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Everything is awesome when you're looking for LEGO books online! Master Builders will have fun reading our hand-picked LEGO books. Whether you want to learn about Minifigures or are interested in Ninjago, you'll find the right LEGO book with Book People.

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Children’s LEGO Books

  • My LEGO World - 25 Books

    Product Code: MYLW
    Collection 5 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Build up your knowledge of LEGO with this incredible 25-book collection packed with fun facts about Minifigures and inspirational ideas for builds.

    With book titles ranging from Build a Bridge and Other Great LEGO Ideas to Create a Town and Other Great LEGO Ideas, these books have everything you need to help your children (and you!) on your way to becoming LEGO Master Builders.

    There are also books dedicated to the most popular Minifigures of all time and one is bursting with inspiration for making a LEGO mosaic. You can also learn how to build a haunted house and there are tips for putting on your own brick-tacular magic show!
    Format: paperback
    • £18.00
    • RRP £124.75
    • Save £106.75
    Just £0.72 per book
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We've all kinds of LEGO books in stock, great for getting imaginations fired up. Whatever the kids are wanting to construct, we're sure our titles will be able to help them out.

Get inspired

Perfect for providing doses of inspiration, LEGO-themed books come in all shapes and sizes. There are reads that accompany themed LEGO sets, talking about the characters and locations, fleshing out the story behind the toys and telling stories that involved the much-loved characters. The books can also give children inspiration on a certain LEGO theme, which can help give them all sorts of ideas for their next building adventure. If your child loves collecting stickers, we have books for these as well - a match made in heaven, LEGO and stickers.

Help your little architects

As well as the set-led books, there are also lots of guides for making amazing structures and builds from the standard LEGO bricks too. With instructional guides that are really easy to follow, even for early readers, LEGO fans of all ages will be able to make, well, anything! Some of the books even come with Minifigures and blocks, which make for ideal presents.

Pick your LEGO books

Take a look at our extensive range of LEGO books above, and give the tiny (and big!) builders in your life a healthy dose of creative inspiration.