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  • Ali Sparkes Collection - 6 Books - Collection - 9780192769619 - Ali Sparkes
    ALSP 9 years +
    9 years +
    • £8.00
    • RRP £41.94
    • Save £33.94Save 79.99999999999999772626324556767940521240234375%
    • Just £1.33 per book
    Ali Sparkes writes electrifying and pacy stories that will get children hooked on reading. This diverse collection contains six of her most thrilling novels. We'd recommend them for fans of Mark Walden, Anthony Horowitz and Pittacus Lore.

    Car-Jacked follows the genius Jack Mattingly as his parents' car is stolen - while he's in it! He's going to need all his cunning to work a way out of this one; Dark Summer finds Eddie meeting a girl who knows all the stories of the caves he's exploring. Who is she and why can't she leave the caves?

    Frozen in Time has Ben and Rachel finding an underground vault with two frozen figures at the bottom of their garden; NIght Speakers looks at the bond between Elena, Matt and Tima as they wake up at exactly the same time every night; and Thunderstruck is about two 10-year-olds who can see ghosts after being struck by lightning.

    Rounding off this exciting collection is Wishful Thinking, a story about a little known Celtic deity who finds a new purpose in his eternal life - sorting out 13-year-old Kevin's!

    Format: paperback
  • The Vinyl Detective Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781785659676 - Andrew Cartmel
    • £5.00
    • RRP £23.97
    • Save £18.97Save 78.9999999999999937472239253111183643341064453125%
    • Just £1.67 per book
    High Fidelity meets the Rivers of London in this cool, quirky and contemporary series from Andrew Cartmel. These pacy novels find a record collector's hunt for rare LPs leading to murder and mystery...

    Written in Dead Wax, the first book in the series, finds the unnamed protagonist (the Vinyl Detective) being offered a large sum of money by a mysterious woman to track down one of the rarest jazz records of all; The Run-Out Groove finds a mint copy of Valerian's (a great lost rock band of the '60s) final album being discovered and this in turn leads to an explanation of the fatal fate of this group's singer...

    Victory Disc is an inventive story that has a record sparking interest in a mystery that harks back to the Second World War...

    For fans of authors like Ben Aaronovitch, Nick Hornby, Jasper Fforde

    This collection includes books 1-3 in Andrew Cartmel's The Vinyl Detective series.

    Format: paperback
  • Fairy Unicorn Collection - 4 Books - Collection - 9781474956093 - Zanna Davidson
    FRYU 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £5.99
    • RRP £19.96
    • Save £13.97Save 69.000000000000005684341886080801486968994140625%
    • Just £1.50 per book
    What could be more magical than fairies AND unicorns?

    This sparkling collection contains four easy-to-read stories that have exciting plots and sprinklings of fairy dust throughout. They're perfect for fans of Rainbow Magic.

    Format: paperback
  • Sticker Fun Collection - 10 Books - Collection - 9781787006249
    • £8.00
    • RRP £49.90
    • Save £41.90Save 83.0000000000000028421709430404007434844970703125%
    • Just 89.00p per book
    From fairies to football and unicorns to animals, these super sticker books provide hours of creative joy for children with many different tastes.

    Perfect for splitting out into party bags, each book comes with over 250 stickers - perfect for developing dexterity and hand-eye coordination skills.

    Other fun themes these sticker books cover include pirates, princesses, mermaids, vehicles, the farm and going on holiday.
  • The Great Cheese Robbery and Other Stories Collection - 10 Books & CDs - Collection - 9781788810791 - Tim Warnes et al
    GCRS 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £12.99
    • RRP £79.90
    • Save £66.91Save 82.9999999999999994315658113919198513031005859375%
    • Just £1.30 per book
    From scary monsters to greedy bees and bears in beds to sleepy children, this picture book collection is packed with fun stories - all of which are brought to life by audiobook CDs full of sound effects and music.

    With some stories read by Justin Fletcher (Mr Tumble), these beautiful picture books are ideal for long journeys and lazy, stay-at-home days. They have gorgeous artwork and heart-warming plots.

    Format: paperback and CD
    Approximate running time 2 hours 55 minutes
  • The Not-so-Little Princess Collection - 4 Books - Collection - 9781783447756 - Wendy Finney & Tony Ross
    NSLP 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £5.99
    • RRP £23.96
    • Save £17.97Save 74.0000000000000045474735088646411895751953125%
    • Just £1.50 per book
    These full-colour first readers are the next step up for fans of Tony Ross's Little Princess series.

    With short blocks of text and illustrations, these stories are split into chapters and will help children embrace reading independently.

    The royal reads are full of the fun, mischief and laughter of the picture books and follow the princess as she grows up and is forced to be acknowledged by her real ('awful') name; heads off on a search for her lost bear; and is awoken by a spooky noise.

