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Maggot Moon (Paperback)

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Standish Treadwell is a student who lives in Zone Seven in the frightening, fictional dystopian world of Motherland. It being a totalitarian regime, Motherland strives to make all people equal, and Standish is suffering because as a dyslexic who receives no support, he is lagging behind other kids at school. However, Standish has some unique talents, and is able to employ these to find out the truth about the Motherland's race to send astronauts to the moon. But will anybody be prepared to listen to him? This book makes its readers experience all kinds of emotions: disbelief at Standish's treatment at the hand of others, sadness at the injustice of people living in difficult circumstances and eagerness to turn the pages to find out what happens next. In my opinion, the illustrations, short chapters and witty statements Standish arrives at make this book appealing even to reluctant readers. When the novel drew to a conclusion, I realised I had as many questions as I had at the beginning, although I had been on a literary journey. This novel also made me appreciate the fact that only by questioning what we take for granted, you can arrive at exciting new solutions. Or as Standish says at the beginning of the book: "The what-ifs are as boundless as the stars".

Charlotte Westwood, 07/08/2014

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Warning -

I'm reluctant to be critical of this book; it is absolutely fantastic, the language Sally Gardner uses is stunning, the plot is immediately gripping, it doesn't seem formulaic at all so far. We started reading it together as a family, my children are 11 and 13. We stopped at the point that a teacher beats one of his pupils in front of the entire class. Perhaps my children are a bit sensitive, we've avoided all violent films so far but this tale is definitely not for the fainthearted. I shall carry on reading it by myself though.

TBP says: Thanks for the kind words about this book and we're delighted you are enjoying reading it. We hope your children will come back to it when you feel they are ready to deal with the issues. The book is classed as a Young Adult title, hence it deals with some mature themes.

Caroline, 07/11/2013

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