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I am Number Four (Paperback)

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They found number one, number two and number three. And they are dead. Number four is fifteen years old and has had numerous identities in numerous locations. He knows he is next. Now going by the name of John Smith, he finds himself in Paradise, Ohio where for the first time he feels like he could fit in. Then his 'Legacies' start to develop - 'powers' which make John stronger than before. Maybe it's time to stop running and start fighting… With an action-filled plotline this book deserves five stars as it is a great read for any teenager who likes a fast-paced book with a supernatural feel to it to keep them entertained.

Holly Richmond, 11/02/2015

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John Smith is the average teenager: average height, average weight. But do normal teenagers have lights built into their hands? Do normal teenagers have to drop everything at the blink of an eye to save them and their kind? Are they from a highly advanced planet called Lorien? With danger fast approaching, John and his carer Henri have to face the truth... battle is fast approaching. I Am Number Four is a gripping book set in Paradise, Ohio. I would recommend this book to a friend.

Libby Warman, 15/12/2014

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