    Format: paperback
  • Go Girl Collection - 5 Books - Collection - 9781760502553
    GGIR 8 years +
    8 years +
    • £6.00
    • RRP £24.95
    • Save £18.95Save 75.0000000000000028421709430404007434844970703125%
    • Just £1.20 per book
    This refreshing, princess-free collection sees relatable female characters experiencing real-life situations including school, sports, friendship and family.

    In this series, Olivia worries about attending her very first sleepover, Annabelle is nervous about her birthday party, Sophie contends with juggling old and new friendships at camp and much, much more.

    With simple language and chapter structure, these are perfect for reluctant readers and deal with themes and scenarios that will be familiar to young readers.

    Format: paperback
  • Matt Haig Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781786894359 - Matt Haig
    • £5.99
    • RRP £26.97
    • Save £20.98Save 76.9999999999999971578290569595992565155029296875%
    • Just £2.00 per book
    This collection brings together three of How to Stop Time and The Humans author Matt Haig's earlier novels. Matt is also a successful non-fiction and children's author and these witty contemporary stand-alone reads are full of important and timely messages.

    Matt's debut novel The Last Family in England finds a pet dog having to break the Labrador Pact in order to save a family from implosion; The Dead Fathers Club finds 11-year-old Philip Noble's recently deceased dad coming to visit him as a ghost and warning that he was actually killed by Uncle Alan; and The Possession of Mr Cave has the owner of an antiques shop's son being killed in gruesome circumstances. This affects how much he wants to protect his golden girl daughter...

    For fans of authors like Ian McEwan, Carys Bray, Rachel Joyce
    Format: paperback
  • Liz Fenwick Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781407251165 - Liz Fenwick
    • £5.00
    • RRP £23.97
    • Save £18.97Save 78.9999999999999937472239253111183643341064453125%
    • Just £1.67 per book
    Liz Fenwick is an exceptionally talented author who writes intelligent and emotional novels. All three of these stand-alone tales are set in the stunning surroundings of Cornwall and will make for brilliant summer reads.

    Under a Cornish Sky follows Demi as she desperately hopes her luck will change. She's lost her job and been dumped by her boyfriend so heads to her grandfather's cottage for a fresh start. Meanwhile, Victoria's husband has died suddenly and and after years of a loveless marriage and secret affairs, she's ready to embrace widowhood - especially as Boscawen, the gorgeous Cornish estate owned by her other half's family, is now rightfully hers. However, both women are in for a big shock...

    The Returning Tide is a glorious story of love, loss and families; and One Cornish Summer is a tale full of intrigue as two women come to terms with their pasts...

    For fans of Erica James, Rachel Hore, Carole Matthews

    Format: paperback
  • Cassandra Parkin Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781787198043 - Cassandra Parkin
    • £5.99
    • RRP £25.97
    • Save £19.98Save 76.000000000000005684341886080801486968994140625%
    • Just £2.00 per book
    All based in Cornwall, these contemporary novels by Cassandra Parkin are full of family secrets, divided loyalties and secret love affairs. They can count the likes of A Song for Issy Bradley author Carys Bray and poet Jen Campbell among their fans.

    The Beach Hut is set during the autumn as Ava and Finn achieve their childhood dream of building an illegal beach hut. Meanwhile, local publican Donald is determined to get rid of them...

    The Summer We All Ran Away finds a drunken teenager being rescued by an oddly assorted group of inhabitants in an abandoned yet beautiful house; and Lily's House finds Jen and her daughter reluctantly confronting the secrets of their past and present while clearing out Jen's mother's house.

    Format: paperback
  • The Lake District Mysteries Collection - 5 Books - Collection - 9780749023034 - Rebecca Tope
    • £7.00
    • RRP £39.95
    • Save £32.95Save 82.0000000000000045474735088646411895751953125%
    • Just £1.40 per book
    Cosy crime writer Rebecca Tope's Lake District mysteries highlight a darker side to the beautiful location. Persimmon 'Simmy' Brown has moved to the area and is determined to lose herself in her work as a florist - but then the bodies start to pile up...

    The atmospheric and well-written novels also find Simmy investigating a mysterious message; coming across a Valentine's Day killer; and hearing word of evil dognappings...

    For fans of authors like: M.C. Beaton, Carolyn Hart, Rhys Bowen

    This collection contains books 1-5 in Rebecca Tope's Lake District Mysteries series

    Format: paperback
  • Rachel Howzell Hall Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781785659683 - Rachel Howzell Hall
    • £5.00
    • RRP £23.97
    • Save £18.97Save 78.9999999999999937472239253111183643341064453125%
    • Just £1.67 per book
    Rachel Howzell Hall's Detective Elouise Norton novels are set in Los Angeles and follow an intelligent and witty detective as she looks into various crimes and killings...

