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  • ANHYU Babies
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    Have fun with your own busy baby exploring the bright touch-and-feel pages in this interactive book, part of Ladybird's best-selling Baby Touch series. Follow the busy baby in the red car as he journeys across the pages all the way from the jungle, the town and the farm back home. With different patches of touch-and-feels on every double page and bright high-contrast pictures, there is lots to look at and explore together. Then have fun listening to the ten tracks of specially-composed instrumental baby music on the accompanying CD. The perfect soundtrack to a baby's busy day of exploration, it is great to use either in the car or at home. CD playing time approximately 25 minutes.
  • KE1234
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    Learn about six different faiths from children around the world with this stunning and informative collection.

    The children explain how they feel about their faith and religion and share the stories they have learned. They also talk openly about their family life, customs and celebrations.

    These books also focus on beliefs, special foods and clothes, methods and place of worship, holy books, festivals, important occasions and holy places.