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    Since 2012, the organization Girls Who Code has been leading the charge to get girls interested in technology and coding. Now its founder, Reshma Saujani, wants to inspire you to be a girl who codes! Bursting with dynamic artwork, down-to-earth explanations of coding principles, and real-life stories of girls and women working at places like Pixar and NASA, this graphically animated book shows what a huge role computer science plays in our lives and how much fun it can be. No matter your interest-sports, the arts, baking, student government, social justice-coding can help you do what you love and make your dreams come true. Whether you're a girl who's never coded before, a girl who codes, or a parent raising one, this entertaining book, printed in bold two-color and featuring art on every page, will have you itching to create your own apps, games, and robots to make the world a better place.
  • ARJVL 9 years +
    9 years +
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    If a strange person asks to be your online friend, do you know what to do? Don't worry if you don't. This book is here to help! Learn tech-savvy ways to keep your social networking sites safe sites without taking away all the fun!
  • ARJVM 9 years +
    9 years +
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    If a strange character offers you a gift in an online game, do you know what to do? Don't worry if you don't. This book is here to help! Learn tech-savvy ways to keep your game sites safe sites without taking away all the fun!
  • ARJVN 9 years +
    9 years +
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    If a classmate sends threatening e-mails to you, do you know what to do? Don't worry if you don't. This book is here to help! Learn tech-savvy ways to keep bullies out of your technology without taking away all the fun!
  • ARJVO 9 years +
    9 years +
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    If you get a text from a stranger, do you know what to do? Don't worry if you don't. This book is here to help! Learn tech-savvy ways to keep your mobile phone a safe zone without taking away all the fun!
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    This book takes the mystery out of computer programming. It helps you to learn about coding, algorithms and more.
  • ALTHQ 11 years +
    11 years +
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    Arduino programming for the absolute beginner, with project-based learning Adventures in Arduino is the beginner's guide to Arduino programming, designed specifically for 11-to 15-year olds who want to learn about Arduino, but don't know where to begin. Starting with the most basic concepts, this book coaches you through nine great projects that gradually build your skills as you experiment with electronics. The easy-to-follow design and clear, plain-English instructions make this book the ideal guide for the absolute beginner, geared toward those with no computing experience. Each chapter includes a video illuminating the material, giving you plenty of support on your journey to electronics programming. Arduino is a cheap, readily available hardware development platform based around an open source, programmable circuit board. Combining these chips with sensors and servos allows you to gain experience with prototyping as you build interactive electronic crafts to bring together data and even eTextiles. Adventures in Arduino gets you started on the path of scientists, programmers, and engineers, showing you the fun way to learn electronic programming and interaction design. Discover how and where to begin Arduino programming Develop the skills and confidence to tackle other projects Make the most of Arduino with basic programming concepts Work with hardware and software to create interactive electronic devices There's nothing like watching your design come to life and interact with the real world, and Arduino gives you the capability to do that time and again. The right knowledge combined with the right tools can create an unstoppable force of innovation, and your curiosity is the spark that ignites the flame. Adventures in Arduino gets you started on the right foot, but the path is totally up to you.