    Land of Shadows, the first book in the series has the body of a teenage girl being found on a construction site. Lou's partner insists it's suicide, but Lou has other ideas - especially as the site is owned by millionaire Napoleon Crase, the man she believes murdered her sister...

    Lou also investigates a tragic house fire that may be the work of a serial arsonist known as The Burning Man; and the death of a 13-year-old who lived in the same building where she grew up...

    For fans of authors like Lee Child, Kathy Reichs, Tess Gerritsen

    This collection includes books 1-3 in Rachel Howzell Hall's Detective Elouise Norton series

    Format: paperback
  • Over 100 Facts for Kids Collection - 12 Books - Collection - 9781788107747
    OVOH 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £7.00
    • RRP £47.88
    • Save £40.88Save 84.9999999999999982946974341757595539093017578125%
    • Just 58.00p per book
    This collection contains 12 books full of bite-sized facts and will keep children who prefer non-fiction happily intrigued and entertained for hours on end.

    Ideal for dipping in and out of and presented with clear and accessible text, these books answer questions ranging from 'how do computers work?' to 'how did dinosaurs eat?'

    With new and familiar topics including creepy-crawlies, space and ancient Greece, these books will provide children with so many facts to regale you with and are sure come in as useful study aids.

    Format: paperback
  • Puppy Patrol Collection - 10 Books - Collection - 9781509891368 - Jenny Dale
    PUPY 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £9.99
    • RRP £49.90
    • Save £39.91Save 79.00000000000000682121026329696178436279296875%
    • Just £1.00 per book
    Prepare to join Puppy Patrol with these 10 charming stories from Jenny Dale.

    From a mischievous teacher's pet to a naughty pair called Sugar and Spice and puppies who want to find their mother to a super-famous dog, these are barking good stories.

    With their popular theme and accessible text, these are perfect for newly independent readers.

    Format: paperback
  • Abi Elphinstone Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781471175497 - Abi Elphinstone
    ABIE 9 years +
    9 years +
    • £5.00
    • RRP £20.97
    • Save £15.97Save 76.0000000000000028421709430404007434844970703125%
    • Just £1.67 per book
    This thrilling Dreamsnatcher trilogy follows Moll Pecksniff and her friends on an epic, magical adventure to defeat the evil Dreamsnatcher.

    Twelve-year-old Molly Pecksniff wakes one night in the middle of the forest, lured there by a recurring nightmare - the one with the drums and the rattles and the masks. The Dreamsnatcher is waiting. He has already taken her dreams and now he wants her life.

    Moll is more important than she knows... The Oracle Bones foretold that she and Gryff, a wildcat that has always been by her side, are the only ones who can fight back against the Dreamsnatcher's dark magic. Suddenly everything is at stake and Moll is drawn into a world full of secrets, magic and adventure.

    Perfect for fans of J.K. Rowling, Michelle Harrison and Eva Ibbotson.

    Format: paperback
  • Maureen Lee Collection - 8 Books - Collection - 9781407251172
    • £11.00
    • RRP £73.92
    • Save £62.92Save 84.999999999999998863131622783839702606201171875%
    • Just £1.38 per book
    This collection contains eight powerful and compelling novels, all set in Liverpool, from acclaimed saga writer Maureen Lee. These stories are powerful, heartfelt and sure to leave you spellbound.

    Full of unforgettable characters, these rich stories contain everything from a journey to the past which includes a lost lover and secret child to a chance meeting with momentous repercussions.

    For fans of: Dilly Court, Lyn Andrews, Josephine Cox
    Format: paperback
  • Top of the Pups Collection - 4 Books - Collection - 9781509891207 - Anna Wilson
    PUPS 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £5.99
    • RRP £23.96
    • Save £17.97Save 74.0000000000000045474735088646411895751953125%
    • Just £1.50 per book
    When Mum agreed to let Summer have her very own golden Labrador puppy, she probably didn't imagine the chaos to come...

    Summer and her new puppy Honey are best friends from the moment they meet and embark on a hilarious and exciting adventure together; Summer takes on Honey's training, performs with her in the school talent show, plans a birthday party for her and helps her prepare for the arrival of a litter of puppies.

    These amazing animal stories are full of gentle humour and funny situations children with pets may recognise from their own lives...

    Format: paperback
  • Susanna Gregory Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9780751573015
    • £5.00
    • RRP £29.97
    • Save £24.97Save 82.9999999999999960209606797434389591217041015625%
    • Just £1.67 per book
    Head back to Medieval times and enjoy the rich world created by Susanna Gregory in these mystery books (with a little bit of magic thrown in) featuring the monk-cum-detective, Matthew Bartholomew.

