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Books for Sadness from Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out

With the release of Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out now upon us, children all around the world – and some adults too – are getting excited to meet the characters of the film: Disgust, Anger, Joy, Sadness and Fear. This made us think… which books would the characters from the Inside Out film love, being the personification of such raw emotions? Well, we’ve hunted through the cellar and attic at Book People Manor to find just the right books for the Inside Out characters.


Books for Sadness from Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out

August is a 10-year-old boy with a severe facial disfigurement. Having been home-schooled his whole life, his life changes when he starts at middle school and has to deal with cruel bullies. Poignant, funny and never less than compelling, Wonder is an ultimately uplifting tale of hope and bravery but there are plenty of tears along the way.

Michael Rosen’s Sad Book
Based on the author’s own experiences after losing his son, this is a guide to bereavement that can strike a chord with anybody of any age. With sombre illustrations by Quentin Blake, the book takes a look at the feeling of sadness and other complex emotions and reassures readers that it is OK to cry.

Eureka can’t cry and has never been able to. Even when her mother unexpectedly died. Eureka was in the car when it all happened and wonders why and how she survived, but when she meets Anders and uncovers an ancient myth about a girl who cried an entire continent into the sea, she begins to piece together who she really is… A sad romantic novel.

The Fault in Our Stars
You know the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters by now but it’s no less heartbreaking the more you read it… We’re sure Sadness would put this book top of her list for when she wants to have a good cry. Hazel’s cynical nature makes way for optimism and enjoyment as she falls for Gus and they even enjoy a romantic trip to Amsterdam – but tragedy is never far away.

The Book People on YouTube – The Fault in Our Stars review

The adaptation of John Green’s bestselling novel The Fault in Our Stars is set to hit cinemas this weekend and after supporting the book since its publication in 2012, all of us at the Book People cannot wait to see it on the big screen. The story of two teenage cancer sufferers – Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters – who fall in love against the odds, the book had us sobbing throughout and it seems like the movie will have us reaching for those tissues once more.

Currently the number one film in the United States, our resident BookTuber Sophie was lucky enough to see a fan screening last week. Did the film live up to her expectations? Has she finished crying yet? How were the cast, which includes Divergent’s Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, veteran Willem Dafoe, Jurassic Park’s Laura Dern and hotly tipped Nat Wolff? Watch the video above to find out Sophie’s thoughts.


The Fault in Our Stars book


Sophie also talks about two books from Faber & Faber that are on her reading list – Erin Lange’s Dead Ends and Butter. Compared in style to John Green and Wonder author R. J. Palacio, these are poignant books about challenging and important subjects that will leave their mark…

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Book People Debut Fiction Choice – Wonder

Wonder is a book that we have been very excited about for quite a while and we’re delighted that it has been named as a Book People Debut Fiction Choice. The highly emotional story of August, a 10 year-old boy with a severe facial disfigurement, Wonder is a book that is equally as funny as it is sad, but also genuinely uplifting and full of hope. The first novel written by New York resident R.J. Palacio, it starts with Auggie preparing for his first day at a ‘real’ school, after being homeschooled all his life.

The book follows Auggie as he embarks on this huge moment and does not shy away from the difficulties he faces as he tries his hardest to fit in. Readers become absorbed in August’s life as he faces up to a number of challenges as his classmates struggle to deal with his appearance and some resort to bullying. Auggie’s teacher Mr Browne sets out to show the class how they should treat everyone the same and that appearance really does not matter. Packed with fully-drawn and inspirational characters, this is a truly wonderful read that will strike a chord with all ages.

Told through the eyes of August, his family and classmates, this is a poignant novel that will live with you for a long time and will show your children that being kind and understanding of others really does make a difference. Buy the hardback edition of Wonder for just £3.99 here.

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