  • AUKSF 14 years +
    14 years +
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    This unique and innovative Revision Book supports all learning styles so that every student can achieve the best results. Whether you are a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner, this revision guide supports the revision techniques that you are most suited to, ensuring you revise effectively. For the 2018 exam * comprises a revision guide and exam practice workbook in one edition * engaging, magazine-inspired revision pages * includes 'hands-on' revision activities * an audio 'walkthrough' of every topic (free download) * exam-style practice questions for every topic * includes complete GCSE Computer Science practice test papers Exam Board: AQA, Edexcel and OCR Gateway Level: GCSE Subject: Computer Science First teaching: September 2016 First exam: June 2018
  • AUKSE 14 years +
    14 years +
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    This workbook provides invaluable practice in answering exam-style questions ahead of the new, more challenging GCSEs. The first section is organised by topic for focused revision. The second section features a complete GCSE Computer Science exam practice paper. For the 2018 exam * exam-style questions throughout * topic-by-topic practice for focused revision * includes a complete GCSE Computer Science practice test paper * can be used in conjunction with the new Letts GCSE Success Computer Science revision guide for thorough exam preparation Exam Board: AQA, Edexcel and OCR Gateway Level: GCSE Subject: Computer Science First teaching: September 2016 First exam: June 2018
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    This fantastic CGP Revision Guide covers everything students will need for the Grade 9-1 OCR GCSE Computer Science exams, from Software Systems to Pseudocode! Each topic is clearly explained in plain English, with plenty of helpful examples and tips - and we've included all the details needed for the top grades. For even more Computer Science exam preparation, a matching CGP Exam Practice Workbook is also available (9781782946038).
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    The BCS Glossary is the most authoritative and comprehensive work of its kind. This unrivalled study aid and reference tool has newly updated entries and is divided into themed sections making it more than just a list of definitions. Written in an easily accessible style, it is specifically designed to support those taking computer courses or courses where computers are used, including GCSE, A-Level, ECDL and 14-19 Functional Skills qualifications in schools and further education colleges.
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    Letts Cambridge IGCSE(R) ICT Revision Guide provides clear and accessible revision content to support all students, with lots of practice opportunities to build your confidence and help you prepare for your Cambridge IGCSE(R) ICT assessments. Covering the latest Cambridge IGCSE(R) ICT syllabus, this revision guide includes: * Clear and concise syllabus coverage for the theory and practical papers * Topics in short, user-friendly sections to help you plan your revision in manageable chunks * Revision tips to provide essential assessment guidance * Quick tests and exam-style practice questions for every topic, including access to files for practical activities * A supporting glossary with easy-to-understand definitions of key terms
  • AOVYS 9 years +
    9 years +
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    This book helps children to develop critical thinking and debating skills. It examines the topic of the internet and social media in a lively and accessible way. Information is presented to help readers deliberate, debate, and decide for themselves. This books looks at issues surrounding the use of the internet and social media, such as reliability of information, cyber-safety, and whether it is healthy to spend lots of time online.
  • ANDFX 11 years +
    11 years +
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    Teach Your Kids to Code is a parent and teacher's guide to teaching basic programming and problem-solving skills. Together with your kids, you'll learn how to program in Python, the popular and powerful language that's used in college computer science courses and tech companies worldwide, like Google and IBM. But because it's easy to learn, Python makes a great first programming language for kids, too. Filled with visual and game-oriented examples to hold a young programmer's attention, Teach Your Kids to Code has step-by-step explanations that will have kids learning computational thinking concepts in no time flat. You'll explore geometry using the Turtle module, learn Python's syntax, then build fun, playable games, like Yahtzee, War, and Uno. With fun, friendly explanations of "complicated" programming concepts like loops, lists, functions, and variables, the book slowly ramps up to the point where you'll be able to make your own cool games and applications. Teach Your Kids to Code is the perfect companion to an introductory programming class or your after school meet-up. Have a fun (and educational!) afternoon at the computer with your kids.
