monday, do please keep checking the homepage. We’ll be launching new deals daily – but they’ll eclipse at midnight every night.

We’ll also be having some out-of-this-world fun on our Social Media channels so keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram channels.

The Book People’s Week of Wonder pantomime, November 2014 – competition time!

The curtain has been raised and the doors are now open – the Book People’s Week of Wonder pantomime is in town for a limited time only. Sure to please you with various deals and discounts, keep an eye on www.thebookpeople.co.uk from now until Sunday 16 November to enjoy a new offer every day.

To celebrate the launch of this latest Week of Wonder, we’ve come up with a competition – and it’s sure to be the hottest ticket around! All you have to do is watch the video we’ve embedded above and head over to our Facebook page or subscribe to our YouTube channel and comment with your answer to the question Genie poses!

Good luck –we hope you enjoy the show!

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