    The Tarnished Chalice finds Bartholomew, Brother Michael and their book-bearer Cynric arriving in Lincoln where Michael is due to accept an honour from the cathedral. However, the friary is not as safe as they'd hoped. Within hours of arriving, a man has been murdered - and he was holding the Hugh Chalice. This is a Lincoln relic with so much bloody history and our heroes soon find themselves drawn into a world of murder, lies and suspicion...

    To Kill or Cure has a charismatic physician whose healing methods owe more to magic than medicine threatening Bartholomew's professional reputation; and The Devil's Disciples has rumours of a plague threatening Cambridge...

    This collection contains books 14-16 in Susanna Gregory's Bartholomew and Chaloner series.
    Format: paperback
  • Mark Billingham Collection - 5 Books - Collection - 9780751574258
    • £7.00
    • RRP £43.95
    • Save £36.95Save 82.9999999999999960209606797434389591217041015625%
    • Just £1.40 per book
    Mark Billingham writes intelligent contemporary thrillers and this collection contains three of his bestsellers following the cases of DI Tom Thorne.

    Good as Dead is a fast-paced read that finds Thorne and Helen Weeks looking into a year-old case that could save a young mother's life; The Dying Hours finds Thorne investigating a series of suicides among the elderly; and The Bones Beneath has Thorne escorting a dangerous psychopath to the site of a body he'd buried a quarter of a century before.

    Time of Death will keep you guessing as Thorne looks into the abduction of two missing schoolgirls; and Love Like Blood is an intense read that finds Thorne taking the biggest risk of his career...

    For fans of: Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson, Val McDermid

    This collection contains books 10-14 in Mark Billingham's DI Tom Thorne series
  • Dinosaur Fact Collection - 6 Books - Collection - 9781474764926
    DFDG 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £7.00
    • RRP £53.94
    • Save £46.94Save 85.99999999999999317878973670303821563720703125%
    • Just £1.17 per book
    Travel back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

    See meat-eating raptors hunt their prey. Watch giant long-necked dinosaurs tower over trees. Look at herds of bird-footed dinosaurs walk through plains and forests.

    With engaging text paired with colourful photos, this series will let young readers explore the habitats, diets, and physical features of prehistoric animals including the allosaurus, edmontosaurus, velociraptor, tyrannosaurus rex and all the dinosaurs related to these fantastic creatures.

    Each book contains maps, charts, a glossary of terms and a find-out-more section.
  • Animaths Collection - 6 Books - Collection - 9781474764902
    AMTH 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £7.00
    • RRP £47.94
    • Save £40.94Save 84.9999999999999937472239253111183643341064453125%
    • Just £1.17 per book
    Become a roaring success when it comes to maths by working through these engaging books. They feature cut-out photos of animals and bright colours to help even the most reluctant of mathematicians!

    This fun series uses exciting, high-interest animals to capture the imagination and help children engage with maths.

    Key topics and concepts are explored including comparing, measuring and subtraction. Perfect for reluctant maths students, the colourful illustrations and photos make the subjects relatable and enjoyable.
  • Curious Pearl Science Girl Collection - 4 Books - Collection - 9781474764933
    CPSG 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £4.00
    • RRP £31.96
    • Save £27.96Save 87.0000000000000045474735088646411895751953125%
    • Just £1.00 per book
    Curious Pearl is seriously into science! In a series that defies stereotypes, Pearl is a strong female character out to tell everyone all about important STEM topics.

    Each book has an easy-to-follow narrative style that will help enhance a child's understanding of the topic discussed. These books cover the concepts of matter, seasons, migration and light in detail - helping inspire your little scientist to make their own discoveries.
  • Project Science Collection - 10 Books - Collection - 9780753443248
    PSCI 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £10.00
    • RRP £59.90
    • Save £49.90Save 82.9999999999999982946974341757595539093017578125%
    • Just £1.00 per book
    This essential series makes key science subjects accessible and enjoyable for children aged 5 and over.

    Age-appropriate language and an eye-catching design allows children to discover the answers to fundamental questions around the human body, animals, planet Earth and the solar system.

    Format: paperback
  • I-Spy Summer Holiday Collection - 12 Books - Collection - 9780007969876
    ISPC 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £8.00
    • RRP £35.88
    • Save £27.88Save 77.00000000000000227373675443232059478759765625%
    • Just 67.00p per book
    Children will love spotting things on their travels with these interactive, pocket-sized books. They encourage them to discover more about the world around them and are packed with photos, facts and fun.

    There are books full of things for children to spot while they're on a camping trip; enjoying a day at the seaside; or even just playing in the garden. They'll love ticking off everything they see and scoring each item as they earn more and more points.

    These books are perfect to use as homework projects or just to keep children happily entertained on a long journey.

    These books have been hand-picked from Collins and Michelin's i-Spy range. The numbers on the spine of each book refers to this wider range.