  • AFOEQ 11 years +
    11 years +
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    Make amazing robots and gadgets by combining two of the hottest DIY technologies: the venerable LEGO and the upstart Arduino. With this book, you'll learn how to take LEGO Mindstorms components - motors, sensors, and more - and interface them with the Arduino microcontroller, opening many exciting new options. You'll focus on six projects, each more challenging and informative than the next. In each project, you'll explore different ways that Arduino adds functionality to LEGO Mindstorms. In addition, the authors have created affordable companion kits designed specifically for the projects in this book. Perfect for students, teachers, hobbyists, makers, hackers, and kids. Build projects such as the Cuckoo Clock, Chocolate Milk Maker, DrawBot, Robot Arm, and more Learn the basics of Arduino and LEGO Mindstorms Gain an excellent resource for teaching technology to kids of all ages
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    Praise for What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media "Reengineering teaching and learning requires bringing social media and digital technologies into the classroom. What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media is the desktop reference for 'digital immigrants and explorers' charting the direction of teaching and learning for the 'net generation.' This is a must-have toolbox for educational leaders who choose to be agents of change. Thanks, Scott and Chris!" - John C. Carver, Van Meter Superintendent of Schools, Des Moines, Iowa "As technology reshapes teaching and learning in the twenty-first century, school leaders would do well to heed the sound insights and advice assembled by the experts in this book. With dozens of concrete examples, it offers something for education leaders no matter their prior experience with technology tools and issues." - Douglas A. Levin, executive director, State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) "Digital technologies and social media continue to evolve and are transforming the way in which we communicate, teach, and learn. This book, written by knowledgeable practitioners, provides a solid foundation for school leaders who are either resistant or unsure of where to begin." - Eric Sheninger, principal, New Milford High School "Contemporary learning is being revolutionized by social media and digital technologies. This book is a must-read for any administrator trying to make sense of why these tools are important and how to use them to connect, communicate, and collaborate inside and outside of the place we call school." - Pamela R. Moran, EdD, president, Virginia Association of School Superintendents
  • AKRJJ 11 years +
    11 years +
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    People young and old love playing computer games, but what goes into making them? From simple games created by one person, to big blockbusters made by a huge team, there is an amazing range of games. Find out what's involved in developing computer games, the tools and skills you need, and the difficulties of managing a complex process.
  • AMCYY 14 years +
    14 years +
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    Coding HTML and CSS is a great practical guide to the basics of HTML and CSS coding. It will help with starting small and medium projects, such as customising your blog or making your own website, and give practical examples of techniques that will aid you. Additionally you will be taken through the steps of adding images and video to your website, along with a troubleshooting guide for any problems that crop up and step-by-step guides to make coding easy.
  • AHKMF 14 years +
    14 years +
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    Do you think the programmers who work at your office are magical wizards who hold special powers that manipulate your computer? Believe it or not, anyone can learn how to write programs, and it doesn't take a higher math and science education to start. Beginning Programming for Dummies shows you how computer programming works without all the technical details or hard programming language. It explores the common parts of every computer programming language and how to write for multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. This easily accessible guide provides you with the tools you need to:* Create programs and divide them into subprograms* Develop variables and use constants* Manipulate strings and convert them into numbers* Use an array as storage space* Reuse and rewrite code* Isolate data* Create a user interface* Write programs for the Internet* Utilize JavaScript and Java Applets In addition to these essential building blocks, this guide features a companion CD-ROM containing Liberty BASIC compiler and code in several languages. It also provides valuable programming resources and lets you in on cool careers for programmers. With Beginning Programming of Dummies, you can take charge of your computer and begin programming today!
  • AKRJW 12 years +
    12 years +
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    When Ben discovers that his Facebook page has been changed, he is worried. Then someone sends emails from his account! Have his personal and work files been hacked? This book looks at the topics of computer science and information and communications technology to explain how Ben's laptop and his company's network have been compromised, and how the systems administrator, network manager, and police investigators can track down the person carrying out the cyber attack.
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    Do you have a fantastic business idea but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you love your computer and want to make some money from something you enjoy doing. This book is a fantastic guide containing all the tips and tricks you need to turn your computer into a profitable enterprise and become a young entrepreneur (a Kidpreneur!).

    Sample areas covered include: blogs, vlogs, youtube, monetising your content, video gaming and online surveys. There is a strong emphasis on how to keep safe and what dangers to be aware of, for example in dealing with people in your money-making enterprise. It is part of the How to Make Money series - books that turn young people into young entrepreneurs, whether they're into cooking, computers, upcycling or simply using their spare time profitably!